‘Toronto Abomination’ resurfaces at BETHEL, CA


Recently a friend posted a link on Facebook to this video –

In response I posted this comment

XXX, glad Randy Clark’s connection with the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ was mentioned. In part 1 of my video talk on ‘Toronto’, I made reference to the parts played in that so-called ‘blessing’ by a number of people such as John Wimber, John Arnott, Benny Hinn, Claudio Freidzon, Rodney Howard Browne and RANDY CLARK.

It can be viewed on this link – (from 7.08 – 26.58)

The tragedy is that a number of these people, including Randy Clark, are still spreading these “seducing spirits” in meetings today.

The ministry that had posted the video (‘The Messed-Up Church’) then some days later posted a follow-up video and it can be seen on this link –

In truth, it is just horrendous to see that those who were to the forefront at ‘Toronto’, people like Randy Clark and John Arnott still believe and publicly proclaim that ‘Toronto’ was a true work of the Holy Spirit – what utter blasphemy!

In a recent email to a ‘Take Heed’ Ministry supporter, I wrote the following – As I look back to what is happening in professing ‘Christendom’ it seems that what goes around comes around – same old errors resurfacing and often being promoted and by those from bygone years… [By way of examples, Randy Clark and Rodney Howard Browne of ‘Toronto Blessing’ infamy are still plying their ‘trades’]. 

Further examples of Mr Clark’s unscriptural ‘pedigree’ & ‘ministry can be viewed on.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 5th February 2020