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On Tuesday 14th April I posted a short article to Facebook that was headed ‘The Origin and Purpose of COVID19? In the post I gave the link to a documentary that lasted for about 58 minutes and this is what I said in the post –

The first 40-45 minutes of this documentary are quite scientific and technical so if you want to bypass those, I would certainly recommend the watching of the last 15 minutes which reveal the very worrying conclusions that I believe all nations around the world should take serious heed of.

A total of 14 Facebook friends indicated a reaction to it, 6 posted comments and 6 shared the post on their own Facebook Timeline. 

Sometime around mid-morning on Wednesday 15th April, the link to the video ‘disappeared’ from my post and the same thing happened to the Timelines of the 6 people who had ‘shared’ it on their own Timelines.
When I discovered this, I posted the following UPDATE to my Facebook post –

For whatever reason the video to which I gave a link cannot now be viewed on this thread – if you would like a link to where it can be seen please email me on and I will send you the link

It would appear that Facebook do not allow anything that is critical of the Chinese Communist Party and especially as it relates to the possible origins and purpose of COVID 19. 

In my update I mentioned a link that would take folks to see the video that had been removed by Facebook and this is the link –

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 15th April 2020



On 13th March 2020 I posted the following to Facebook

Please pay close attention to his eyes, look and smile in the last 10 seconds or so – truly scary.


This is an additional afterthought –

Presumably that was ‘oil’ on his hand with a perverse misapplication of James 5: 14

Then on 1st April 2020 I posted this to Facebook


If there is one thing the current corona-virus pandemic has done, it has shone a spotlight on the diabolical deception of a number of ‘Word of Faith’ so-called ‘preachers’ and right up there at the front, in the full glare, is KENNETH COPELAND. This is a man who for decades has paraded himself as a Christian ‘prophet’ and has in the process fleeced countless numbers of people all around the world to the tune of millions, if not billions of dollars, just like those predicted in 2nd Peter 2:1-3.

Shortly I will give the link to a video of him declaring himself to be ‘standing in the office of a PROPHET of God’ and ‘executing judgment on COVID-19 and Satan’ and also declaring that ‘America is healed and well again’. This is the video link –

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