TONY CAMPOLO: Publicly separates from ‘Evangelical Christianity’



This article is made up of the following

1. My FACEBOOK post of 21st September 2016

2. Selected comments in response to it

3. A link to a TV appearance made by Mr Campolo here in Northern Ireland on 4th March 1994


So, TONY CAMPOLO has ‘come out’ and declared that he no longer views himself as an ‘Evangelical Christian’. Well at least he’s acknowledging what he never was and what in my view he probably currently is not. I have drawn attention to the unscriptural and spiritually dangerous beliefs held by this man on a number of occasions and herewith are links to those warnings

Additional resources by other ministries that air their concerns about TONY CAMPOLO are located on

PS His disassociation with being an ‘Evangelical Christian’ is detailed on

Last year the same source reported on his changed views on ‘gay couples’ as you can read on



Thanks brother. Important for people to know. I never did like him from a teenager. His humour immediately raised my concerns as a kid. Can’t believe how these guys have gained influence. A few years ago I had to walk out of a very large church in SA after they showed a video clip of him promoting Catholic centring. It was deeply disturbing. Like in Jude’s day the apostates are here and they have gained notoriety. God bless you again for your clear warnings. KM

Cecil’s reply – interesting that you mentioned his ‘humour’ – I recall seeing him on a local UTV programme (Kelly) many years ago and he related a supposedly ‘amusing’ story’ that ‘the worldly audience’ certainly appreciated but it was a shameful embarrassment coming from a so-called professing Christian.

Yea his humour was my first concern. Though only a kid I said there is something wrong with a preacher who carries on like that. Sadly people do not listen to warnings until it becomes extreme and explicit. For me the most shocking thing was that his wife had been close friends with so-called Christian homosexuals for years. And these are the guys who now try to define what the church is to be! Makes my blood boil. At the moment I’m preaching on the infiltration of the Cain, Balaam, and Core movements at the end if the first century. It’s our day all over again. Thank God for redemption by the Blood of Jesus. KM

Cecil’s reply – I actually have that interview on ‘Kelly’ on video so am converting it to DVD and will let my web master post it to the Youtube site and will link it to an article made up of this Facebook post

TC was at MissionsFest held here in Vancouver awhile ago – Plenary speaker. Spoke to a full house. I couldn’t stay in the room and walked out it was so disturbing. Like Rob Bell their true colours are eventually revealed that even discernment isn’t required it’s so blatant. They admit who they really are or aren’t, and where their allegiance lies. Very sad. DR

Wow another one bites the dust. I always knew he was a wolf. His centerering prayer has shown he is centered on himself. Thanks for that article Cecil PY

I had heard the name, but was unfamiliar with the man. Brian McLaren? Centering prayer? Knowing all that leaves me utterly unsurprised. All I can say is, be very careful who you listen to. The path of truth is narrow, and the highway to destruction is wide and smooth. Follow the Shepherd, not the pretenders, however famous they might be. JF



In my reply to one of the comments posted I made reference to an appearance on local TV here (UTV) that TONY CAMPOLO made. I shall post a link to it and, as you will hear, TONY CAMPOLO was fully committed to false ecumenism with Rome (via his work with the YMCA and Habitat for Humanity) to whole-hearted endorsement of former President Jimmy Carter who has publicly stated several times that Mormons are Christians, to a false view of the character and witness here on earth of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to revelling in questionable humour. This is the link

“They went out from us BUT they were not of us” 1 John 2:19

Cecil Andrews – 24 September 2016