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‘Alarm Bells’ – Rob and Kristen

When Pastor Gary Gilley was here as the guest of ‘Take Heed’ Ministries [March/April 2006] I asked him to speak on 2 specific issues. One was the ‘seeker-sensitive’ or ‘user-friendly’ approach to preaching the Gospel as promoted in Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Movement’. The other was what has come to be known as ‘The Emerging Church’. This is a very loose ‘coalition’ of post-modern pastors and conference speakers. Many view Brian McLaren as being the main Emerging ‘guru’ and Gary Gilley devoted time in his talk to exposing some of the heresies of this man. I too have also addressed Brian McLaren in the article found on this link –

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“Love Wins” by Rob Bell

In recent weeks much of professing Christendom has been buzzing with comments and reviews of Rob Bell’s latest book called ‘Love Wins’. On Premier Christian Radio in the UK Rob Bell has been airing an advert for his book and he is very keen to emphasise that in apparently “only 12 verses” does the Lord Jesus Christ make direct reference to ‘hell’ – the clear inference by Mr Bell is that ‘hell’ obviously does not figure all that highly in God’s thinking if it is “only” mentioned 12 times by His Son.

This is a very deceitful and deceiving line of approach by Rob Bell – consider how many times the Lord mentioned the absolute necessity of being “born again” in order to see or enter “the Kingdom of God” – in John chapter 3 the Lord mentions it directly or indirectly about 5 times – that is a lot less than His 12 references to ‘hell’ so does that mean the need to be “born again” is of even less of a consideration in God’s thinking than the question of ‘hell’?

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