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News From The Front – September 2006

Dear praying friends,

It is always a matter of great sadness and regret in coming to the realisation that individuals or organisations that were in former times a source of much spiritual blessing have now chosen a path of compromise and so there must be a parting of the ways, a separation, in obedience to God’s Word. The first and last articles in this newsletter represent just such matters of sadness and regret for both Margaret and I myself personally. We would ask you to join with us in praying that God, by the convicting work of His Holy Spirit, might draw both the individual and the organisation to ‘the straight and narrow’ and that they would depart from the broad, but no doubt popular road of compromise.

Earlier this year during the ministry visit of Gary Gilley, we were alerted to the unscriptural, gospel-denying views of American, Brian McLaren, regarded by many as ‘the God-Father’ of what is known as ‘The Emerging Church’. Mr McLaren has been invited by the large youth gathering known as ‘Summer Madness’ to be one of their speakers in June 2007 [DV]. I hope to write further on this in due course but meantime, if you have any influence where ‘Summer Madness’ is concerned, please encourage them to rescind the invite to Mr McLaren. Thank you for all your ongoing encouragement and support.

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Derick Bingham and Philip Yancey


In the Belfast Telegraph of 19 July 2003 local author and Pastor, Derick Bingham, recommended to those interested in some ‘Summer reading’ a book called ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace’ by Philip Yancey. In so doing Derick Bingham is yet again directing Christians to the writings of someone whose beliefs would, in the light of God’s Word, be more than ‘questionable’ to say the least. Set out herewith are a couple of reports and also a web site link that will give some alternative views on the writings and beliefs of Philip Yancey.

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In recent weeks the Belfast Telegraph has published articles in which professing Christians, Derick Bingham and Alf McCreary have expressed some very strange views from a Christian perspective.

Set out below are the articles penned by each author together with copies of letters that I submitted to the Belfast telegraph but which to date have not been published.

THERE are times when you hear a story that touches something deep inside. I heard such a story recently and I now share it.

A friend of mine was at a dinner at which the speaker was the international Evangelist Luis Palau. He said that a Christian man was at a Formula One racetrack one day and saw the late George Harrison of The Beatles there.

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