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The ‘Prophetic Poison’ of Gerald Coates in ‘Songs of Praise’

On Sunday 27th November 2011 the BBC 1 Television programme ‘Songs of Praise’ began the first in a series of ‘Advent’ programmes in the run up to Christmas. The theme for this particular programme focussed on Old Testament ‘prophecies’ that foretold the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Handled correctly and biblically this should not have proved to have been any threat to Orthodox Christian belief – however we must remind ourselves that this was produced by the overtly anti-Christian BBC and true to form they arranged for the programme to be laced with what I have termed‘Prophetic Poison’.

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Clouds of Concern over New Horizon

The brochure for the annual festival known as ‘New Horizon’, which is to be held at the University of Ulster, Coleraine should be a source of great concern to all Christians who are aware of the recent assaults made upon sound, biblical, evangelical Christianity. These assaults have come in various ‘guises’ – posing as ‘new moves of God’ [‘Toronto’ and ‘Pensacola’], ‘God breaking down the barriers’, and showing ‘the pathway to peace’ [accelerating ecumenism]’ ‘another great commission for the Church’ [the need for ‘Christians’ to unite to fight growing secularism – the ‘gospel’ according to Charles Colson and ‘Father’ Richard Neuhaus – co-authors of the March 1994 Evangelicals and Catholics Together agreement] and ‘Christians can not only be in the world but also of the world’ [Christian ‘night clubs’ for example].

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News From The Front – February 1997

Dear praying friends,

As stated in my last newsletter I issued invitations to a number of pastors and ministers to see if they would be willing to act as a Council of Reference for “Take Heed” Ministries and I am delighted to report that all have accepted my invitation and I look forward to working along with these brothers in Christ who have already in times past encouraged Margaret and I in the work to which God has called us.

I also mentioned the plan to issue ‘News From The Front’ three times each year so the timescale will be February, June and October each year (DV).

Enclosed with this issue is the leaflet which is being circulated to advertise the up-coming visit of Frank Eberhardt and I would ask you to keep these meetings much in prayer and of course if you can get to any we would be delighted to see you. Your prayers for talks on various cults which I will be giving (DV) in May (26th-30th) in 2nd Newtownards Presbyterian Church are coveted. Margaret and I return grateful thanks to those who sent practical tokens of support in recent months and pray that all our readers will know much of God’s blessing in 1997.

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