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The Vineyard Movement and The ‘Toronto Blessing’

Dear friends of ‘Take Heed’,

In recent months ‘The Vineyard Movement’ has been increasing its influence and representation in various parts of Northern Ireland and a number of folks have expressed concern to me about this.

Back in the mid 1990’s when I was talking publicly about the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ a recording of my talk was made in Randalstown.

In the first 18 minutes of that talk I mentioned the ‘Vineyard’ connection with the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and detailed the doctrinal problems associated with the founder of the Vineyard Movement, the late John Wimber.

If you click on the following Link you will be able to view that portion of my talk and hopefully it will still prove helpful in the light of the worrying increase in Vineyard representation in the Province.

  • Your servant for Christ
  • Cecil Andrews

Should you wish to obtain a DVD of the full talk that I gave on this subject in Randalstown it can be purchased from us at a price of £6.00 that includes p&p.

The DVD to request is – ‘Toronto – The Facts’.

Dr Jack Deere [former assistant to John Wimber] to visit Belfast [12-14 November]

An advert in the Belfast Telegraph has announced that Dr Jack Deere will be speaking at seminars in Fisherwick Presbyterian Church from 12-14 November. [The wife of the Fisherwick minister, Mrs McKelvey spoke favourably a few years ago on local radio of her first hand experience of the so-called ‘blessing’ during her visit to the Toronto Vineyard fellowship].

In a little booklet called ‘John Wimber – Friend or Foe?’ [Published by St Matthias Press, London] we learn some interesting insights into Mr Deere’s pedigree. In chapter 3 called ‘The Signs and Wonders Gospel’ we read details of an interview between Mr Deere and a Christian called Graham Banister who paid $150 [Australian] to attend the March 1990 Sydney Spiritual Warfare Conference. Set out below are some extracts from this chapter:-

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