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On 7th July 2015 a friend posted the following on my Facebook ‘timeline’ –

PHIL JOHNSON on Charismaniac JOHN CROWDER (who is coming to speak in Ballyclare Northern Ireland)

“And now there’s a group led by a man named JOHN CROWDER who pretends the Holy Spirit is a supernatural narcotic that will put you into a thick, inebriated stupor. Some of his stuff is the rankest blasphemy. He says he is “tokin’ the Ghost,” or “smoking Jehovah-juana.” Sometimes he gets downright obscene, and if you have never seen him before you’ll be tempted to think he is an unbeliever doing a bad parody, but he is not. He claims the Holy Spirit makes him act this way.” _Events/SOT_Conferences/UK_Tour_with.aspx?redirected=1

The full text of what PHIL JOHNSON said in his talk entitled ‘Is There a Baby in the Charismatic Bathwater?’ and in which he mentions JOHN CROWDER can be accessed on –

As a follow up to that I posted the following to Facebook on 10th July 2015

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