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The real truth concerning Cecil UKIP and Revelation TV

In recent times a document has been posted online that has sought to discredit myself personally and ‘Take Heed’ as a ministry. It has been penned by a group that claims to be Christian and to have a love for “truth” and in it they have sought to use their understanding of God’s “truth” to undermine my own Christian testimony and witness. In this article I shall address two issues mentioned in their document, namely, what they had to say about my connection to UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and my appearance earlier this year on Revelation TV.

Turning first to UKIP this is what they wrote in their document –

In a communication posted on his website back in June 2006 Mr. Andrews made the following comment to a Mr. Wilkes, I quote “Mr Wilkes has sought to somehow align me or identify me with a fraternal and a political dimension, both of which I have studiously avoided being involved with as I believe the ministry of ‘Take Heed’ is best served by TOTAL SEPARATION from any such involvement”. Mr Andrews has obviously had a miraculous change of mind and it is unbelievable that Mr Andrews is associated with a worldly political party, UKIP to be exact.

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