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England: Don’t be ‘April-fooled’ by Todd Bentley

On the day that Australia is about to be hit by the huge and destructive Cyclone Yasi comes news of an equally spiritually damaging destructive force about to be unleashed upon England in April 2011. On his ‘twitter’ page Todd Bentley has posted the following.

Just Confirmed. England is on For April about 14 hours ago via Twitterrific

Excited about Our Return to England and the Uk this April. Hope we can connect with all Europeans friends and partners. about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

This is truly horrific news for the cause of Christ in England as this totally discredited charlatan revels in the news of coming to England – something he actually had to cancel back in 2008/9 when he committed adultery and subsequently divorced his wife – in the midst of a supposed so-called Holy Ghost Revival in Florida!

To arm yourself to be able to warn others about this ungodly deceiver I will now list various articles written at the time of the goings-on in Florida and just after, and my prayer is that the Lord will reign supreme and graciously and mercifully prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley.

A fellow contender, Bud Press of the Christian Research Institute issued a warning letter [in various languages] at the beginning of January this year seeking to warn the people of Haiti about a planned visit there by Todd Bentley – perhaps Bud’s letter might serve as a template to be used to warn unsuspecting people or fellowships in England that may be at risk of exposure to Todd Bentley.

On Bud’s web site on you will also find links to many articles on the subject of Todd Bentley.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 2nd February 2011


The occultic ‘ministry’ of Rick Joyner who is Todd Bentley’s ‘mentor’?

On 10th March this year I posted an article to our web site about Todd Bentley’s remarriage and plans for a relaunch back into ‘ministry’. In that article I quoted a statement put out by Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries who were seeking to ‘rehabilitate’ Todd Bentley. In his statement Mr Joyner wrote –

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‘Emerge Wales’

Today I received an email asking me if I had any information on a movement calling itself ‘Emerge Wales’. Set out below is the email I received together with a copy of my reply to that email. At the end of the article [immediately after my reply email] I have also included the full downloaded sections from the ‘Emerge Wales’ web site that I refer to in the email. I have also included a little scriptural anecdote that came to mind based on the National flag of Wales from where this movement originates.

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Elim Christian Centre Belfast invites “One Fluitt out of the Eagle’s Nest”


Just about this time last year [August 2008] the badly misnamed ‘Healing Revival’ in Lakeland, Florida was about to enter its death throes. The so-called anointed healer, Todd Bentley, would shortly be exposed as a drunken adulterer. Just a few weeks earlier on 23rd June 2008 a group of some 17 self-appointed ‘Apostles’ and ‘Prophets’ had made their way to Lakeland to take part in a ridiculous ‘commissioning service’ for both Mr Bentley and his soon to be forsaken and divorced wife Shonnah. A helpful account of this farcical event can be found on the web site of ‘Let Us Reason Ministries’ on

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Todd Bentley remarries and re-launches

Last year as a ministry we spent much time and energy reporting on and exposing the fraudulent so called ‘Miracle Healing Crusades’ conducted by Todd Bentley in Lakeland in Florida and I don’t plan to revisit those God-dishonouring events in this article – a search of our website and those of other faithful watchmen ministries will yield all the information necessary to discover the devilish nature of events in Lakeland. The ‘Miracle Healing Crusade’ came to a shuddering halt when it was discovered that Todd Bentley had ‘entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff’ – at least that’s how the board of Mr Bentley’s then ‘Fresh Fire Ministries’ initially put out the story – subsequent revelations showed how very wide of the mark this first statement was.

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News From The Front – September 2008

Dear praying friends,

This entire newsletter, continuation enclosure [Professor Nevin and Peter Jennings] and enclosed CD are given over to a debate prompted by the Todd Bentley so-called ‘Healing Revival’ taking place in Florida and in other locations. I apologise for the smaller than usual font size of the entire newsletter and enclosure but I did want to include all that is relevant. This whole Todd Bentley ‘affair’ is one of the most distressing deceptions I have ever had to address and it is amazing how many around the world are actually accepting this as a ‘move of God’. Truly our foe is “more subtle than any beast of the field” [Genesis 3:1]. You will also see an enclosure reviewing and recommending 2 books – “True to His Ways” by Ruth Davis and “Test All Things” by Joe Mizzi. The first is absolutely essential reading in the light of the Todd Bentley fiasco and the second will be a wonderful tool in seeking to reach Roman Catholics for Christ so I would encourage you to seriously consider obtaining a copy of each from us. Your ongoing support and prayers are ever appreciated.

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Todd Bentley/Alpha links to St Andrews, Chorleywood

Vaccinate now [via DVD] against the TB [Toronto Blessing/Todd Bentley] and ALPHA outbreaks planned for St Andrews Church, Chorleywood in the Autumn of 2008.

The church website of St Andrews Church, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire in England is currently a living testimony to just how far “seducing spirits and doctrines of demons” [1st Timothy 4:1] have infiltrated and infected professing Christendom.

Their forthcoming events include the following –

  • Conferences
  • Firestorm UK – FULLY BOOKED!
  • Speaker(s): Mark Stibbe[pastor of St Andrews] and Ken Gott
  • Date: 25th June 2008

The promotional write-up for this event included the following –

  • The Lakeland Outpouring

On April 2nd, a move of God began in Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida. Todd Bentley, a powerfully anointed evangelist, began holding nightly meetings which were initially attended by about 700 people but soon grew to 9000 and even more.

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Todd Bentley and GOD TV

What’s’ ‘the pedigree’ of GOD TV?

Currently the so-called ‘revival’ claimed to be taking place in Lakeland, Florida and orchestrated for the most part by TODD BENTLEY is receiving vast worldwide live television coverage via GOD TV that was founded by Rory & Wendy Alec. TODD BENTLEY and other speakers have paid many tributes to  GOD TV  from the platform(s) in Lakeland. 

In April 2005 I invited Alan Morrison who had produced many helpful materials at the time of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ to come here and speak in a number of churches on the subject – 

If you click on the following link you will be able to view the talk that Alan gave and I believe what you will see and hear should be important factors to be taken into consideration when evaluating whether or not what is happening in Lakeland is truly ‘of God’.

Todd Bentley: Simply a ‘new strain’ of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’

In the article ‘Todd Bentley and his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida’ that was posted earlier under CURRENT CONCERNS I wrote – ‘this is quite simply a re-run of many of the horrible ‘manifestations’ that were claimed at the time of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and then its successor [also in Florida] the so-called ‘Pensacola Revival’

On a link later in this article you will be able to watch a segment from the ‘Toronto: Antics & Heretics’ talk [still available on DVD] that I gave at that time and my prayer is that it will be truly helpful in showing that what is happening in Lakeland is nothing more than a repeat of the diabolical deceptions that gripped those who travelled to Toronto [and later to Pensacola] to get ‘the blessing’. Some of those involved in the Toronto and subsequent Pensacola debacles have been hyping up the events in Lakeland as a precursor to ‘another wave of Holy Spirit revival’. According to Charisma magazine [22nd April 2008] we learn –

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Todd Bentley & his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida

A helpful book for such a deception as this:

‘True To His Ways’ by Ruth Davis.

In recent weeks I have had a number of inquiries concerning a supposed ‘Healing Revival’ taking place in Lakeland, Florida under the ‘ministry’ of Todd Bentley.

I was first alerted to these happenings when an inquirer sent me a copy of a ‘personal update’ that had been issued by Mr Bentley. This is that ‘update’ –

Ignited Church revival with Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley

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