Todd Bentley: Simply a ‘new strain’ of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’

In the article ‘Todd Bentley and his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida’ that was posted earlier under CURRENT CONCERNS I wrote – ‘this is quite simply a re-run of many of the horrible ‘manifestations’ that were claimed at the time of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and then its successor [also in Florida] the so-called ‘Pensacola Revival’

On a link later in this article you will be able to watch a segment from the ‘Toronto: Antics & Heretics’ talk [still available on DVD] that I gave at that time and my prayer is that it will be truly helpful in showing that what is happening in Lakeland is nothing more than a repeat of the diabolical deceptions that gripped those who travelled to Toronto [and later to Pensacola] to get ‘the blessing’. Some of those involved in the Toronto and subsequent Pensacola debacles have been hyping up the events in Lakeland as a precursor to ‘another wave of Holy Spirit revival’. According to Charisma magazine [22nd April 2008] we learn –

[1] ‘John Arnott, who pastored the historic revival ignited at his Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1994, wrote in a letter last week to Bentley:’ “Todd, you need to keep going in these meetings as long as the Lord is moving. I feel that this is a prophetic sign that another wave of revival is coming to North America”

The following link will take you to a video clip showing John Arnott actually on stage with Todd Bennett in Lakeland and claiming that another Pastor known to him supposedly had a visitation from 2 angels [with back-packs] who are apparently ready to pour out fresh ‘blessings’ [from their back-packs] on locations that were supposedly ‘blessed’ in the 1990’s – could John Arnott possibly be trying to drum up fresh interest in his Toronto church and others that ‘imbibed’ Toronto in the 1990’s – only time and events will tell. This is the link – WARNING: I do not otherwise recommend the site to which this link will take you as the lady who operates it expresses views on a range of issues that would not accord with my understanding of God’s Word.

and then

[2] ‘[John] Kilpatrick [who headed up events in Pensacola] added that revival is not something that can be controlled and that people hungry for God need to simply ask Him to touch them. “I feel in my spirit very strongly that there’s another wave of the Holy Spirit coming, a tidal wave of the glory of God,” he said, stifling his sobs on the phone. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing like the presence of God. It has ruined me for life.”

The next link will take you to the segment from my video

  • Toronto: ‘Antics and Heretics’

  • 1st Segment @ [32.46] – 2nd Segment @  [45:52]

  • 2nd Segment Continues above

These video segments – show about 30 minutes of excerpts from the ‘service’ that was held in John Arnott’s Toronto Airport church in January 1995 to mark the 1st anniversary of ‘The Blessing’. For UK readers, just as the opening song is nearing a conclusion you will see a man in the front row [with a receding hairline] put his fingers in his mouth to whistle – this man is KEN GOTT who heads up a large charismatic fellowship in the North East of England [look out for his ‘antics’ as the video progresses].

Currently [as at 31st May 2008] on Ken Gott’s church website they are advertising an upcoming visit [12th – 13th June 2008] to their fellowship by CLAUDI FREIDZON – this is the man who ‘imparted’ a second-hand “Benny Hinn blessing” to John Arnott in the run-up to the outbreak at Mr Arnott’s church of the so-called “Toronto Blessing”.

In their promotional page for Mr Freidzon’s visit they say –

Hi all,

Wow what incredible days we are living in!!

Revival fires are burning all over the world, the outpouring in Lakeland continues to be beamed to the four corners of the earth (thank you Rory & Wendy) and the Brits as usual are leading the foreign legion and pouring into Florida. We now have a fire burning with Trevor Baker in Dudley and also Kensington Temple have been holding extended meetings for a number of weeks with at least 700 people coming to Christ. I know that Nick Pengelley was holding extended meetings on his return from Florida, this really is a very exciting season.

Out of the blue last Friday Claudio Friezon got his office to contact us to say that he would like to come to Newcastle next month. He said that he had promised years ago to come to the North East and that he felt now was the time to come. We have received confirmation that he is coming for the 12th & 13th June to release the fire.

Before Toronto broke out John & Carol Arnott went down to Argentina because they heard that it was in revival, Claudio prayed for them both and they received an impartation that started a fire within them in preparation for what happened when they met Randy Clarke in January 1994. I believe Claudio’s visit to us is significant and could be the catalyst for the fire storm that has been prophesied by Bobby Conners to hit the UK.

Claudio has asked for a leaders meeting in the afternoon and two nights of fire impartation in Bethshan Newcastle, this is how it will look:-

  • Thursday 12th June 12pm Leaders lunch, 7.30pm Holy Fire 1
  • Friday 13th June 7.30pm Holy Fire 2
  • Saturday and beyond only God knows.

All are invited and will be free of charge, except for the lunch which will be £7.50 per head. You will need to register with the office for the lunch so we can plan in advance. Last registrations will be taken Tuesday 10th June.

In the fire flow,

Ken Gott

As you watch this pretty ghastly reminder of events at Toronto it should bring home once more the truth of Ecclesiastes 1:9 that “there is no new thing under the sun”.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 5th June 2008