BETH MOORE: Warning resources

BETH MOORE: Warning resources

BETH MOORE: Warning resources


Some weeks ago I received the following message of inquiry concerning the ‘ministry’ of Beth Moore –

I wonder if you can give insight. In 2008 I was assigned as City Coordinator to bring Beth Moore (prominent well known Bible Study teacher of women) here. 7000 women attended as it was Beth’s first time in Canada and many had not heard of her.

She is coming back in January 2017. However, I find myself in a place that I cannot stand behind her teachings (some of them false as she has changed substantially from 2008 till now) – such as shaking hands whole heartedly with Catholicism, receives “extra” revelation, believes in silence meditation (eastern type) etc.

Now our whole church is behind it, and in full conscience I just cannot be on board and attend. Mostly, I just answer I cannot go (as for example there is a rah rah rah team coming from Nashville next week to push tickets to the Abbotsford event as they did in 2008). But people are wondering why I can’t go. So hard.

Is this the right stance or do I bend and just go, despite what I know, for the sake of our Womens Ministry and unity? I did tell xxxxxx who was on my steering committee last time and who is now leading this time, to be aware that Beth has started to become known as a false teacher.

Any wisdom is appreciated if you are aware and can edify what I believe about Beth or if I am not accurate or misled about her.

In response to that message I posted this to FACEBOOK on 14 November 2016

In recent days, I was asked for information on the ‘ministry’ of BETH MOORE. She is not someone who is overly well-known in this part of the world (yet!) but is obviously ‘big’ in America and Canada. I’m copying the information I supplied and hope it may be helpful.

“Hi xxxx, You are correct to steer well clear of Beth Moore. The following links will give you good reasons for doing so.

In particular, note the section in the article that reads –

“Beth Moore and Her Contemplative Hero: In her book When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, in a section about “Unceasing Prayer,” Beth Moore states: I have picked up on the terminology of Brother Lawrence [a Carmelite mystic], who called praying unceasingly practicing God’s presence. In fact, practicing God’s presence has been my number one goal for the last year.”

I myself wrote an article about ‘Brother Lawrence’ and showed why no one should be following his ‘methods’ – that article is located on

Also in the article on the first link we read – “In Moore’s book, she makes frequent favourable references to contemplative pioneer Brennan Manning” Brennan Manning is one of many who have denied the heart of the gospel namely ‘Penal Substitution’ and again I wrote about this in an article located on

Those that deny ‘penal substitution’ are “the enemies of the cross of Christ”

(My reference to Manning is about two thirds of the way down in the article)

Another helpful article of ‘warning’ about Beth Moore is located on

Other VERY helpful sources of information that should be helpful can be accessed via this link

Another link re Beth Moore that should prove helpful

Hope these are all helpful

Cecil Andrews – Take Heed’ Ministries – 18 November 2016