England: Don’t be ‘April-fooled’ by Todd Bentley

On the day that Australia is about to be hit by the huge and destructive Cyclone Yasi comes news of an equally spiritually damaging destructive force about to be unleashed upon England in April 2011. On his ‘twitter’ page Todd Bentley has posted the following.

Just Confirmed. England is on For April about 14 hours ago via Twitterrific

Excited about Our Return to England and the Uk this April. Hope we can connect with all Europeans friends and partners. about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

This is truly horrific news for the cause of Christ in England as this totally discredited charlatan revels in the news of coming to England – something he actually had to cancel back in 2008/9 when he committed adultery and subsequently divorced his wife – in the midst of a supposed so-called Holy Ghost Revival in Florida!

To arm yourself to be able to warn others about this ungodly deceiver I will now list various articles written at the time of the goings-on in Florida and just after, and my prayer is that the Lord will reign supreme and graciously and mercifully prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley.

A fellow contender, Bud Press of the Christian Research Institute issued a warning letter [in various languages] at the beginning of January this year seeking to warn the people of Haiti about a planned visit there by Todd Bentley – perhaps Bud’s letter might serve as a template to be used to warn unsuspecting people or fellowships in England that may be at risk of exposure to Todd Bentley.

On Bud’s web site on you will also find links to many articles on the subject of Todd Bentley.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 2nd February 2011