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Dr Keith McCrory: Echoing the ‘Vatican View’ on Evolution and Creation

Maynooth Community Church: Dr Keith McCrory:

Echoing the ‘Vatican View’ on Evolution and Creation

Back on 18th October 2011 I posted an article to the ministry web site entitled –

Maynooth Community Church: Promoting the Jesuit Cause

The link to that particular article is – and in it I related how the minister of the church (the latest congregation to be admitted into the Presbyterian Church in Ireland), Dr Keith McCrory had arranged a special conference where the guest speaker, a fellow Presbyterian minister colleague, Tom Wilson, had been lined up to extol ‘the (infamous) virtues’ of the ‘Spiritual Exercises’ of Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits).

It has now been brought to my attention that in a magazine called VOX, published in that same month of October 2011, there appeared an article by Dr Keith McCrory entitled –

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Maynooth Community Church: Promoting the Jesuit Cause.

The web site of Maynooth Community Church is located on  

From their ‘How we got started’ section we learn the following –

‘MCC first began in September 2002 when a little group of nine people started meeting together to pray and study the bible here in Maynooth… A few years later, with the help of the wider Presbyterian church, the opportunity to try something new arose and it seemed that Maynooth was the obvious place for both of these hopes to be realised. Keith (McCrory) left his job as a Youth Development Officer to lead the team and as a first step we decided to start a new home group in the town and see what happened. When this group had grown in size to around 20 we then began to hold monthly services in the Post-Primary School on the Moyglare Rd in February 2003.  Since more people were coming along the decision was then taken to move to weekly services. It was thus in the autumn of that year that ‘Maynooth Community Church’ was officially launched, our first weekly service being on Sunday 7th September 2003. 

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Maynooth conference on Calvin and Loyola


On the web site of Maynooth College where Roman Catholic priests in Ireland are trained for their priesthood the following has appeared on this link –

(Cecil – this link is no longer available to access but details of the conference can be viewed on this link –

John Calvin Conference

maynooth1     maynooth2

Living in union with Christ in today’s world:

John Calvin and Ignatius Loyola

Friday 8th / Saturday 9th October, 2010

John Calvin, French Protestant Reformer, and Ignatius Loyola, Spanish founder of the Society of Jesus, were for a brief time contemporaries in the Collège de Montaigu of the University of Paris. St Patrick’s College, Maynooth will host a conference that will bring something of the inheritance of both these foundational figures into dialogue. Both Calvin and Loyola were Sorbonne men. Six of the founding fathers of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, were professors of the Sorbonne.

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