The occultic ‘ministry’ of Rick Joyner who is Todd Bentley’s ‘mentor’?

On 10th March this year I posted an article to our web site about Todd Bentley’s remarriage and plans for a relaunch back into ‘ministry’. In that article I quoted a statement put out by Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries who were seeking to ‘rehabilitate’ Todd Bentley. In his statement Mr Joyner wrote –

‘I expect our whole leadership team, and to some degree, our whole local church, to be involved in helping Todd and Jessa. Our staff and all from the church that I have discussed this with are very happy about them being here and want to help them in any way that they can’.

At the time that we were issuing warnings about the so-called ‘healing revival’ that it was claimed was happening under the ‘ministry’ of Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida [April-August 2008] I directed many people to obtain a copy of a book called ‘True To His Ways’ by a Canadian Christian lady called Ruth Davis and I know from feedback that many people found it extremely helpful.

Today I received an email from Ruth Davis directing me to a video posting on youtube that gives a distressing and disturbing glimpse [just over 7 minutes] of the occultic nature of the ‘ministry’ at Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries. The video can be viewed on the following link and whilst it is not pleasant it will truly serve to alert God’s discerning people to the demonic nature of what is claimed to be a ‘christian ministry’.

Ruth Davis had this to say about the video segment –

It also demonstrates graphically some of the occultism in the Charismatic Church that is discussed in True to His Ways, such as drumming to summon spiritual presence, the wailing of those under demonic influence, and the distressing sight of a woman proclaiming an occult “vision of Jesus”, using biblical terminology in demonic fashion.

Ruth Davis also wrote this about her excellent book in her email –

I am also pleased to advise that the download edition of True to His Ways is now available on my website at 

Details are on the page. The price is $10.00, and I hope the saving in shipping costs will be helpful for international purchasers.

I shall finish by quoting part of the last line of my March article with another name added to it – ‘may the Lord reign supreme and prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner’.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 10th November 2009