R T Kendall coming to Belfast: ‘Take Heed’ and Avoid

R T Kendall coming to Belfast: ‘Take Heed’ and Avoid.


I have been notified of a visit to Belfast later this year by R T KENDALL. Should this be a matter of concern? – Absolutely ‘Yes’. In times past Mr Kendall described RODNEY HOWARD BROWNE (of ‘Holy Laughter’ and ‘Toronto Blessing’ infamy) as “a guileless man of God”. I made reference to the ‘ministry’ of Rodney Howard Browne and R T Kendall’s endorsement of it in my second public talk on the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’. You can see that by going to the following link and scrolling through to 32.18 and watching through to 44.40 – the link is

I also drew attention to R T KENDALL’s association with another discredited charismatic (healer) MORRIS CERULLO in my article located on

‘Strange Bedfellows’ with ‘Evangelical Alliance’

With the passing of years the link that detailed MR CERULLO’S then ‘Mission to London’ is no longer available but be assured that Mr Kendall was part of it. Then if you scroll through to the section headed R T KENDALL you can read that way back then he was peddling his (erroneous) views on ‘The Word and the Spirit’ and in a video advert for his latest book (which no doubt will be promoted heavily when he comes to Belfast) he is still ‘trumpeting’ his views. Clearly he has been moved to write his book as a direct response to the John MacArthur ‘Strange Fire’ conference and book (2013). That video advert of Mr Kendall’s can be viewed on


In it he wrongly accuses those who believe that ‘the gifts’ have ceased of basically being devoid of and ignoring the Holy Spirit – what a diabolical travesty of truth and insult to so many Holy-Spirit inspired faithful preaching ministries. In the video advert Mr Kendall also claimed that he had in times past in effect ‘policed’ charismatic excesses and errors – well his endorsement of Rodney Howard Browne and his willing association with Morris Cerullo gives the lie to those claims. In my article on

‘Strange Bedfellows’ with ‘Evangelical Alliance’

I also drew attention to his endorsement of, and association with a supposed ‘modern-day prophet’ called PAUL CAIN. Mr Kendall’s absence of ‘Holy Spirit discernment’ became very evident when Paul Cain was found to be a drunken homosexual as can be seen on this link that I included in my article –


In that video advert Mr Kendall also referred to his relationship with Dr Martyn-Lloyd Jones – was it as cosy as he made it out to be? On the following link there is a review of a book ‘Engaging with Martyn-Lloyd Jones’ – this is the link –


and there we read the following

The ‘Doctor’ knew that what was needed to breathe new life into the Evangelical Churches in the UK was not a fusing of Reformed doctrine and “Charismatic gifts”, but the proclamation of the gospel in the empowering presence of the Spirit. Speaking of which, given Lloyd-Jones’ emphasis on the need for liberty and power in preaching, it is difficult to know what on earth to make of R. T. Kendall’s sycophantic claim, documented on p. 138 of this book that, “virtually every word he spoke” at Westminster Chapel between 1977 and 1981 had been “vetted” by the ‘Doctor’. Really? Then how come Lloyd-Jones had become so concerned about aspects of Kendall’s ministry that he insisted that his successor should play no part in his memorial service?

Incidentally it is interesting to read the challenge put out many years ago by the Pentecostal preacher and apologist, JACOB PRASCH, to R T Kendall – you can read that on


Another quite devastating Pentecostal assessment of R T Kendall can also be viewed on the following link –


The details of Mr Kendall’s upcoming visit in to Belfast in September can be read on


To attend an afternoon session will cost £14.00

To attend an evening session will cost £16.00

Please warn God’s people to stay well clear of this event and not to waste their money on going to hear someone with such a ‘chequered’ history of Holy Spirit-defying so-called ‘discernment’.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 11 February 2015