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World Community for Christian Meditation

The Belfast Telegraph [Churches Page] tonight carries an advert for ‘Christian Meditation’. Various contact details are given including a website. This website is titled ‘The World Community for Christian Meditation’. The aim of this site would appear to be to perpetuate the teachings of a man called ‘Father’ John Main who died in 1982. This work is now carried on by another Roman Catholic priest ‘Father’ Laurence Freeman OSB. The following is a short extract about Mr Freeman from the website itself –

Laurence Freeman was born in London, was educated by the Benedictines and then took a Masters Degree in English Literature at New College, Oxford.

His spiritual guide was Dom John Main whom Fr Laurence had known for many years even before entering the monastic life. He studied with Fr John in his novitiate and then assisted him with the establishment of the first Christian Meditation Centre in Londonin 1975 which was the origin of The World Community for Christian Meditation.

This advert is an example of a concentrated effort that is being made worldwide by various groups to promote a form of ‘Meditation’ that is most certainly not ‘Christian’. It is known by many names such as ‘Contemplative Prayer’ or ‘Mantra Meditation’ and is advocated by many best-selling so-called ‘Christian’ authors. For helpful resources and information the following website links will prove invaluable.


Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 15 January 2005


A close encounter with a ‘raelian’

Towards the end of August [2001] I received a letter from a brother in Christ who is on my mailing list and in the letter he informed me

‘Last Friday night I was giving out Gospel leaflets at Shaftesbury Square. A foreign-looking gentleman gave me a leaflet in exchange for the one I had given him. I have enclosed a copy of the leaflet produced by the INTERNATIONAL RAELIAN MOVEMENT. I must admit I have never heard of this cult which sadly believes in science fiction as you will see…If you have any information or thoughts on how I should approach this cult I would appreciate it’

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