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Tuesday 1st September 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of ‘Take Heed’ Ministries back in 1990. ‘Launch’ is a rather apt word as one of the verses that led me to leave secular employment on 31st October 1989 and eventually establish ‘Take Heed’ was Luke 5:4 where the Lord said to Simon Peter “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch”.

Well, having “launched out” on 31st October 1989 when I left my secular employment the “nets” were well and truly “let down” with the formation of “Take Heed” some 10 months and one day later.

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As many will know I have over the years spoken and also written articles warning of the deficiencies and dangers enshrined in The ALPHA Course. These resources can be viewed on (Part one) (Part two)

(Basically the text for the talk that can be seen on the first two links)

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(Scroll through to the article ‘Rome formally endorses The Alpha Course)

Yesterday I was alerted to details of the most recent Alpha Leadership Conference and in response I placed a post on my Facebook site. As yet I have not had time to listen to any of the contributions but I think you will see from what I wrote in my post that the true cause of Christ would not have been genuinely helped.

This was my Facebook post

If anyone doubts the spiritually pernicious nature of THE ALPHA COURSE and those associated with it (like NICKY GUMBEL) then simply go to the link I will give and see who some of the guest speakers/contributors were at the recent ALPHA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE held in London.

Amongst those contributing were –

‘FATHER’ Raniero Cantalmessaa (THE Papal Preacher)

‘CARDINAL’ Vincent Nicholls (Head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales)


Other names are also mentioned and no doubt they may well have contributed to this diabolical misrepresentation of The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church He is building.

The link is (Cecil, 17/5/23 – link no longer available – see alternatives below)

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 23rd June 2015


Personal Testimony – Cecil Andrews

Braehill Baptist meetings available to watch

Very briefly – Christian parents raised me and for my first 20 years I attended church regularly. In my early teenage years I attended classes held by the church and at the conclusion of those, having given the right answers to a number of questions, I was deemed worthy to receive communion. However my interest in sport [field hockey and cricket] began to dominate my life and my leisure time. So, after the age of 20 I stopped going to church and indulged myself in my sport and the social life that went with it. That was a very active social life including tours/trips to foreign parts and always included an abundance of alcohol resulting in much ungodly and sinful behaviour.

However in 1984 [@ age 38] things were to change. In the months leading up to my conversion I had been reading a number of books by a Christian author – mainly concerned with his views of what would happen just prior to the return of the Lord. I then began to read another book by the same author that outlined how the life and death of Jesus Christ was foreshadowed by many passages in the Old Testament. The verse that began to impact upon me was Leviticus 1:4 ‘And he [THE SINNER] shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering [THE SUBSTITUTE] and it [THE SUBSTITUTE] shall be accepted for him [THE SINNER] to make atonement [SALVATION] for him [THE SINNER]’.

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