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Items in ‘the news’ this week have included yet another murderous Islam-inspired barbarity (this time in America) and also special events to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of soccer legend, George Best.

In everyday life we see the ongoing incursion of LGBT ‘equal rights’ into the lives of those out of step with such a ‘lifestyle’.

In pulpits and papers we see, hear and read ‘Christian’ messages totally at odds with “the narrow way” proclaimed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whilst searching the ministry web site for a quote by Abraham Lincoln that could be applied to those who hold to the world-view espoused by those who carried out the atrocity in San Bernadino I eventually located it in my ministry newsletter of MARCH 2006. As I read through that almost 10-year old newsletter I was greatly struck by how relevant and applicable what I wrote back then in all the articles in that newsletter is to current events such as those I have mentioned.

If you would like to read what I wrote then you can do so by going to

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 4 December 2015


FACEBOOK postings following Pastor McConnell’s sermon on ISLAM in May

FACEBOOK postings following Pastor McConnell’s sermon on ISLAM in May


FACEBOOK posting 21st May 2014

As an example of how preaching the truth of The Bible is possibly going to be muzzled in my own home country in the future then the story on this link could provide evidence for that –

I would certainly have issues with Mr McConnell in a number of important doctrinal areas but I would find it difficult to disagree with his bible-based assessment of the subject matter of his recent sermon. It would appear that the BBC are spearheading their own ‘investigation’ into what he said but that is not surprising when we consider that (as I understand it) the head of Religious Broadcasting for the whole of the BBC is a member of the religion referred to by Mr McConnell. 


FACEBOOK posting 21st May 2014

Following on from my earlier post about the possible police investigation into truths expressed during a sermon that was preached last Sunday I am copying herewith an email that was forwarded to me and I would encourage all to read it and to then please sign the petition link. Dear …, Please join Personhood USA in their fight to defend Meriam Ibrahim from the unjust death sentence issued to her by the Sudanese government. Sign their petition to the United Nations Human Rights Council — asking they immediate intervene and SAVE MERIAM!

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