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Cults – The Religion Peddlers

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Examines some of the teachings of Seventh-day Adventism; Christian Science; Mormonism; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Roman Catholicism.

*COMMENT* – apologies that the focus is at times “in and out”.

*CORRECTION* – @ about 50.27 ‘Rutherford’ and not ‘Russell’ made the false prediction.


Braehill Baptist meetings available to watch



The meetings were recorded and herewith are details of how you can watch each meeting (along with a few brief ‘comments’ or ‘corrections’).

Meeting One: ‘Christian’ Broadcasting: Imbibe or Ignore?

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‘THE GREAT CONTROVERSY’ – A book to avoid


Like every household in Northern Ireland we get our regular mail delivery of promotional leaflets advertising the sale items available in the likes of stores such as ‘Lidl’, ‘Spar’ and ‘Vivoxtra’. Tucked in this week amongst those colourful leaflets was a plain black and white A5 sized leaflet headed ‘THE GREAT CONTROVERSY’.

Part of the text on the leaflet read as follows – ‘As each day passes we see and hear snippets and details of news, but is there more? We sense there is – for we hear of international monetary systems, a global curriculum for education… a world parliament of religions and an international version of the Bible. Who plans such things? Who takes the lead – and why?… Did you know that the Bible speaks of these events? There is a conflict going on, but is it the one you think it is? … The FREE book we are offering speaks of this – You need this powerful book today! “THE GREAT CONTROVERSY” is an essential read… Why not read the book and examine its claims and test the evidence for yourself’.

This leaflet was issued by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is promoting one of the major books written by their founding ‘prophetess’ Ellen G White. It contains the major heresies promoted by this cultic grouping and if you go to the article on the link I will provide you can read why one former SDA pastor eventually resigned because of these heresies. You will also see my own additional comments on a number of their false teachings including a section on ‘The Great Controversy’. The link to the article is

and a further helpful article can also be found on

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 19 March 2014

Seventh-day Adventist pastor resigns as he can no longer preach “another gospel”


In my September 1999 ‘News From The Front’ that can be viewed on 

I included an article called ‘Seventh-day Adventism: Christian or Cult’?

Towards the end of that article I wrote – ‘By their teachings on this subject Seventh-day Adventists have a wrong view of the work of Christ at Calvary and in consequence they have a wrong view on salvation… That is the teaching of a CULT, it is NOT CHRISTIAN and it lays the foundation for the grace + works ‘gospel’ of Seventh-day Adventism’.

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News From The Front – September 1999

Dear praying friends,

We leave a summer marked by a number of unique events. Some happy, some breathtaking and some tragic. In July there was the happy reminder of man setting foot on the moon and no doubt many joined in the memory game of where were you when Neil Armstrong took his small step/giant leap? Then there was the breathtaking total eclipse viewed in wonder by millions around the globe. Not long after that there was the tragic devastation of the earthquake in Turkey when thousands were ushered swiftly into eternity. A pinnacle – man and the moon – a down to earth disaster – man and his mortality. One moment man can be ‘flying high but in the twinkling of an eye, like the one spoken of in Luke 12:20 it may be that “this night thy soul shall be required of thee”. Looking at large religious gatherings, whether held in Mecca, St Peter’s Square, Rugby Union HQ in Twickenham [JW annual convention] or Geneva [the Dalai Lama preached in Calvin’s former church on 8th August] one can see people who are happy and the sight can be breathtaking but the reality is that these are preludes to tragedy. Millions are perishing without Christ and are being eternally cut off from the blessing of God by a “great gulf fixed” – please pray that many will “take heed”.

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News From The Front – June 1999

Dear praying friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I come to prepare this latest issue of News From The Front. On the one hand I will be reporting on a very happy and blessed time of ministry and fellowship that Margaret and I enjoyed during our visit to America. Then on the other hand I will be voicing grave concerns on issues that I believe the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must seriously face up to and with courage address.

In addition “Take Heed” is about to totally ‘go it alone’ [purely of course from a human standpoint – see page 16]. However we move forward with words from Joshua 1:7 as our heavenly prescription “only be thou strong and very courageous” and words from Genesis 46:3-4 as our heavenly pledge “fear not to go…I will go down with thee”.

Margaret and I want to record our thanks to all who have been so faithful and encouraging in recent months and we can assure you that God has been responding to the many prayers that have been offered on our behalf. Humbly we ask you to pray on for His cause and for His glory.

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