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BENNY HINN to visit Belfast – AGAIN!


I have sadly just learned that BENNY HINN is due to be speaking again in Belfast (24th – 25th November). Details of the visit can be accessed on

In recent times, no less a person that Benny Hinn’s nephew, COSTI HINN has been telling of how he used to work for a time for his uncle’s‘ministry’ (as a ‘catcher’).

However, following a genuine conversion, Costi eventually disassociated himself from the teachings of ‘Benny Hinn Ministries’ (and other like-minded ‘ministries’). Recently he has spent time giving interviews and telling of how he came to that point and he has been graciously, but resolutely exposing the unbiblical nature of what is taught in ‘Word of Faith’’ circles.

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Elim Christian Centre Belfast invites “One Fluitt out of the Eagle’s Nest”


Just about this time last year [August 2008] the badly misnamed ‘Healing Revival’ in Lakeland, Florida was about to enter its death throes. The so-called anointed healer, Todd Bentley, would shortly be exposed as a drunken adulterer. Just a few weeks earlier on 23rd June 2008 a group of some 17 self-appointed ‘Apostles’ and ‘Prophets’ had made their way to Lakeland to take part in a ridiculous ‘commissioning service’ for both Mr Bentley and his soon to be forsaken and divorced wife Shonnah. A helpful account of this farcical event can be found on the web site of ‘Let Us Reason Ministries’ on

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‘Strange Bedfellows’ with ‘Evangelical Alliance’

  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘Global Day of Prayer’:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’, Morrris Cerullo
  • Steve Munsey,Benny Hinn and R T Kendall:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and ‘The Emerging Church’

On the Evangelical Alliance website there is a section that deals with ‘Relationships Commitment’ and it can be found by following this link –

It tells of discussions between the ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘British Evangelical Council’ [BEC]. We learn that one of the aims was ‘to provide an up-dated version of the eight “general resolutions” agreed at the 1846 Assembly that launched the Evangelical Alliance’.

Earlier we read in the article ‘we seek to promote good Christian practice, as well as true Christian doctrine’. Later there is a listing of ‘the eight “general resolutions” already mentioned and they are subdivided between ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Actions’.

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Belfast Beware – Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn are coming here shortly

It was during the second half of 2004 that I felt led of the Lord to invite someone to come to Belfast to speak on the topic of ‘GOD [channel] TV: helpful or Harmful’. Initially a speaker and series of meetings were provisionally planned for the end of January 2005 but the Lord over-ruled in both instances [the speaker and timing] and so now this topic is to be addressed by Alan Morrison in a series of meetings planned for 2nd-19th April [DV].

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