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Christian Broadcasting – Imbibe or Ignore?

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(1) @ about 52.43 I said Paul Crouch died in November 2003 – I meant to say 2013:

(2) @ about 55.44 I read a quote about ‘STUFF’ and inadvertently said it was by Kenneth Copeland – I mean to say it was by Creflo Dollar:


News From The Front – June 1998

Dear praying friends

I should like to first bring a special prayer request before you and it relates to Mike in Texas who has a ministry similar to ‘Take Heed.’ He has just recently received worrying news in the area of his own health and I would ask you to remember Mike and also his family very especially at this time. Since I last wrote the work at “Take Heed” has kept me even busier than usual and in addition other spiritual matters have eaten into my time so if I have been slow or perhaps have failed in responding to some inquiries please forgive me and I do ask for understanding. We are deeply grateful for the faithful prayerful and practical support of many without which “Take Heed” could not function. Please continue to pray on for the priests who received tapes – a number are still in correspondence with me. Margaret and I hope to attend the School of Theology @ The Metropolitan Tabernacle (London) [as students] in early July so perhaps we may see some of you there.

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