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Make ‘MANDATE’ a ‘NO-DATE’ on 17th November 2007

Keeping up the flow of scripture-destroying ‘preachers’ lined up to visit Northern Ireland during 2007, the following link

gives details of a return visit to Belfast by Erwin McManus, this time at the Odyssey Arena [cost £30.00] and this time under the auspices of ‘Evangelical Ministries’.

Last year he was a guest speaker at the CFC [Christian Fellowship Church] in Belfast and in advance of that visit I posted a warning on our website and this link will take you to that warning article –

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Erwin McManus at CFC

Earlier this year [2006] Pastor Gary Gilley was our invited guest to speak at a series of meetings on the subject – ‘Today’s Church is Changing: What On Earth is Emerging?’ During his talk Pastor Gilley looked at what have come to be known as the ‘Purpose Driven’ and ‘Emergent’ Church Movements.

When addressing the topic of the ‘Emerging Church’ he listed a number of ‘churches’ that would be identified with this grouping and one went under the name of ‘Mosaic’ and is pastored by Erwin McManus.

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