Rodney Howard Browne @ Carryduff Elim 7th February


It was with immense sadness that I’ve just seen that Rodney Howard Browne is scheduled to be ‘ministering’ at Carryduff Elim on 7th February 2019. His schedule for upcoming meetings can be viewed on

Back in September 2018 I issued a warning about this heretic when he was coming to ‘minister’ in Dublin so I will simply now give the link to that article as it ‘holds good’ as a warning also about his visit to Carryduff. This is the link –

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 25th January 2019

As a PS to my article this link shows that nothing has changed since his blasphemous ‘Holy Ghost Bartender’ days

As a PPS to this article I posted this on Facebook

Rodney Howard Browne was ‘commissioned’ back in the 1990’s by Word of Faith guru and ‘atoning-blood-denier’, Kenneth Copeland, to go out and spread ‘holy laughter’ and of course he also engaged in the infamous and totally unscriptural ‘duel in tongues’ with Copeland.

You can view these happenings by going to this link

and watching from 40.00 onwards
and then also watch the first couple of minutes on this link