An open fax to Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Dear Mr Williams,

By your pronouncements on Shari’a law you have added to the growing list of anti-Christian views that you have espoused in public and you have proved once more that you are “not fit for purpose”. The mark of one who truly knows and loves the only true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is obedience to His law [John 14:15]. God has summarised His law very neatly in 10 Commandments [Exodus 20:3-17].  How does Islam ‘stack up’ against these?

Advocating worship of the false ‘god’ Allah breaks the 1st. The 2nd is broken as Islam ‘bows down’ to a false ‘divine’ location. The 3rd is broken as the name of the false ‘god’ Allah is exalted over the name of the one true Triune God. The 4th is broken as the Muslim ‘holy day’ does not honour the one true Triune God. The 5th is broken when ‘honour killings’ take place to ‘honour’ parents. The 6th is broken when Muslims obey the Koran and follow the example of Mohammed and ‘murder for god’. The 7th is broken when Muslim men follow the Koran and the example of Mohammed and acquire multiple wives. History attests to the violation of the 8th through the plunder of lands conquered by Islam. Through the principle of ‘Takeyya’ the use of ‘false witness’ is condoned and employed by Islam, thus breaking the 9th. As Dar al Islam [The house of Islam] wishes to islamise and subjugate the rest of the world the 10th is clearly violated also.

No genuine and faithful Christian would wish to expose society to the law of any such diabolical ideology that runs counter to the very succinct law of the one true Triune God. In the light of God’s truth you are clearly an enemy of the Gospel and a false, wolfish prophet attempting to camouflage yourself in sheep’s clothing [Matthew 7:15]. Have I, as a Christian, the right to label you as such? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ for the Lord added in Matthew 7:16 “YE SHALL KNOW THEM by their fruits” and such are to be publicly ‘named and shamed’ [Romans 16:17].

God’s law is designed to alert unbelievers and believers alike to their SIN [Romans 3:20] and in consequence, like a schoolmaster, to direct them to the only One who can save them from the divine condemnation resting upon them because of SIN and that is the only Saviour of men, the Lord Jesus Christ [Galatians 3:24 and Acts 4:12].

Mr Williams, the Apostle Paul was a misguided religious zealot who thought he was serving God but in fact he was to the cause of God and His people “a blasphemer and a persecutor and injurious” [1st Timothy 1:13]. God had mercy on him and on the road to Damascus opened his blinded mind and eyes and gloriously saved and converted him. My sincere prayer is that God will likewise have mercy upon you for you are in great need of His salvation.

Your servant for God and His Christ

Cecil Andrews

‘Take Heed’ Ministries