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‘Toronto Abomination’ resurfaces at BETHEL, CA


Recently a friend posted a link on Facebook to this video –

In response I posted this comment

XXX, glad Randy Clark’s connection with the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ was mentioned. In part 1 of my video talk on ‘Toronto’, I made reference to the parts played in that so-called ‘blessing’ by a number of people such as John Wimber, John Arnott, Benny Hinn, Claudio Freidzon, Rodney Howard Browne and RANDY CLARK.

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Rodney Howard Browne at Kensington Temple



Earlier today (24 June 2015) I received the following email –

Cecil, this might be of interest…

Just learnt that Kensington Temple (an Elim church) hosted Rodney Howard Browne on Sunday:

Note the photos of RT Kendall and Martin Lloyd-Jones’s daughter.

(*See comment added by me on 14 May 2016)*

Here’s a report from someone who went:

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England: Don’t be ‘April-fooled’ by Todd Bentley

On the day that Australia is about to be hit by the huge and destructive Cyclone Yasi comes news of an equally spiritually damaging destructive force about to be unleashed upon England in April 2011. On his ‘twitter’ page Todd Bentley has posted the following.

Just Confirmed. England is on For April about 14 hours ago via Twitterrific

Excited about Our Return to England and the Uk this April. Hope we can connect with all Europeans friends and partners. about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

This is truly horrific news for the cause of Christ in England as this totally discredited charlatan revels in the news of coming to England – something he actually had to cancel back in 2008/9 when he committed adultery and subsequently divorced his wife – in the midst of a supposed so-called Holy Ghost Revival in Florida!

To arm yourself to be able to warn others about this ungodly deceiver I will now list various articles written at the time of the goings-on in Florida and just after, and my prayer is that the Lord will reign supreme and graciously and mercifully prevent any repetition of the dishonour brought in the past to His name by Todd Bentley.

A fellow contender, Bud Press of the Christian Research Institute issued a warning letter [in various languages] at the beginning of January this year seeking to warn the people of Haiti about a planned visit there by Todd Bentley – perhaps Bud’s letter might serve as a template to be used to warn unsuspecting people or fellowships in England that may be at risk of exposure to Todd Bentley.

On Bud’s web site on you will also find links to many articles on the subject of Todd Bentley.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 2nd February 2011


‘Emerge Wales’

Today I received an email asking me if I had any information on a movement calling itself ‘Emerge Wales’. Set out below is the email I received together with a copy of my reply to that email. At the end of the article [immediately after my reply email] I have also included the full downloaded sections from the ‘Emerge Wales’ web site that I refer to in the email. I have also included a little scriptural anecdote that came to mind based on the National flag of Wales from where this movement originates.

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Todd Bentley/Alpha links to St Andrews, Chorleywood

Vaccinate now [via DVD] against the TB [Toronto Blessing/Todd Bentley] and ALPHA outbreaks planned for St Andrews Church, Chorleywood in the Autumn of 2008.

The church website of St Andrews Church, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire in England is currently a living testimony to just how far “seducing spirits and doctrines of demons” [1st Timothy 4:1] have infiltrated and infected professing Christendom.

Their forthcoming events include the following –

  • Conferences
  • Firestorm UK – FULLY BOOKED!
  • Speaker(s): Mark Stibbe[pastor of St Andrews] and Ken Gott
  • Date: 25th June 2008

The promotional write-up for this event included the following –

  • The Lakeland Outpouring

On April 2nd, a move of God began in Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida. Todd Bentley, a powerfully anointed evangelist, began holding nightly meetings which were initially attended by about 700 people but soon grew to 9000 and even more.

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The Vineyard Movement and The ‘Toronto Blessing’

Dear friends of ‘Take Heed’,

In recent months ‘The Vineyard Movement’ has been increasing its influence and representation in various parts of Northern Ireland and a number of folks have expressed concern to me about this.

Back in the mid 1990’s when I was talking publicly about the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ a recording of my talk was made in Randalstown.

In the first 18 minutes of that talk I mentioned the ‘Vineyard’ connection with the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and detailed the doctrinal problems associated with the founder of the Vineyard Movement, the late John Wimber.

If you click on the following Link you will be able to view that portion of my talk and hopefully it will still prove helpful in the light of the worrying increase in Vineyard representation in the Province.

  • Your servant for Christ
  • Cecil Andrews

Should you wish to obtain a DVD of the full talk that I gave on this subject in Randalstown it can be purchased from us at a price of £6.00 that includes p&p.

The DVD to request is – ‘Toronto – The Facts’.

‘Toronto Blessing’ Pastor & Wife to visit Belfast

According to an advert in the Belfast Telegraph [April 20] a series of meetings are to be held in Belfast from Saturday 4 May until Monday 6 May. These meetings are being organised by the ecumenical, extreme charismatic, Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast which is pastored by Paul Reid.

The guest speakers at these meetings will be John and Carol Arnott who head up the ‘Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship’. It was here that the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ was spawned in 1994 and Mr Arnott oversaw all that happened there. Subsequently he was at the centre of the claimed ‘gold tooth-filling’ miracles which were exposed on National television in July 1999.

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News From The Front – March 1999

Dear praying friends,

With my last newsletter I enclosed a short note giving details of new funding arrangements which were being considered in relation to my involvement with a sister ministry known as Breda Centre. The new arrangements were agreed and as most on my UK mailing list know via a letter that I sent to them towards the end of January there was a substantial reduction in support from this sister ministry with effect from 1st March. This was perfectly correct as over recent years the “Take Heed” workload has increasingly outstripped my duties with Breda Centre. The letter sent at the end of January invited recipients to consider support by means of an annual bankers order payment with effect from 1st March. I have just been overwhelmed by the response to this letter – not only from individuals [either through standing order arrangements and/or gifts] but also from a number of Church fellowships. I hope all will understand why I have been unable to acknowledge each individual response but I want now to say to everyone “THANK YOU”

I can confirm that God through His people has once more proved His faithfulness and this need that arose has been fully met. [Psalm 118:23]

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News From The Front – October 1997

Dear praying friends,

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales (followed shortly after the death of ‘Mother’ Tereas) evoked a universal outpouring of grief and without doubt her death and also the loss of those who died with her was an occasion for true and genuine sadness. In the days leading up to her funeral and even for a time afterwards the ‘spiritual vacuum’ of masses of people was clearly evident but I think an even greater tradegy was the failure of so-called Christian leaders to make plain the teaching of God’s word in several crucial areas. Christ claimed to be the sole and unique way to God (John 14:6) and yet an evident ‘all roads lead to God’ attitude was clearly adopted on many occasions. Paul declares that salvation is “not of works” (Ephesians 2:9) but for many there was a tacit acceptance of charitable works as the basis of acceptance by God. The God of heaven declares “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” (Revelation 14:13) yet millions were assured that souls who had died without the Christ of Calvary were ‘at rest.’ As believers we and others must afresh take to heart the words of the Lord in Matthew 24:4 “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Thank you for your support as Margaret and I urge people where possible to “Take Heed.”

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