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News From The Front – September 2010

Dear praying friends,

As mentioned in my last 2 newsletters I have been giving serious thought to the future strategy and functioning of ‘Take Heed’ in the light of a number of relevant factors. As promised I am enclosing herewith a further ‘personal letter’ that sets out my settled line of thought on these issues – a line that I trust will still enable me to serve the Lord and His people to the glory of His name.

In particular for those without computers can I draw attention to the short letter that needs to be returned to me requesting inclusion in a new mailing list being drawn up to enable me to send out an annual ‘review’ letter.

Returning to this present newsletter, as you will see, all but the last page has been devoted to an exposure of the ever present challenge posed by The Papacy to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ. As you receive this newsletter, the UK will be on the brink of a visit by the present Pope, Benedict XVI. In the 19th century Bishop J C Ryle wrote ‘We are in imminent peril of re-union with Rome’ – considering the spiritual state of the nation I think the ‘imminent peril’ could be described more as a ‘take-over by’ rather than a ‘re-union with’ Rome. May ‘the candle’ for truth, lit by the martyr Hugh Latimer, shine brightly in these days.

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Florida/Belfast ‘Healing Revival’ debate on Sunday Sequence: 22nd June 2008


In the article already posted to our website titled Todd Bentley and his ‘Healing Revival’ in Florida I made reference to how unfortunately this had impacted locally here in Northern Ireland. I wrote the following in that article –

‘Sadly from a local perspective the events in Lakeland are being given both coverage and credence in the Elim Christian Centre in Alexandra Park Avenue and there are links on their website to enable people to watch what is happening…the Belfast Pastor, Brian Madden…the Pastor tells of visiting a young man in hospital who he claims was clinically dead for 15 minutes [during which time he apparently ‘saw the devil’] but of how he felt led to ‘anoint the sides, head and foot of THE BED with oil’ and to ‘rebuke the spirit of death’.

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