MARK DRISCOLL My FACEBOOK post of 13 August 2014

MARK DRISCOLL My FACEBOOK post of 13 August 2014


Some years ago I wrote articles critical of MARK DRISCOLL and I took some ‘flak’ for doing so as you will be able to read in articles for which I shall shortly give links.

In recent times “the wheels have been coming off Mark Driscoll’s wagon” and I say that in much sorrow and not with any sense of ‘triumphalism’. And again I will shortly give links about some of those developments.

However, I think the most powerful commentary on the problems associated with the ministry of MARK DRISCOLL must be in a letter that has been posted by a former church associate of his, Ron Wheeler. It can be viewed on

The articles that I myself penned I recently made mention of in two posts on the thread of a of a Christian lady (former American broadcaster who interviewed me some years ago – Ingrid Schlueter) Hi Ingrid, Like you I also wrote about concerns that I had with Mark Driscoll and ‘took flak’ for doing so. My articles can be viewed on

Mark Driscoll’s approach to preaching

Mark Driscoll’s deviant teachings and MANDATE 2010


I should add that with the passing of time some ’links’ mentioned in my articles may no longer be functional but hopefully that will not detract from what was written. I hope these articles may be helpful to folks who may not be overly familiar with the concerns that you and I mutually shared. Best wishes in Christ, Cecil. As a sort of ‘PS’ to my earlier comment in one of my articles I make reference to his vulgar quote of Ecclesiastes 9:10 for a cheap ungodly joke (mentioned by someone in another earlier post) on a CNN TV show. The link to watch that and other questionable statements made by Mr Driscoll (I wonder what his wife thought of his revelations about their relationship pre and post marriage) is

That particular misuse of the verse from Ecclesiastes really angered (and rightly so) Phil Johnson whose godly mum apparently had that verse displayed in the kitchen of the family home. For Phil that destroyed the memory of that verse. Finally, the links to articles that chart some of the recent problems for Mark Driscoll’s church and ministry can be viewed on

In conclusion, once more I reiterate that this is a matter of great sorrow not only for Mark Driscoll (and his family and church) but also for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It behoves us to pray.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 13 August 2014