The ongoing diabolical debacle of ‘GOD TV’

Back in June 2008 at the height of the Todd Bentley so-called ‘healing revival’ in Lakeland Florida I posted an article to our web site on this link –

Todd Bentley and GOD TV

In that article I told how ‘GOD TV’, promoted by Rory and Wendy Alec, were fully endorsing and broadcasting the antics of Todd Bentley in Florida.

In my article I also provided a link to the video of a talk given in 2005 by my invited guest, Alan Morrison, when he addressed for me the topic ‘GOD TV: Helpful or Harmful?’

During the course of Alan’s talk we showed video of an April 2004 fund-raising broadcast by ‘GOD TV’ that was truly diabolically disturbing – in particular the rantings and ravings of Wendy Alec herself.

In recent days the Alecs have once more been seeking to raise funds for ‘GOD TV’ and sadly their antics are equally as diabolical and disturbing as in times past. You can watch a segment of their latest appeal for funds below.