Whose ‘PURPOSE’ is Rick Warren serving?

ALPHA team up with RICK WARREN for their ‘LONDON LEADERSHIP’ conference

In recent years the ‘Church Growth Movement’ has looked increasingly for guidance to ‘The Message’ and ‘The Methods’ of one man and of one church. That man is RICK WARREN and the church is the church he pastors – SADDLEBACK COMMUNITY CHURCH in Southern California. His ‘Purpose Driven’ books have sold by the millions in Christian bookstores worldwide. Many churches have engaged in ’40 Days of Purpose’ and thousands of Pastors have attended seminars promoting Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven’ vision for Christianity. However, the Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “THERE IS NO NEW THING UNDER THE SUN”. 

Just recently I read a book by former ‘New Ager’, WARREN SMITH, called “DECEIVED ON PURPOSE”. 

On the back cover there is an extract from the author’s introduction that reads – ‘What I thought would be a pretty quick read turned out to be a lengthy process that included the writing of this book. Barely into my reading of ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ I had immediate questions and concerns. And then as I read along one issue would seem to lead to another. It didn’t take long to see that Rick Warren wasn’t the only one who had definite purposes for the Purpose-Driven Church. It became very clear that our spiritual adversary had his purposes too. Because of my New Age background I have written this book “DECEIVED ON PURPOSE” to specifically address some of the New Age implications of these purposes.

The following short review is also posted on the Christian Research website http://www.christianresearchservice.com/

‘Warren Smith has taken on a noble task and he is definitely fighting an uphill battle against overwhelming pressures to go along with the popular crowd. I am glad to see men like him take a Biblical stand against the popular teaching of the day, especially given the fact that we can see the underlying source of this Church Growth Movement’.

— review by Steve Muse —


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Cecil Andrews  – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 3 March 2005