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It goes without question that NICKY GUMBEL is the face and the voice of The ALPHA Course and I have written about him and it on a number of times in the past. This is the time of year when many churches are launching ALPHA courses and so I want to reproduce here a helpful article that details the close ecumenical and unscriptural links that NICKY GUMBEL has with the Roman Catholic religion. The article was the lead article in the British Church Newspaper of 4 September 2015 (No. 313) and it is reproduced here with kind permission of both the author and the paper.

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As many will know I have over the years spoken and also written articles warning of the deficiencies and dangers enshrined in The ALPHA Course. These resources can be viewed on (Part one) (Part two)

(Basically the text for the talk that can be seen on the first two links)

(Scroll through to final article)

(Scroll through to the article ‘Responding to Criticism’)

(Scroll through to the article ‘Rome formally endorses The Alpha Course)

Yesterday I was alerted to details of the most recent Alpha Leadership Conference and in response I placed a post on my Facebook site. As yet I have not had time to listen to any of the contributions but I think you will see from what I wrote in my post that the true cause of Christ would not have been genuinely helped.

This was my Facebook post

If anyone doubts the spiritually pernicious nature of THE ALPHA COURSE and those associated with it (like NICKY GUMBEL) then simply go to the link I will give and see who some of the guest speakers/contributors were at the recent ALPHA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE held in London.

Amongst those contributing were –

‘FATHER’ Raniero Cantalmessaa (THE Papal Preacher)

‘CARDINAL’ Vincent Nicholls (Head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales)


Other names are also mentioned and no doubt they may well have contributed to this diabolical misrepresentation of The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church He is building.

The link is (Cecil, 17/5/23 – link no longer available – see alternatives below)

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 23rd June 2015


ALPHA team up with RICK WARREN for their ‘LONDON LEADERSHIP’ conference

ALPHA team up with RICK WARREN for their ‘LONDON LEADERSHIP’ conference

ALPHA team up with RICK WARREN for their ‘LONDON LEADERSHIP’ conference


ALPHA have lined up RICK WARREN to be one of the main speakers at their ‘Leadership Conference’ to be held in the Royal Albert Hall in London on 5-6 May. Full details can be found on

The ALPHA Course is a spiritually ‘deadly’ so-called Bible course and with his ‘ministry’ track record it is really no surprise that Rick Warren would feel at home in such surroundings.

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Todd Bentley/Alpha links to St Andrews, Chorleywood

Vaccinate now [via DVD] against the TB [Toronto Blessing/Todd Bentley] and ALPHA outbreaks planned for St Andrews Church, Chorleywood in the Autumn of 2008.

The church website of St Andrews Church, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire in England is currently a living testimony to just how far “seducing spirits and doctrines of demons” [1st Timothy 4:1] have infiltrated and infected professing Christendom.

Their forthcoming events include the following –

  • Conferences
  • Firestorm UK – FULLY BOOKED!
  • Speaker(s): Mark Stibbe[pastor of St Andrews] and Ken Gott
  • Date: 25th June 2008

The promotional write-up for this event included the following –

  • The Lakeland Outpouring

On April 2nd, a move of God began in Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida. Todd Bentley, a powerfully anointed evangelist, began holding nightly meetings which were initially attended by about 700 people but soon grew to 9000 and even more.

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News From The Front – December 2007

Dear praying friends,

As each year passes it seems that as a ministry we are regularly confronted by the next BIG ‘Evangelical Initiative’ that we are told is assuredly going to change the spiritual landscape and sweep hundreds or even thousands into the Kingdom of God. In recent years I can think back on local initiatives like ‘Power to change’ and ‘Kingdom Come’ and then nationally and globally there has been and still is all the hype about ‘The Passion Movie’ and ‘The Alpha Course’. Rev William Smylie, General director of Slavic Gospel Association in his editorial for their April-June 2007 newsletter wrote about ‘The Importance of Little Things’ and said ‘In general people are switched on by BIG things…In the area of mega churches there are those who will travel half-way around the world to see if they could copy the same method…BIG projects whether they are humanitarian or of a spiritual nature grip many and move them to get on board…The Christian is called to be faithful in the little things…The Christian life is about how we perform ALL the time…Our Lord Jesus Christ is our great example of faithfulness in the simple duties of life…In this issue we are covering…many areas where God’s servants are being faithful in the little things’. In this issue I will once more be sharing concerns about an upcoming BIG initiative called HOPE 2008 and sadly once more BIG does not equal FAITHFUL. As 2008 unfolds may we be ever ready to give a faithful answer for the hope that is in us [1 Peter 3:15].

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Alpha Endorsers


  • Rowan Williams – Archbishop of Canterbury

‘What Alpha has to offer is a unique mixture of Christian content and Christian style. I recommend it to all the Christian family as a very special tool of evangelism’

  • Richard Chartres – Bishop of London

‘Real education…Christian companionship…a living experience of the mystery of God. I am so grateful for Alpha courses’

  • Alister McGrath – President Oxford Centre

‘The Alpha Course has now become one of the most reliable and important means of drawing people into the church. It has enormous potential’

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