In his book ‘52 Personality Profiles from the Bible’, former Principal of the Scottish Baptist College, R E O White wrote on page 20 in a chapter entitled ‘Barnabas the Good’ – ‘He was honoured with the nickname ‘Son of encouragement’ (or ‘comforting’) – the same word used of the Holy Spirit. No wonder that Bunyan modelled upon Barnabas the character of Mr Greatheart, companion, guide, defender and friend of all the weaker pilgrims on the King’s highway’. From time to time God has moved people to either ‘put pen to paper’ or to ‘email over the airwaves’ to express their gratitude for help given by ‘Take Heed’ or to commend ‘Take Heed’ for the stand taken for God’s truth.

In so doing these fellow-believers are following in what I have dubbed ‘THE BARNABAS TRADITION’. Barnabas as we have read in the brief profile above was one who encouraged those who were engaged in the Lord’s work. These expressions of gratitude to and solidarity with “Take Heed” have been sources of great encouragement to us and as another year draws to an end I hope that by sharing some of these messages with you that you, our readers, will likewise be encouraged and be energised to continue in your prayers for us.


Letter dated 7th October 2002

Dear Mr Andrews

We thank and praise God for this marvellous ministry.

Indeed we have gleaned much from the reports, videos and seminars.

Yours prayerfully…G & C A [Northern Ireland]


Email dated 29th May 2003

I first saw Cecil Andrews in the film  ‘Messages From Heaven’. I enjoyed the film and the things Mr Andrews pointed out. After seeing the film I searched the Internet for ‘Take Heed’ Ministries. It has been such a blessing to me. I just wanted to thank you for this website and mailing list. There is so much deception in the world and not many people who warn Christians about it. I feel it is important to let people know the truth.

God bless you…A [USA]


Email dated 27th August 2003

Dear Cecil

Ever since I saw a tape of your message re Toronto I have taken an interest in your work. As an ex Mormon branch president saved by God and now a Pastor – I also endorse your ministry to my congregation because it is based on the Word. My cult background has made me into a man who always wants to know what the Bible says.

Keep up the good work…J B [England]


Email dated 4th October 2003

Dear Cecil

I just wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate you on your exchange with Donny Osmond’s adviser [in your September newsletter]. As an ex Mormon I believe that you hit the nail on the head perfectly.

Every blessing…J B [England]


Letter received 2nd October 2003

Dear Cecil

Just got your ‘News From The Front’ through the post…We have settled in well here…There is a strong ecumenical tone among a lot of the… churches but I feel better equipped to deal with this through the few years that I have been acquainted with ‘Take Heed’…I was at a big ploughing event last week handing out gospel literature. I came across a Roman Catholic stall that made the boast of wanting Christian unity between the Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. I told the man that this was impossible…because we were a million miles apart Scripturally speaking. When he denied my assertion as being just a matter of interpretation, I remembered your many articles concerning the Roman Catholic Catechism and was able to back up my claim from their own fundamentals…I had a well debated hour with that man and discovered that as the conversation progressed that he believed that God’s mercy would extend to ‘good Muslims’, good Hindus’ and even ‘good atheists’. I tell you all this because I feel that part of my preparation for work in the south was your ministry and I thank God for it.

Be encouraged in the work brother… J [Republic of Ireland]


This letter arrived the very morning I finished writing the Catholic Catechism article that deals with Rome and Muslims in the December newsletter and so I sent an advance copy to J to equip him for further debate.


Email dated 5th May 2002

Greetings Cecil in the name of Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ…I am a convert from the Roman Church to the wonderful knowledge of the finished work of what Jesus has done for me on the cross at Calvary…I enjoy your excellent website and pray that the Lord would continue to encourage you and your family in the work he has laid out for you to do. Thank you once again for your honesty in your witness, it is so refreshing in this day and age to see fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ standing up and being counted no matter what the cost, and it is in that courage that people like myself follow your example.

Your brother in Christ…G [Northern Ireland]


Email dated 2nd September 2002

Mr Andrews

I would just like to offer brief words of encouragement and appreciation to ‘Take Heed’ Ministries. I have been reading through the material published within your website, both in audio and written form. I was personally encouraged by the great Biblical exposition and truth with which God has blessed your ministry…I have become very disheartened with modern day church ecumenism, compromise, change and unbiblical unity…I say this out of sorrow rather than any self-righteous pride…Again I wish to thank you for the resource of your website

In Christ…M [Northern Ireland]


Email dated 4th April 2002

Dear Cecil

Quick note to thank you again for encouragement from your work for Christ and it is much needed while at university…You are often in our personal and family time prayers

Yours warmly in Christ…N F [England]


Email dated 28th May 2003

Dear Cecil

I came across your newsletter quite by accident. Just wanted to say thank you for making the effort to scripturally think through the issues confronting churches today. As an Anglican Evangelical issues of orthodoxy are always of importance.

Blessings to you…Rev B F [USA]


Email dated 26th November 2002

Dear Mr Andrews

Greetings in the Saviour’s Precious Name. I visited your website…I found your comments most helpful in this mixed up and wicked age in which we live…I wish you God’s richest blessings in your courageous stand for Him…Mrs M J [England]


Email dated 4th September 2003

Dear Cecil

The books arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help…I checked out your website and appreciated the first part of the Alpha talk you gave and look forward to listening to the second part. God bless you as you continue in His work. I am thankful for discerning servants like yourself who are not afraid to speak the truth in love. My prayers are with you.

Yours in Christ…M K [Canada]


Email dated 26th February 2002

Hello, I just wanted to take time to thank you for the insightful sermon on the Word-Faith movement. I am studying this subject intensively in both the theological and sociological ramifications it has on human beings.

In His grace…J L [USA]


Email dated 2nd June 2003

Dear Cecil

Thank you for your help. I was surprised when I found in my post box your books and literatures…I’ve given your web address to my friend who is an elder in another church and is interested in your materials. Thank you again and we will have again contacts.

In Jesus…Pastor E M [Albania]


Email dated 9th August 2003

Hello, I am emailing from Tampa, Florida. I enjoyed your website very much. I just got set free from a Third Wave church here…For 6 years I sat under the teachings of Rodney Howard Browne, the laughing preacher, and wasn’t aware that this was not of God…Just wanted to say thanks for the work you are doing…There is much deception out there…Be Blessed D W [USA]