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One of the ‘gaps’ to date on the ‘Take Heed’ ministry web site has been any meaningful reference to the subject of ‘BAHA’ISM’ so with this article I hope to rectify that situation. The format of the article will be firstly to give a link to an informative documentary dating back to 1985.

There are two aspects of the documentary that I have specifically identified. There is ‘Persecution’ and that highlights the terrible persecution that Baha’is had to endure in the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran that deposed the Shah and saw the return to the country and to power of Ayatollah Khomeini. There are helpful details concerning these events on this link –

and under a section headed ‘Politics and government’ – we read this –

‘The members of the Bahá’í Faith have been declared heretical and subversive. While persecution occurred before the Revolution since then more than 200 Bahá’ís have been executed or presumed killed, and many more have been imprisoned, deprived of jobs, pensions, businesses, and educational opportunities. Bahá’í holy places have been confiscated, vandalized, or destroyed. More recently, Bahá’ís in Iran have been deprived of education and work. Several thousand young Bahá’ís between the ages of 17 and 24 have been expelled from universities’.

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