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Desmond Tutu Says He Would Rather Go to Hell than to a “Homophobic Heaven”

SHAUN WILLCOCK talks about “Contending in South Africa” and writes of “The Madness of Multiculturalism”


Notorious South African Anglican archbishop, Desmond Tutu, should more correctly be called the Anglican arch-heretic for his various heretical statements, such as the following: “It may be that Jesus was an illegitimate son”; [1] “The Holy Spirit is not limited to the Christian Church… The Holy Spirit shines through [Gandhi]”; [2] and, “Thank God I am black.  White people will have a lot to answer for at the last judgment.” [3]  And his support for the diabolical heresy known as “liberation theology” (religious Communism), which brought such suffering and misery to South Africa, earned him the nickname of the “Red Bishop”.  Just some of his statements in support of Communism and the terrorist revolution: “One young man with a stone in his hands can achieve far more than I can with a dozen sermons”; [4] “Unless America puts pressure on South Africa… the only way forward is to overthrow the government by force”; [5] “Imagine what would happen if only 30 percent of [black] domestic servants [in white households] would poison their employers’ food”; [6] “If the Russians were to come to South Africa, most blacks would welcome them as saviours”; [7] and, “I am a Socialist.  I hate Capitalism.” [8]

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