‘Charismatic’ Type Issues


  ‘Charismatic’ Type Issues
1999 Intoxicated’ evangelist – J JOHN in Belfast
1999 Jack Deere [former adviser to John Wimber] in Belfast
2001 Book review ‘Spiritual Powers’ to ‘liberating grace’
2002 Toronto Blessing’ pastor & wife in Belfast
2005 Copeland & Hinn coming to Belfast
2006 Vineyard & John Wimber
2006 Toronto Blessing’ pastor repents
2008 Angus Buchan & ‘Faith Like Potatoes’ – ‘Take Heed’
2008 Todd Bentley and GOD TV
2008 Todd Bentley’s ‘Healing Revival’ : Ruth Davis’ helpful book “True To His Ways’:
2008 Todd Bentley – A new ‘strain’ of ‘Toronto Blessing’
2008 Todd Bentley’s ‘Healing Revival’ : Debate on Sunday Sequence : 22/6/2008
2008 Todd Bentley/Alpha links to St Andrews, Chorleywood
2008 MANDATE 2008’ with COLIN DYE: Another cause for concern
2009 Elim Christian Centre Belfast – invites ‘One Fluitt out of the Eagle’s Nest’
2009 EMERGE WALES – ‘Take Heed’
2009 The occultic ‘ministry of Rick Joyner who is Todd Bentley’s ‘mentor’
2010 Todd Bentley remarries and re-launches
2010 Central Error of ‘ONENESS’ refuted  
2010 William Branham and the ‘End Time Fellowship’
2010 GOD TV – The ongoing diabolical
2011 England: Don’t be ‘April-fooled’ by Todd Bentley
2011 ‘The ‘Prophetic Poison’ of Gerald Coates in ‘Songs of Praise’
2012 Todd Bentley scheduled to be in Portadown in September 2012: ‘Take Heed’
2012 Todd Bentley denied entry to UK – [Details on Christian.co.uk]
2012 Todd Bentley denied entry to UK [Details on belfasttelegraph
2014 Paul Crouch deceased
2014 ‘From Toronto to Truth’: 20th anniversary of the “Toronto Blessing”
2014 ‘Marilyn Hickey – Ballymena Beware again’
2015 TBN UK to launch 5 Janyary 2015: A bad day for the Gospel
2015 Rodney Howard Browne at Kensington Temple
2015 Dreams, visions, divine voices and appearances’   pdf-25
 2016 WILLIAM BRANHAM: His teachings ‘surface’ in Donegal   pdf-25