On 7th July 2015 a friend posted the following on my Facebook ‘timeline’ –

PHIL JOHNSON on Charismaniac JOHN CROWDER (who is coming to speak in Ballyclare Northern Ireland)

“And now there’s a group led by a man named JOHN CROWDER who pretends the Holy Spirit is a supernatural narcotic that will put you into a thick, inebriated stupor. Some of his stuff is the rankest blasphemy. He says he is “tokin’ the Ghost,” or “smoking Jehovah-juana.” Sometimes he gets downright obscene, and if you have never seen him before you’ll be tempted to think he is an unbeliever doing a bad parody, but he is not. He claims the Holy Spirit makes him act this way.”

http://www.thenewmystics.com/Articles/1000139600/Home_Page_of/Upcoming _Events/SOT_Conferences/UK_Tour_with.aspx?redirected=1

The full text of what PHIL JOHNSON said in his talk entitled ‘Is There a Baby in the Charismatic Bathwater?’ and in which he mentions JOHN CROWDER can be accessed on –


As a follow up to that I posted the following to Facebook on 10th July 2015

Following on from the 7 July post about JOHN CROWDER who is due to visit Northern Ireland in September this link will provide more information on the nature of his ‘ministry’ and introduce you to some of his ‘ministry friends’.

At the end of the video you can watch, Mr. Crowder’s friend, David Vaughan, (dressed rather like ‘Friar Tuck’ as in Robin Hood movies), as he basically claims and pronounces himself (like Rodney Howard Browne of ‘Holy Laughter’ infamy) to be a ‘Holy Ghost bartender’ – what blasphemy.

In many ways this video reminds me of “the damsel” we read of in Acts 16:16 – she appeared to be pointing people spiritually in the right direction but she herself was “possessed with a spirit of divination” (in other words NOT the Holy Spirit) and so Paul had to address that issue as he did in verse 18. These men appear at times to be saying ‘good’ things but are they truly moved by the power of the Holy Spirit – I think not. I don’t think I need to say anything other than “take heed”.

The link I mentioned in the opening paragraph is


The Facebook post of 7th July mentioned that this man John Crowder would be speaking in Ballyclare and his visit there is being hosted by NEW HEART MINISTRIES. This was a new name to me and so I visited their web site on –


The visit of Mr Crowder on 2-3 September 2015 is currently mentioned on their ‘Announcements’ page but what usually contains more relevant information to me is what ministries display on their ‘Links’ page as this often gives ‘clues’ to their theological leanings and practices and can serve as ‘red flags’. Such is the case with NEW HEART MINISTRIES.

On their ‘Links’ page they list the following –



This is a grouping that I came across many years ago and they were renowned for their very extreme charismatic views and practices. A former fellow contender, Alan Morrison, when he had a ministry and web site dedicated to exposing false teachings, heresies etc wrote an article that included the testimony of someone who had ‘suffered’ greatly through attending meetings at ELLEL so at this point I think the best thing to do is to give a link that will take you to that article. It is located on –


Among the many videos I have had on my shelves is one that I recorded from TV back about 1995. It addressed a number of ‘Christian’ issues including ‘healing’ and ‘deliverance’. In the context of the latter there were some portions focusing on some very ‘strange happenings’ at ELLEL. As a follow-up and really to show that the lady in Alan Morrison’s article was not exaggerating about the ‘strange’ goings-on at ELLEL you can view these segments on the following link –

Another listing on the ‘Links’ page of NEW HEART MINISTRIES is – INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER


This grouping is headed up by MIKE BICKLE who first came to my attention when he led a grouping called the KANSAS CITY PROPHETS. Many reports have been written warning about that group and also the current IHOP group.

The following LINKS should provide ample evidence of the extremely questionable ‘track-record’ and beliefs held by MIKE BICKLE –

http://www.pfo.org/growingpains.htm [Broken] 




In providing these LINKS I should add that whilst I might not necessarily agree with everything that is written in them I do believe they supply ample proof and evidence of why MIKE BICKLE and his INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PRAYER should be avoided by God’s people. Likewise, any ministry that recommends them, (and ELLEL MINISTRIES) as NEW HEART MINISTRIES have done, should similarly be avoided.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 6 August 2015