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The central error of ‘ONENESS’ refuted


Alan Cairns in his ‘Dictionary of Theological Terms’ has this entry on page 121 under he heading of ‘Sabellianism’ – ‘A form of Unitarianism named after Sabellius, a third century African Bishop; the heresy of modalistic monarchianism. It is the view that God is not only one single essence but one single person. Thus the names Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not personal names but modes or relations of the one divine person in His dealings with man. According to Sabellians the term Father referred to this one divine person when His incomprehensible greatness and sovereignty were in view. Son referred to His revelation to men and His becoming incarnate. Holy Spirit referred to His operating immediately upon the creature in the works of creation, providence or grace. In modern times Swedenborgianism and some so-called “ONENESS” sects have adopted Sabellian views’.

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