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ALBERTO RIVERA: A true or false ‘brother’?

ALBERTO RIVERA: A true of false ‘brother’?

ALBERTO RIVERA: A true of false ‘brother’?


I recall in the immediate years following my conversion in August 1984 being given by another Christian two booklets titled as follows –

ALBERTO  – Part One
DOUBLE-CROSS  – Alberto Part Two 

They were published by CHICK PUBLICATIONS and followed very much a comicstyle format. As a young believer they were riveting but in the years that followed I began to hear doubts being expressed by other professing Christians, not only about the content but also about the character of the central person in these booklets, Alberto Rivera.

Having viewed some articles on the Internet it is clear that there are many people claiming either to debunk the ‘content’ claims made by Alberto Rivera for his ‘priestly past’ or others staunchly defending those claims.

This short article seeks to highlight both the writings and a taped message by someone who had personal contact for a period of time with Alberto Rivera and that is Shaun Willcock of Bible Based Ministries, based in South Africa. What is interesting is that in his writings and in his taped message Shaun Willcock remains basically ‘neutral’ on the ‘content’ question of Alberto Rivera’s ‘priestly past’ and focuses rather on other vitally important ‘character’ matters that others perhaps have not highlighted or drawn attention to.

The taped message by Shaun Willcock can be heard on

The writings by Shaun Willcock can be accessed on

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 16 May 2016