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Those that deny ‘penal substitution’ are “the enemies of the cross of Christ”


Over recent years there has been a steady build up of opposition to and outright rejection of what some term as ‘the theory’ of ‘penal substitution’. Amongst the definitions for ‘theory’ is one that reads – ‘a conjectural view or idea’. When it comes then to understanding what was happening on “the cross of Christ” for the faithful Christian the doctrine of ‘penal substitution’ is not a matter of ‘conjecture’ but it is the factual and glorious heartbeat that sustains God’s gift of “eternal life” [Romans 6:23]. ‘Penal substitution’ is a factual divine truth that leaps from the pages of the Bible and to deny otherwise is quite simply to set oneself up as an ‘enemy of the cross of Christ’.

To begin with I want to quote a few lines from my own personal testimony that for years has been posted to our ministry web site –

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‘Alarm Bells’ – Rob and Kristen

When Pastor Gary Gilley was here as the guest of ‘Take Heed’ Ministries [March/April 2006] I asked him to speak on 2 specific issues. One was the ‘seeker-sensitive’ or ‘user-friendly’ approach to preaching the Gospel as promoted in Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Movement’. The other was what has come to be known as ‘The Emerging Church’. This is a very loose ‘coalition’ of post-modern pastors and conference speakers. Many view Brian McLaren as being the main Emerging ‘guru’ and Gary Gilley devoted time in his talk to exposing some of the heresies of this man. I too have also addressed Brian McLaren in the article found on this link –

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News From The Front – June 2006

Dear praying friends,

As you will read in the first article we had a very stimulating ministry visit by Pastor Gary Gilley [thank you for all your prayers] and it was evident that his diagnosis of the problem that much of professing Christianity is afflicted with today is centred on ‘the heart’. What I mean by that is that, in much of today’s apparently ‘blossoming’ and ‘successful’ Christianity, the very ‘heart of the gospel’ has been removed in favour of ‘another gospel’. This new ‘gospel’ is all about ‘self’ and is ‘justified by men and women’. But truly found at ‘the heart of the gospel’ are Christ and the truth of ‘men and women being justified’ by God. Enclosed with this newsletter are copies of 2 very helpful leaflets that in one, identify the problem found at ‘the heart’ of the ‘gospel’ proclaimed in today’s ‘Market-Driven’ churches and in the other, restate the glorious biblical truth of God’s ‘justification’ of guilty sinners. Also enclosed is a leaflet with 2 emails from Pastor Jerry Moser of Bayou Du Large Baptist Church in Louisiana. Many of you sent contributions to our appeal for Jerry and the fellowship there as they coped with the damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I trust you will be as thrilled as we have been to see how God has gloriously used these difficult trials for the furtherance of His gospel amongst a very needy [spiritually and materially speaking] people. Margaret and I once more thank you for all your much-appreciated support.

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Pastor Gary Gilley – DVD

Between 19 March 2006 and 4 April 2006 Pastor Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois spoke on 18 occasions in Northern Ireland about the dangers posed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by movements such as the ‘seeker sensitive’ movement [pioneered and promoted by Bill Hybels of ‘Willow Creek’ and Rick Warren of the ‘Purpose Driven’ movement] and the ‘emerging church’ movement headed up by people like Brian McLaren [USA] and his close friend, Steve Chalke.

Pastor Gilley’s talk was recorded and is now available on DVD. There is an introduction of about 8 minutes by myself [Cecil Andrews] and Pastor Gilley’s talk lasts 45 minutes.

For those in the UK, DVD’s can be ordered by writing to me [enclosing cheque for £8.00 payable to ‘Take Heed’ Publications] at ‘Take Heed’ Publications, PO Box 13, Ballynahinch, BT24 8AL, Northern Ireland.

As an alternative folks in the UK could order by email from me on and could then make the appropriate payment of £8.00 through the secure ‘DONATION’ facility found on our website of

If you live outside the UK and wish to order the DVD please email me in the first instance on so that I can advise you of the total costs, including overseas postage, and also discuss the payment alternatives available to you.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 8 April 2006


Derick Bingham and Philip Yancey


In the Belfast Telegraph of 19 July 2003 local author and Pastor, Derick Bingham, recommended to those interested in some ‘Summer reading’ a book called ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace’ by Philip Yancey. In so doing Derick Bingham is yet again directing Christians to the writings of someone whose beliefs would, in the light of God’s Word, be more than ‘questionable’ to say the least. Set out herewith are a couple of reports and also a web site link that will give some alternative views on the writings and beliefs of Philip Yancey.

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As I prepare this article, Belfast is gearing up for yet another conference to promote the evangelistic methodology of the group known in the UK as the ‘Willow Creek Association’. An advert for this conference to be held in the Kings Hall Conference Centre on Monday 10 March 2003 reads as follows –

  • LEE STROBEL (Author of ‘The Case for Christ’)
  • MARK MITTELBERG (Evangelism Director of the Willow Creek Association)

Many pastors and churches are being urged to adopt the strategies used apparently with great ‘success’ at the Willow Creek Community Church in America whose Senior Pastor is Bill Hybels.

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