News From The Front – December 1996

Dear praying friends,

As the work of “Take Heed” has increased and the profile has heightened I have felt for some time that it would be helpful to me personally to have a group of men with whom I could discuss the work, to whom I could turn for advice and who would be prayerfully committed to the work. To that end I have written to a number of Pastors/Ministers and I hope to be able to give details in my next newsletter of the make-up of what will be called the Council of Reference.

In relation to Newsletters I would plan from 1997 onwards to issue three per year – February, June and October but these may be slightly enlarged as is the case with this issue. Margaret and I send best wishes to you all and trust that these words of 2nd Timothy 2 verse 13 will be of encouragement to you in 1997


Yours in His service

Cecil Andrews

Glen Hoddle Is Not A Born-Again Christian (Says Glen Hoddle)

Glen Hoddle is the current coach of the England soccer team and for the past number of years the impression has been conveyed that he is a Christian. The organisation called ‘Christians In Sport’ has promoted a video called ‘The Glen Hoddle Story’ in their quarterly magazine (June 1992 P26) and has included Glen Hoddle and his wife Anne in their prayer list supplement (April 1991 P4). Just recently the media gave substantial coverage to Hoddle’s selection of Paul Gascoigne for his squad after it was alleged that Gascoigne had physically assaulted his wife Sheryl and in an article by journalist Rob King which was published in the Belfast Newsletter of 2nd November Mr King wrote:

“Paul Gascoigne has been offered the chance to become Saint Paul on the road to Tbilisi by a brave and forgiving Glen Hoddle – “This was the tough decision, the easy one was to just chuck him out.”…The moral maze was more twisted for Hoddle said some because of his religious beliefs. “No, it made it simpler” he insisted. “One of the prime things Jesus spoke about was forgiveness. I don’t condone what Paul das done but I want to help him change. People can change – Saul was one.”

On 20th October 1996 Glen Hoddle was interviewed on BBC 1 television by Mark Lawson in a programme called ‘THE BIG QUESTION’ and set out far you are extracts of that interview from which you will see that by his own admission Glen Hoddle is not a born-again Christian and in fact he really expresses views commonly held in what is known as The New Age Movement.

Mark Lawson… “Glen Hoddle when you were appointed England football manager and they those pieces ‘things you don’t know about Glen Hoddle’ one thing is in all of them – “he’s the player who got God’ ‘he’s a born-again Christian’ – is that true?”

Glen Hoddle… “I don’t actually agree with, completely agree with the born-again Christian sort of theory so no I WOULDN’T SAY THAT I WAS A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN – I wouldn’t say I was anything. I’ve got a strong faith in God and a belief in God. I do believe we’re here for spiritual reasons and I think that the spirit lives on after death and there isn’t one Christian, Muslim or Islamic train of thought that I completely 100% agree with – I would say that what I’ve read is that Jesus is probably the biggest example we’ve had on earth to try and live our life or how God wants us to live our life so it’s a very individual belief I’ve got, a very individual connection with God.”

(COMMENTS – Here we have Glen Hoddle’s own statement that he is not a born-again Christian. He also refers to Jesus as an ‘example’ and makes no reference to Him being God incarnate or to His atoning work at Calvary or to Him being the only mediator (‘connection’) between God and men).

Mark Lawson… “Was there an experience though that led you to move towards this religion?”

Glen Hoddle… “…when I was 28 I was playing for England at the time; we went to Israel, we went to the birthplace of Christ – I felt this sort of, all I can say this real spiritual feeling inside of me and I’d never felt like that before and it was exhilarating and I came back from that trip and I really searched myself and I searched different books that I read, the Bible, eastern philosophies, the whole lot really and I was having healing as well. I’ve had healing since I was 17 with some very good results…the very first time I was healed actually it was a strange situation – I just met a young girl Michelle and her mother was the healer and I went back to the house, dropped her off and virtually I was limping, I had torn the hamstring the day before – I could hardly walk and hobbled into the house, had a coffee and hobbled out and her mother Eileen said ‘I could do some healing on that for you.’ I’d never heard of it before and I said ‘No, no I`ll be OK so anyway as I was leaving the house she said ‘see how that is tomorrow.’ She said ‘I’ll do some absent healing for you.’ Again the eyebrows went up and I thought ‘that sounds a bit weird’…I got up the next morning and I’d been having treatment for the day and I’d torn the hamstring and they said I’d be out for 6 or 7 weeks – I got up the next day I all I can say I was digging my fingers into the hamstring injury as far I could and there was just nothing there – I couldn’t believe it and I phoned up and said ‘what happened?’ and she said she did absent healing for me and I played two days later.”

(COMMENTS – Glen Hoddle’s ‘spiritual feeling’ which he experienced in Israel is lacking in any mention of conviction of sin or conversion to Christ as Saviour or understanding of the atoning work of Christ at Calvary essential elements and ingredients in a true born-again Christian experience and testimony. As for the ‘absent healing experience which appears to have occurred long before his experience in Israel and which lacks any mention of the healer herself being a Christian it’s interesting note what Roy Livesey wrote in his book – ‘More Understanding Alternative Medicine’ – on page 94 in a chapter headed ‘Paranormal Therapies’ we read -“Then there are hand healers. Often the same people engage in absent healing Christians don’t have to be present with a patient in order to pray for him; neither do the practitioners of the counterfeits when they engage in absent healing.”)

Later in the interview when commenting upon ‘earthquakes’ Glen Hoddle said – “we never thought about what over the years we’ve done to the earth, the drilling that we’ve taken the oil from the earth, THE EARTH IS A LIVING BEING…if we all lived very close to God, if we had a spiritual life every single person on this planet I`m pretty sure there’d be no such thing as earthquakes.”

(COMMENTS – this idea expressed by Glen Hoddle that ‘the earth is a living being’ is a central belief to many who would be classed as New Age They view ‘Mother Earth’ as a goddess – where does such thinking come from? On page 102 of his book ‘The Serpent and The Cross’ Alan Morrison writes of -“…the current Neo-Gnostic obsession with the Earth as ‘The Great Mother.~ Today the ‘Greens’ and ecologists have revived the ancient pantheistic concept of the planet as ‘Gaia’- the Greek goddess and name for Mother Earth, often referred to by polytheists as ‘the oldest of divinities.’ This divinisation of the earth is a classic Gnostic stamping ground. As the gnostic psychologist C.G.Jung has written – ‘According to {the alchemist} Basilius Valentinus the earth (as prima material) is not a dead body, but is inhabited by a spirit that is its life and soul. All created things, minerals included, draw their strength from this earth-spirit This spirit is life..end it gives nourishment to all the living things it shelters in its womb.’ In a footnote on page 307 Mr Morrison writes- “Gala was the goddess or personification of Barth in Greek mythology. In eco-speak it represents the concept of Mother Earth – the earth as an actual living organism in the cosmos.’

As for ‘earthquakes’ we read in Genesis 3 verse 17 “Cursed is the ground” and in Romans 8 verse 22 “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together.” Sin brought a curse not only upon man (‘death’) but also upon the rest of creation and fallen conditions will prevail until the creation of the new heaven and the new earth (Revelation 21 verse 1). Will man be able to create ideal conditions – No. God says in verse 5 of Revelation 21 – “Behold I make all things new.”)

In a section of the interview focussing on ‘prayer’ Glen Hoddle said –

“What is prayer? A prayer is really in many respects a very high thought a thought you’re sending out to what you believe is a being that created everything and that is there to help and guide you and has got helpers there to help you as well.”

(COMMENTS – I think any true born-again Christian would have difficulty accepting Mr Hoddle’s definition of prayer. Far from being a ‘high thought’ it is rather an acknowledgement of our lowly position before and total dependence upon the Almighty God of the Universe. I am also uneasy about his reference to ‘helpers’ which smacks very much of the New Age Occultic fascination with ‘spirit guides.’ On page 42 of a booklet entitled ‘The Facts on Spirit Guides’ by John Ankerberg and John Weldon we read – “Victor Ernest, author of ‘I Talked With Spirits’ and Raphel Gasson author of ‘The Challenging Counterfeit’ are two public examples of individuals who came to recognise that the spirits they thought were their guides and friends were in fact evil spirits bent on their destruction.”)

Next the subject of death was addressed-

Mark Lawson… “Do you think about death?”

Glen Hoddle… “I don’t think about death, that’s one thing that has been marvellous for me is that I have no fear of death anymore. I mean I believe straight away that the spirit lives on, this is Just an overcoat – the body’s just an overcoat for us and we’re here to have spiritual tests for whatever reasons we’ve set up…I’ve got no fear of death whatsoever for I do believe we go another world.”

(COMMENTS – This is classic Hindu philosophy referring to the body as ‘an overcoat.’ In a book published by the Hare Krishna movement ‘Search For Liberation’ which records a conversation between their modern day founder Swami Bhaktivedanta and John Lennon {of The Beatles} we read this statement by the Swami on page 53 – “when your body is finished, annihilated, you are not finished. You get another body, just as you may change your coat and shirt.”)

Mark Lawson… “Have you though about reincarnation?”

Glen Hoddle… “I believe that we do – I believe the spirit has a free choice to come back”

Mark Lawson… “So you think you’ve lived before?”

Glen Hoddle… “Yes I do, yeah – what I don’t know, but the future is far more important than what our past was – our past is what we’re actually having to face today So that isn’t too important, its about what we might have to face in the future.”

(COMMENTS – Having viewed the body in Hindu terms as ‘an overcoat’ it came really as no surprise to hear Mr Hoddle affirm a belief in the Hindu teaching of ‘reincarnation’ and espouse the related teaching of ‘the law of Karma’ which teaches that our actions in this life determine our body in our next life/incarnation. Mr Hoddle encourages us to prepare for the future – thoughts articulated by Swami Bhaktivedanta on page 11 of `Search For Liberation’ -“this present life is meant for manufacturing the next body. This is Vedic knowledge. In this life we are creating our next body.” -)


The comments made by Glen Hoddle show clearly that he is not a Christian but one who imbibes a New Age spiritual cocktail of Occultism, Mythological Paganism, Hinduism, Gnosticism and Spiritism. It is sad to see such a high profile figure so evidently deceived – perhaps he should ponder afresh the words of Hebrews 9 verses 27/28

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many;”

‘Alpha’ Correspondence : Letters

The report in the Tyrone Constitution in May of my public talk in Omagh Town Hall on the ‘Toronto Blessing’ led a group of local ministers to take the issue with my views on the ‘Alpha’ course. Below is their letter published on 5th Sept and my response published on 19th September.

Alpha Course ‘Excellent’ Tool For Evangelism – 5/9/96

Sir we write as a church concerned group of local ministers, about references in recent months to a Bible study course called Alpha. This course was developed in the Anglican , church in England nearly 20 years ago and is therefore not an accompanying Bible study course to the so called ‘Toronto Blessing’, as reports in your paper have suggested.

Alpha was started in 1977 by Anglican clergyman, Charles Marnham. More recently Nicky Gumbel, a curate on the staff of Holy Trinity Brompton. has been responsible for putting the Alpha course into print, and making it available to a wider audience.

In essence it is a 10 week practical introduction to the Christian faith, designed primarily for non-churchgoers and those who have recently become Christians. It has been endorsed by Robert Warren (National Officer for evangelism, Church of England and author of (`Directions’). Rob Frost (National Evangelist, Methodist Church); Steven Gaukroger (Baptist Church). The Alpha course has also been used widely in Ireland by Presbyterian, Church of Ireland and Methodist Churches among others, with great success.

Holy Trinity Brompton has recently published a book, ‘The God Who Changes Lives’, which records the testimonies of about 30 people. They describe how God transformed their lives often in dramatic circumstances. Some have been healed, others have been given strength to face troubled times. All have had contact with a Alpha course at some stage.

We offer this information in order to correct any misunderstanding that may have been created by reports carried in your paper in recent months. The Alpha course is a excellent tool for evangelism, and one that we have no hesitation in supporting.

Yours Revs.A.C Rankin; J.I.Mairs; N:H. Harrison & D.J. Quinn

Viewpoint on Alpha Course and Toronto Blessing – 19/9/96

Sir I writ concerning the published letter in Sept 5 issue, from a group of ministers giving their support to ‘The Alpha Course’. In it they state that it is “therefore not an accompanying Bible study course to the so called ‘Toronto Blessing’, as reports in your paper have suggested.”

Nickey Gumbel, the assistant curate at Holy Trinity Brompton (the entry and main distribution point in England for the ‘Toronto’ experience) whom the ministers correctly identify as the man responsible for putting ‘Alpha’ into print stated “I believe it is no coincidence that the present move of the Holy Spirit (‘Toronto’) has come at the same time as the explosion of the Alpha courses. I think the two go together.”

It is important for people to be aware that when Mr.Gumbel came to print ‘Alpha’ he updated it to include ideas and recommended reading materials which were not in the original course and these ideas/materials etc., reflect much the erroneous teachings of the extreme/biblically unreliable charismatic figures who promote the types of experiences which left many people susceptible to the ‘Toronto Deception’.

As for the book of testimonies all true believers are aware that are common spiritual enemy can appear as “a angel of light” which is why people are commanded to “try (test) the spirits whether they are of God.” The so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and important sections of ‘The Alpha Course’ fail the test of scripture therefore “a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit.” The Sovereign God of the Bible does of course work in spite of error but not through it. Details of a helpful booklet assessing ‘The Alpha Course’ can be obtained from myself upon request.

Yours Cecil Andrews

“Take Heed” Ministries 11 Ballynahinch Road, Carryduff, Belfast, BT8 8DN

Parliamentary Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast

It came as somewhat of a surprise to both Margaret and myself when we opened an envelope post-marked 5th Oct to discover inside, a formal invitation to attend a National Prayer Breakfast to be held in the Queen Elizabeth 11 Conference Centre, Westminster on 27th November 1996. The invitation was at the request of The Lord Chancellor (Lord Mackay} and The Speaker of the House of Commons (Betty Boothroyd). The ecumenical nature of this event was evidenced by the make up of the 1996 Sponsoring Group for it included David Alton MP and The Rt.Hon the Earl of Longford – both Roman Catholics. I wrote declining the invitation but asking to be kept informed of any future events. I subsequently received a response from the office of Nigel Spearing MP (chairman of The Sponsoring Group) and in it I was informed

‘I understand that there are some smaller events held in different parts of the UK -Revd Paul Symonds would probably know about any held in Ireland.’ Now I had a clue as to possibly how Margaret and I had received an invite. The Revd. Paul Symonds’ is in fact ‘Father’ Paul Symonds who last year took part in the debate I organised on the topic of ‘Getting To Heaven.’ This priest specifically rejected the Biblical teaching of ‘imputed righteousness’ which of course is a believers’ only hope of acceptance into heaven – as the Apostle Paul said “And be found in Him {Christ} not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith.” (Phil.3v9).

Two ‘Irish’ prayer breakfasts have been held and they generated much controversy because of the attendance at these ecumenical events by amongst others Rev.Martin Smyth MP who is Grand Master of the ‘Protestant’ Orange Order.

E.C.O.N.I. Official Prepares Priest For Debate

I have just mentioned the debate in which ‘Father’ Paul Symonds took part last year on the topic of ‘Getting To Heaven.’ On that occasion he was in debate with Rob Zins. In August of this year I wrote to Paul Symonds on a particular issue and took the opportunity to send him a copy of the book – ‘Protestants and Catholics: Do they now agree?’ by John Ankerberg. In his reply Paul Symonds wrote

“Thank you too for the copy of ‘Protestants and Catholics: Do they now agree?’ which was infact lent to me by a dear friend (whose father died on 23rd August this year). My friend. a Protestant. thought that book would help me prepare for the encounter with Robert Zins. How right he was! I would have been completely floored by Zins’ line of thought – so utterly different to anything I’ve encountered before in my life – if I hadn’t been prepared for it by Ankerberg’s book.”

I checked the death notices for 23rd August and saw an insertion relating to the death of the father of the now Methodist Minister (formerly a Baptist Pastor) Gary Mason. Mr Mason is a member of the Steering Group of E.C.O.N.I. (Evangelical Contribution On Northern Ireland) – this is the group which was the subject of my little booklet “The ‘Evangelicals’ of E.C.O.N.I.” in which I challenged their use of the title ‘Evangelical’ in the light of the public ecumenical activities of a number of their leading officers and officials. Mr Mason has attended most of the public debates I have organised and by helping the Roman Catholic priest Paul Symonds prepare for his debate with our true brother in the Lord, Rob Zins in his defence of the true biblical gospel as opposed to the false ‘gospel’ of Roman Catholicism, Mr Mason has shown himself to be neither friend nor ally of true Evangelicalism. This is one more example of the debasement of the term Evangelical.

Walk Of 1000 Men Is Ecumenical

Last year many churches in Northern Ireland were asked to support the ‘Walk of 1000 men’ as they criss-crossed the Province. Newspaper reports indicated that both Protestants and Roman Catholics would be welcome to take part but official confirmation of the ecumenical line appeared in a leaflet issued by the parent body ( Through Faith Missions) giving details of various walks planned for Great Britain for 1997. The leaflet stated

“Haslemere Area Mission 18-28 May 1997.

This mission takes place in a densely populated area with some highly motivated churches. THIS IS A FULLY ECUMENICAL MISSION with good unity across the denominations.”


I was given earlier this year a copy of a leaflet which has been widely distributed in which it is alleged that a group called ‘Modern People News’ were planning to make a film about ‘The Sexual Life of Jesus Christ.’ The leaflet stated that our Lord could be portrayed as a ‘homosexual’ and that the role of Mary Magdalene would be played by ‘a notorious French prostitute.’ The leaflet asked people to complete a form giving their name and address and send it to a contact in Belgium. I wrote to the American address given for ‘Modern People News’ the supposed makers of this film and my letter was returned.. to me as not known at the address. In the light of this. I would be very skeptical about the authenticity of the material in the leaflet and would not recommend people – to send their personal details to the address in Belgium. Obviously if such a film were to be put in production I believe it would grab the headlines (as ‘The Last Temptation’ did} and then would be the right time to register a protest directly with the film-makers.

Scott Hann – A ‘Dangerous’ Man

St.Joseph Communications Inc. of California market a wide range of materials (audios/videos) designed to promote the Roman Catholic faith. In their 1995-1996 catalogue they outline their goal with these words from their President – Terry Barber “We want to continue to play our part in the new Catholic renaissance that is sweeping across the living rooms of America.”

St.Joseph Communications Inc. is a major player in promoting Roman Catholicism for their President continues “Because of your support our annual Catholic Family Conference is now the largest privately-organised Catholic gathering of its kind in the world.”

The catalogue runs to 50 pages and on no less than 24 of those pages Scott Hahn or his wife Kimberley are mentioned. On page 4 we read that Scott Hahn who is now 36 is “a former Protestant {Presbyterian Church of America} minister who is widely considered to be one of the most inspirational Catholic apologists in the United States. Now an associate professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Scott Hahn is an enthusiastic, joyful speaker whose audio cassettes have brought literally thousands of former and lukewarm Catholics back into active participation in the Faith…In 1990, still working on his Ph.D. he was invited to teach at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Because of his background – his detailed knowledge of scripture and of Protestant theology – HAHN IS A DEVASTATING APOLOGIST FOR CATHOLICISM.”

I was interested to note that at a Mens Conference held at the Roman Catholic Steubenville University in May/June one of the speakers advertised along with Scott Hahn and other leading Roman Catholics was “Dale Schlafer of Promise Keepers” – further evidence of the ecumenical nature of this movement. On 7th August Margaret and I went to a meeting in the Drummond Hotel in Ballykelly in the north west of the Province to hear Scott and Kimberley Hahn ‘testify.’ There were about 300 people there in a smoke-filled (bar open) room and Scott Hahn spoke first. He spoke for about two hours at the end of which he received a standing ovation from all but 3 people (I didn’t discover who the third person was until later). I was so ‘shell-shocked’ by listening to gross perversion of the word of God that I told Margaret we should leave before Kimberley got up to speak. As we were leaving God opened up an opportunity for me to speak to Scott Hahn and I gave him a copy of my booklet ‘Mary and her Saviour.’ I later received a written report on the whole evening from the third person who did not give Scott Hahn a standing ovation and with his permission I will share that report with you.

“As a former Roman Catholic and trainee priest, now studying for a Doctor of Divinity, I constantly scan as many Roman Catholic publications as I can Looking for information of new developments within the RC Church. Then I :came across it Scott Hahn, professor of Theology B Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio is making his first visit to Ireland for a series of talks…” The article went on to explain that this once vehemently anti-catholic Presbyterian ‘through an intensive study of sacred scripture found his way to the Catholic Church…I went to listen to them at Ballykelly on August 7th 1996…Just behind the pulpit stood a small table were which lay a linen tablecloth. Upon the table stood flowers, a crucifix and a statue of Mary (approx. 2 times the size of the 12 inch crucifix). To some people : may not appear strange but to former Roman Catholics it shows that Mary still shares centre stage with the Saviour and in many instances is promoted to a greater level. There was RC prayer by a priest and Mr Hahn.he began to expound ‘Biblical’ truths on subjects such as child baptism, faith alone, the idea of church tradition, the Mass, the Pope,being born-again, Purgatory, Mary etc. Kimberley spoke of Mary the mother, statues, images, the ‘Queen of Heaven’, repetition in prayer etc. To many of the people there who had probably not even opened a Bible, it sounded clear, concise, decisive and totally factual. There was much clever and nifty use of half-scripture, quoting out of context and general misrepresentation…There was no mention made of adding to or taking away From Scripture. Jesus featured only in passing. Kimberley’s main thrust was Mary. She pointed out that Jesus honoured His mother, thus we should do the same – especial since ‘Jesus saved Mary before Mary was born.’

To really hammer home this point we are expected to believe that Jesus was the only son of Mary. Mary was sinless, Jesus was sinless. This was supposed to show that Mary was perfect and we should have her intercede for us because of her perfection. (Rom 3v23) and (Luke 1v47) were never mentioned. It was pointed out that since John was to take Mary into his house as they both stood at the Cross then ‘we should take Mary into our hearts.’ What a sad day when large numbers of people are fed such nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that. These arguments are the ones that kept me in bondage for years and sadly they are still being peddled.”

I am grateful to my brother in the Lord, Thaddeus Irvine for giving me permission to print and publish his report. As I listened to Scott Hahn justify his move to the Roman Catholic church I was reminded of the words of John in lst John 2 verses 18-19

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that anti-christ shall come, even now are there many anti-christs; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us they would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us”

Scott and Kimberley Hahn are part of a growing band of former ‘Protestants’ who have converted to Romanism and actively promoting it (in fulfillment of scripture).

Visits of Richard Bennett and Rob Zins

Richard Bennett who for 22 years was a Roman Catholic priest until God saved him some 11 years ago was with me from 5th September until 18th September. During that time he spoke in 14 churches, addressed a large youth rally met with 30+ missioners attached to the Belfast City Mission, and gave two teaching seminars on ‘The Gospel and Roman Catholicism.’ All meetings were well attended and a number of Roman Catholic people spoke to Richard (please pray in particular for Cahal, Patricia and Margaret}. Richard also gave a secular radio interview on a widely listened to programme. The interviewer, well known for his antagonism towards the gospel, was his usual self but Richard dealt with his questions/attacks with great grace and wisdom. The following materials are available following the visit.

  • AUDIO From Tradition to Truth (Richard’s testimony) £3·00
  • AUDIO The Gospel and Romanism (Seminar by Richard) £3.00
  • VIDEO The Gospel and Romanism (Seminar by Richard) £6.00

Rob Zins arrived on 24th September and was immediately launched into the first of his scheduled meetings and it was a delight to have Nancy (Rob’s wife) with us for the first week of Rob’s visit. During his time with us until 10th October he spoke in 8 churches, mostly giving an up-date on the increasing pace of ecumenism in America.

In addition he spoke for 5 consecutive nights in one church and he chose as his topic Psalm 51. These were challenging meetings. A weekend to England so that Rob could speak at a ‘School of Apologetics’ in Crich Baptist, Derbyshire was also included in his itinerary. A further public debate with RC priest, Patrick McCafferty on the subject of ‘Mary’ also attracted another large crowd.


  • VIDEO Debate on ‘MARY’ £6.00
  • AUDIO ‘MARY’ debate £3.00
  • AUDIO 5 messages on Psalm 51 [2 tape set) £7.00


(February/March 1997 DV) The itinerary for Frank Eberhardt’s visit has now been finalised. Frank was a former trainee RC priest until God saved him and he now has a ministry based in South Carolina. Apart from Sunday morning services Frank will be testifying so your prayers are coveted.

  • 6/2/97 Comber Baptist 8.00pm
  • 7/2/97 Balle Baptist 8.00pm
  • 8/2/97 Coleraine Independent Methodist 8.00pm
  • 9/12/97 Dunseverick Baptist 11.00am
  • 9./12/97 Magherafelt Independent Methodist 7.00pm
  • 10/2/97 Iron Hall 8.00pm
  • 11/2/97 Newtownards Baptist 8.00pm
  • 12/2/97 Markethill Presbyterian 8.00pm
  • 13/2/97 Lurgan Baptist 8.00pm
  • 14/2/97 Portglenone Presbyterian 8.00pm
  • 15/12/97 The WORD 8.00pm
  • 16/2/97 Dundalk Baptist 11.00am and 7.00pm
  • 17/2/97 Athlone Baptist 8.00pm
  • 18/2/97 Ballyclare Baptist 8.00pm
  • 19/2/97 Portavogie Free Church 8.00pm
  • 20/2/97 Armagh Free Church 8.00pm
  • 21/2/97 Maghaberry Elim Church 8.00pm
  • 22/2/97 The CLEFT Portadowm 8.00pm
  • 23/2/97 Omagh Independent Methodist
  • 3/2/97 Dromore (Tyrone) Mission Hall 8.00pm
  • 25/2/97 Sion Mills Baptist 8.15pm
  • 26/2/97 Crossgar Free Church 8.00pm
  • 27/2/97 Kilkeel Presbyterian 8.00pm
  • 28/2/97 Ballymoney Free Church 8.00pm
  • 1/3/97 Lisburn Independent Methodist 8.00pm
  • 2/3/87 Carr Baptist church 11.30am and 7.00pm

If there is a meeting scheduled near you do please come along and encourage others to come. For those who have the ‘Video Catholicism-Crisis of Faith’ (available from myself-price £10.00) you will be interested to know that Frank appears in it.


Much of the work undertaken by “Take Heed” brings us into direct conflict with the enemies of the gospel so Margaret and I do appreciate the prayers of God’s people as often we are very conscious of the pressures of opposition in spiritual realms. We return our thanks also to those who support in practical ways – your gifts are appreciated and without them “Take Heed” would/could not function.