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On a recent short visit to the Cork area in the south of Ireland, Margaret and I spent an afternoon having a look at the shops in the centre of Cork City itself. As is our custom on such occasions we split up having agreed a rendezvous time and place for later that day (we have personally found this is one of a number of good methods for maintaining a happy marriage!).

During my ‘browsing’ I noticed a number of men and women handing out something to shoppers as they were either entering or leaving ‘Penney’s’ on St Patrick’s Street. Having ‘loitered with intent’ I was approached by one lady who engaged me in conversation about the ‘Merits of Mary’ and how in particular the use of a SCAPULAR would be of great spiritual blessing and benefit to me. She offered me a free SCAPULAR and I said I would accept it if she would in turn accept something from me. That something was a free DVD of the Revelation TV debate that I took part in back in 2012 with Jesuit Priest, Keith McMillan. After mulling it over she declined my offer and moved on.

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