Contemporary Issues/Personalities

  Contemporary Issues/Personalities
1994 Tony Campolo – ‘Light’ or ‘Leaven’?
1996 Glen Hoddle – Not ‘Born Again’
1999 Brendan McCarthy’s ‘Alternative Declaration’
1999 Analysis of ‘The Gospel – An Evangelical Celebration’?
1999 An ‘Evangelical Celebration’?
1999 Queen’s ‘Mistaken Message’
2000 Tony Campolo and ‘History-Makers’
2001 Concerns over NEW HORIZON
2001 9/11 USA : Who Is on the Lord’s side?
2003 Derick Binghan & George Harrison
2003 Alf McCreary & the Bahais
2003 Derick Bingham & Philip Yancey
2003 Is ‘Willow Creek’ the way to go?
2003 The ‘Barnabas Tradition’
2003 Cooneyites in Ballynahinch?
2004 Legalising evil: Outlawing good
2004 Alf McCreary’s abuse of position
2005 Eddie McIlwaine & George Best
2005 Rowan Williams perverts scriptures
2005 Could Bush learn from Lincoln?
2005 Whose ‘purpose is Rick Warren serving?
2005 C S Lewis – AVOID  pdf-25
2006 Alf McCreary ‘cross’ with Presbyterian Moderator
2006 Global Day of Prayer
2006 Exposing the Da Vinci Code
2006 EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE – assorted concerns
2006 DVD on Rick Warren, Steve Chalke & Brian McManus available
2006 Trevor Morrow – reformed?
2007 Testimony’ of Tony Campolo
2007 WIKIPEDIA ‘Encyclopedia’ on Cecil & Creationism
2007 The Bible’ – What Alf McCreary didn’t write
2007 Joel Osteen coming to Belfast
2007 Email sent to David Cameron MP & Labour MPs
2007 Make MANDATE a ‘NO DATE’
2007 Willow Creek connection to foul-mouthed ‘Jersey Boys’
2008 Joel Osteen and Rick Warren ‘The heretics are pastoring the church’
2008 An open fax to Archbishop Rowan Williams
2008 Tony Blair: Whose ‘poodle’ is he now?  pdf-25
2008 ‘the time has come when they will not endure sound doctrine’
2008 Mike Vinson’s ‘false Christ  pdf-25
2008 ‘Ronald Weinland’s ‘Church of God : Repackaging Herbert W Armstrong  pdf-25
2008 MANDATE 2008 with Colin Dye: Another cause for concern  pdf-25
2008 Welcome to Diocese of Sodom & Gomorrah  pdf-25
2008 No ‘straight talk’ from Cliff Richard  pdf-25
2008 Warped ‘Wit and Wisdom’ of Adam Harbinson  pdf-25
2009 Rick Warren’s political pals  pdf-25
2009 Mark Driscoll’s approach to preaching  
2009 Rick Warren & the art of ‘politically-correct’ praying  pdf-25
2009 Rick Warren and Judaism  pdf-25
2009 Keith Getty’s ‘Joy Has Dawned’ – “Take Heed” to what you sing  pdf-25
2009 To “be saved” or not to “be saved”? The question for Alf McCreary  pdf-25
2009 Since linking with Tony Blair, RICK WARREN is  pdf-25
2010 ‘Inside the ROYAL BLACK Institution’  pdf-25
2010 ‘John Piper invite to Rick Warren’  pdf-25
2010 An ‘open email’ to William Crawley  pdf-25
2010 Those who deny ‘PENAL’ substitution are ” the enemies of the cross of Christ”   
2010 RCN ‘pride’ and ‘Prejudice’ Promoting ‘Division’ NOT ‘diversity’  pdf-25
2010 Mark Driscoll’s deviant teachings and Mandate 2010
2010 Phil Johnson speaks on ‘Suitable language for the pulpit’  
2010 The menace of ‘CHRISLAM’  
2011 Rick Warren – ‘not fit for purpose’  pdf-25
2011 Suspended Anglican Bishop, ‘had a pop’ at ‘Take Heed’ in 2009  
2011 SHANE CLAIBORNE in Ballymena – “TAKE HEED!”
2012 Lovers of The Truth’: Is Paul Lutton a ‘Lover of The truth?’
2012 The Real “Truth’ Concerning Cecil, UKIP, and Revelation TV  
2012 2012 FALSE “REVIVAL ‘12”?: Robin Mark and Nicky Gumbel
2012 Tony Campolo to Speak in Belfast 23rd October 2012
2013 STEVE CHALKE: Yet another who is ‘waxing worse and worse’  pdf-25
2013 RICK ‘lukewarm’ WARREN: ‘waxing worse and worse’ 2nd Timothy 3:13  pdf-25
2013 Archbishop Justin Welby and ‘WONGA pay-day loans’  pdf-25
2013 Same-sex marriage’ legislation and David Cameron  pdf-25
2013 ‘In Christ Alone’ not included in American Church Hymnbook  pdf-25
2013 First Female Bishop Announced’  pdf-25
2013 Sharing concerns about TIM KELLER  pdf-25
2014 ‘The Prayer of Jabez’ by Bruce Wilkinson  pdf-25
2014 The Great Exchange: Penal and Perfect Substitution”  pdf-25
2014 MARK DRISCOLL: My FACEBOOK post of 13th August 2014  pdf-25
2014 SHAUN WILLCOCK explains “Contending in South Africa”  pdf-25
2014 RICHARD HARRIES : Satan’s Spokesman  pdf-25
2015 R T Kendall coming to Belfast: ‘Take Heed’ and Avoid  pdf-25
2015 ‘Commitment’ is not ‘Conversion’  pdf-25
2015 Canon Andrew White  pdf-25
2015 TAKE HEED’ MINISTRIES – 25th Anniversary  pdf-25
2015 Tim Keller : Fleshing out some of my Concerns  pdf-25
2016 DAVID ICKE : A Christ-rejecting fantasist  pdf-25
2016 Steve Chalke’s poisoned ‘Oasis Church’  pdf-25
2016 TONY CAMPOLO: Publicly separates from ‘Evangelical Christianity’  pdf-25
2016 BETH MOORE: Warning resources  pdf-25
2016 NORMAN VINCENT PEALE: Power to Deceive  pdf-25
2016 Joyce Meyer and ‘Healing’  pdf-25