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On 13th March 2020 I posted the following to Facebook

Please pay close attention to his eyes, look and smile in the last 10 seconds or so – truly scary.


This is an additional afterthought –

Presumably that was ‘oil’ on his hand with a perverse misapplication of James 5: 14

Then on 1st April 2020 I posted this to Facebook


If there is one thing the current corona-virus pandemic has done, it has shone a spotlight on the diabolical deception of a number of ‘Word of Faith’ so-called ‘preachers’ and right up there at the front, in the full glare, is KENNETH COPELAND. This is a man who for decades has paraded himself as a Christian ‘prophet’ and has in the process fleeced countless numbers of people all around the world to the tune of millions, if not billions of dollars, just like those predicted in 2nd Peter 2:1-3.

Shortly I will give the link to a video of him declaring himself to be ‘standing in the office of a PROPHET of God’ and ‘executing judgment on COVID-19 and Satan’ and also declaring that ‘America is healed and well again’. This is the video link –

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KARI JOBE: SINGER “Abstain from all appearance of evil”


On 31st August 2017 TBN UK aired a programme that featured Kenneth Copeland ‘preaching’ to a large gathering in Faith Cathedral. Canaan Land, Ota, Lagos, Nigeria. In the course of his ‘sermon’ he said this ‘Jesus burned in hell for 3 days’. This heresy has been oft-repeated by Kenneth Copeland over many years. Back in the very early days of ‘Take Heed’, in fact in 1992, I gave a talk in Belfast outlining the false teachings of both Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland (basically the then leaders of what is known as the ‘Word of Faith Movement’ – Kenneth Hagin has since died) and I devoted a short section near the end of my talk to exposing and refuting this heresy that ‘Jesus burned in hell for 3 days’ – you can hear what I said by going to this link  

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Elim Christian Centre Belfast invites “One Fluitt out of the Eagle’s Nest”


Just about this time last year [August 2008] the badly misnamed ‘Healing Revival’ in Lakeland, Florida was about to enter its death throes. The so-called anointed healer, Todd Bentley, would shortly be exposed as a drunken adulterer. Just a few weeks earlier on 23rd June 2008 a group of some 17 self-appointed ‘Apostles’ and ‘Prophets’ had made their way to Lakeland to take part in a ridiculous ‘commissioning service’ for both Mr Bentley and his soon to be forsaken and divorced wife Shonnah. A helpful account of this farcical event can be found on the web site of ‘Let Us Reason Ministries’ on

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Belfast Beware – Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn are coming here shortly

It was during the second half of 2004 that I felt led of the Lord to invite someone to come to Belfast to speak on the topic of ‘GOD [channel] TV: helpful or Harmful’. Initially a speaker and series of meetings were provisionally planned for the end of January 2005 but the Lord over-ruled in both instances [the speaker and timing] and so now this topic is to be addressed by Alan Morrison in a series of meetings planned for 2nd-19th April [DV].

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News From The Front – December 1999

Dear praying friends,

In a short time most of the world will be working itself into a frenzy as humanity prepares to bid farewell to the 1900’s. The world today is not overwhelmed by atheists – most people have an attachment to some kind of spiritual philosophy – but in reality they fall into the category of “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof” [2 Tim.3:5]. What is “the power” they deny – it is what is described as “the power of God unto salvation” in Romans 1:16. Most spiritual people today reject “the gospel of Christ”. Not only are these rejecters found amongst the non-Christian religions, false cults and New Age Movement but also amongst supposed Christian groups such as Roman Catholicism, Orthodox and Protestant denominations and the Word- Faith Movement. A grand coalition of many of these “gospel of Christ” rejecters is taking shape under the Primacy of the Pope and would appear to be gathering momentum and going forward in unstoppable fashion but their fate is assured. Through the preaching of the true “gospel of Christ” Christ’s true church will be built and the forces opposed to Him will one day be destroyed with the brightness of His coming. Until then let us “take heed” to our Lord’s instruction “Occupy, till I come” [Luke 19:13] and may our prayer be as we say farewell to this particular era “Even so, come Lord Jesus” [Rev.22:20].

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