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Todd Bentley: Simply a ‘new strain’ of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’

In the article ‘Todd Bentley and his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida’ that was posted earlier under CURRENT CONCERNS I wrote – ‘this is quite simply a re-run of many of the horrible ‘manifestations’ that were claimed at the time of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and then its successor [also in Florida] the so-called ‘Pensacola Revival’

On a link later in this article you will be able to watch a segment from the ‘Toronto: Antics & Heretics’ talk [still available on DVD] that I gave at that time and my prayer is that it will be truly helpful in showing that what is happening in Lakeland is nothing more than a repeat of the diabolical deceptions that gripped those who travelled to Toronto [and later to Pensacola] to get ‘the blessing’. Some of those involved in the Toronto and subsequent Pensacola debacles have been hyping up the events in Lakeland as a precursor to ‘another wave of Holy Spirit revival’. According to Charisma magazine [22nd April 2008] we learn –

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Todd Bentley & his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida

A helpful book for such a deception as this:

‘True To His Ways’ by Ruth Davis.

In recent weeks I have had a number of inquiries concerning a supposed ‘Healing Revival’ taking place in Lakeland, Florida under the ‘ministry’ of Todd Bentley.

I was first alerted to these happenings when an inquirer sent me a copy of a ‘personal update’ that had been issued by Mr Bentley. This is that ‘update’ –

Ignited Church revival with Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley

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The Vineyard Movement and The ‘Toronto Blessing’

Dear friends of ‘Take Heed’,

In recent months ‘The Vineyard Movement’ has been increasing its influence and representation in various parts of Northern Ireland and a number of folks have expressed concern to me about this.

Back in the mid 1990’s when I was talking publicly about the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ a recording of my talk was made in Randalstown.

In the first 18 minutes of that talk I mentioned the ‘Vineyard’ connection with the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and detailed the doctrinal problems associated with the founder of the Vineyard Movement, the late John Wimber.

If you click on the following Link you will be able to view that portion of my talk and hopefully it will still prove helpful in the light of the worrying increase in Vineyard representation in the Province.

  • Your servant for Christ
  • Cecil Andrews

Should you wish to obtain a DVD of the full talk that I gave on this subject in Randalstown it can be purchased from us at a price of £6.00 that includes p&p.

The DVD to request is – ‘Toronto – The Facts’.

Belfast Beware – Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn are coming here shortly

It was during the second half of 2004 that I felt led of the Lord to invite someone to come to Belfast to speak on the topic of ‘GOD [channel] TV: helpful or Harmful’. Initially a speaker and series of meetings were provisionally planned for the end of January 2005 but the Lord over-ruled in both instances [the speaker and timing] and so now this topic is to be addressed by Alan Morrison in a series of meetings planned for 2nd-19th April [DV].

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Book review ‘Spiritual Powers’ to ‘liberating grace’

  • by Torbjorn Swartling

Shortly after his conversion in the early 1980’s, Swedish student Torbjorn Swartling came under the influence of Word-Faith preacher, Ulf Ekman who had just returned from the United States where he had been studying at Kenneth Hagin’s bible school. This was to lead Torbjorn into what he considered to be ‘the last great Christian revival on earth’ [p18]. However doubts began to surface and for the next years his spiritual life was like a yo-yo – a mixture of ‘highs’ and ‘lows’.

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News From The Front – March 2000

Dear praying friends,

Well, after all the hype surrounding the arrival of a new millennium [a debatable point by the way] things are continuing pretty much as before. There is still “a time to be born and a time to die…a time to love and a time to hate; a time of war and a time of peace” [Ecclesiastes 4:2&8]. Nothing has changed because the heart of the natural, unregenerate man has not changed.

The only hope for a change of heart in man is still as it has been for the past 2000 years namely the true “gospel of Christ” [Romans 1:16]. With every passing day the darkness of error that would seek to snuff out “the light of the glorious gospel of Christ” [2 Corinthians 4:4] seems to intensify and gain even more ground in the professing church that is supposed to be “the pillar and ground of the truth” [1 Timothy 3:15]. Despite the advances and acceptance of the cults, new age, ‘prosperity peddlers’, non-Christian faiths and especially Roman Catholicism together with false ecumenism the Lord’s promise still remains “I will build MY church” [Matthew 16:18]. Margaret and I want to thank you for all your past encouragement and support and covet your prayers as we seek to encourage people to “take heed that no man deceive you” [Matthew 24:4]

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News From The Front – December 1999

Dear praying friends,

In a short time most of the world will be working itself into a frenzy as humanity prepares to bid farewell to the 1900’s. The world today is not overwhelmed by atheists – most people have an attachment to some kind of spiritual philosophy – but in reality they fall into the category of “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof” [2 Tim.3:5]. What is “the power” they deny – it is what is described as “the power of God unto salvation” in Romans 1:16. Most spiritual people today reject “the gospel of Christ”. Not only are these rejecters found amongst the non-Christian religions, false cults and New Age Movement but also amongst supposed Christian groups such as Roman Catholicism, Orthodox and Protestant denominations and the Word- Faith Movement. A grand coalition of many of these “gospel of Christ” rejecters is taking shape under the Primacy of the Pope and would appear to be gathering momentum and going forward in unstoppable fashion but their fate is assured. Through the preaching of the true “gospel of Christ” Christ’s true church will be built and the forces opposed to Him will one day be destroyed with the brightness of His coming. Until then let us “take heed” to our Lord’s instruction “Occupy, till I come” [Luke 19:13] and may our prayer be as we say farewell to this particular era “Even so, come Lord Jesus” [Rev.22:20].

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“Intoxicated”Evangelist [J.John] to Visit Belfast

According to the Belfast Telegraph of 4th December a United Celebration of Christmas being held in Townsend Presbyterian Church on 13th December is to be addressed by a speaker called J JOHN. The July 1997 issue of CHARISMA carried an article on J JOHN and the following are extracts from the article –

‘It’s not everyone whose ministry has been endorsed on the one hand by controversial revivalist preacher Rodney Howard Browne [as the promoter of ‘Holy Laughter’ at the time of ‘Toronto’ he described himself as God’s ‘Holy Ghost Bartender’] and on the other by the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey. Yet that’s the broad spectrum of support enjoyed by J JOHN, arguably one of Great Britain’s foremost evangelists…. Recently he preached to capacity crowds at Sunderland Christian Centre [a product of ‘Toronto’]…. J JOHN, who is Anglican himself was one of only 2 non-Catholic speakers addressing last year’s charismatic Roman Catholic conference.

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Dr Jack Deere [former assistant to John Wimber] to visit Belfast [12-14 November]

An advert in the Belfast Telegraph has announced that Dr Jack Deere will be speaking at seminars in Fisherwick Presbyterian Church from 12-14 November. [The wife of the Fisherwick minister, Mrs McKelvey spoke favourably a few years ago on local radio of her first hand experience of the so-called ‘blessing’ during her visit to the Toronto Vineyard fellowship].

In a little booklet called ‘John Wimber – Friend or Foe?’ [Published by St Matthias Press, London] we learn some interesting insights into Mr Deere’s pedigree. In chapter 3 called ‘The Signs and Wonders Gospel’ we read details of an interview between Mr Deere and a Christian called Graham Banister who paid $150 [Australian] to attend the March 1990 Sydney Spiritual Warfare Conference. Set out below are some extracts from this chapter:-

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