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On Saturday 19th March 2016 I ‘happened’ upon a TV broadcast being shown on FREEVIEW channel 74. It was called ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and the presenter spoke for the best part of 30 minutes on the subject of ‘The Anti Christ’.

He was very clear in his presentation which was slick and professional including various graphics and scripture references However, I sensed that ‘all was not right’ as he repeatedly made reference to the ‘keeping of God’s law’. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Christians shouldn’t live in accordance with the precepts of God’s moral law – after all God has ‘written’ that on the hearts and in the minds of true believers (Hebrews 8:10 and Hebrews 10:16) but as we live out those moral precepts we demonstrate evidence of having been saved, we are not obeying in order to be saved.

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United Church of God

The ‘Daily Mail’ of Tuesday 11th January 2005 carried a large advert headed ‘When disaster strikes – Where is God?

Readers were invited to make contact either by text, email or snail-mail with a group called ‘The Good News’ based in the UK in Watford. So who are this group known as ‘The Good News’. Well the group based in Watford are the British Isles base for a worldwide organisation known as the United Church of God. So who are they and what are their roots. Herewith are some extracts from a brief history of Herbert W Armstrong’s cult that was known as ‘The Worldwide Church of God’ that are found on the website –

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