News From The Front – March 2001

Dear praying friends,

I am pleased to report that our new home and ministry office are proving to be a real blessing to us. Although the move has resulted in Margaret having more travelling to do in relation to her work as the practice nurse in Carryduff surgery, thankfully that has not presented any major difficulties so far. The “Take Heed” office is more or less complete and in order and is certainly ideal for the ministry that the Lord has called us to – it is truly ‘exceedingly abundantly above all that we could have asked for or thought of’ [Ephesians 3:20].

We are grateful to our gracious God and to so many of you who have identified with us in this move and we thank each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity at this time. Plans are now well in hand for the meetings both in England and Ireland in the latter half of March involving Rob Zins, Mike Gendron, Stephen Murphy and myself. We covet your prayers and where possible your presence as unitedly we seek to dispel the darkness and error that threatens once more to engulf the professing Christian world. We sign off by sharing with you our home church motto text for 2001 –

“The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek Him” Ezra 8:22.

Your servant for Christ



One of the hallmarks of error is the common claim to extra-biblical revelation and this can be identified in many of the major well-known cults. In this article I want to consider 2 currently popular ‘messengers’ of extra-biblical revelation – one living in the natural realm and the other claiming to be from the supernatural realm.

Neale Donald Walsh – author of ‘Conversations with God’

Shortly before Christmas I was contacted by a retired Pastor who had been asked by someone from the flock he had previously pastored if he knew anything about the writings of Neale Donald Walshe and in particular his book called ‘Conversations with God [CWG]’. I had to admit this was a new name to me but promised to investigate and so with the help of the Internet I was able to locate useful information.

Particularly revealing were 2 items. The first was the transcript of an interview in 1995 between Mr Walshe and an American radio presenter called Steven Freier [SF]. The second was the transcript of an interview between Mr Walshe and a Joel Metzger [JM] of an organisation called Online Noetic Network.

Having been asked by SF how he came to write CWG Mr Walshe told how in anger in the middle of one night he had written a letter to ‘god’ born out of frustration with the current state of his life. His claim is that his own hand was then mysteriously and powerfully moved to write a response to his letter to ‘god’ and this response was actually from ‘god’.

‘Several weeks into the experience I realized, somewhere along the way, that what was coming into my mind and out my pen was stuff that I had never thought of before, constructions if you will — philosophical and theological constructions…I realized, then, that all of my life had been a flow of information to me from the Divine and that God uses every device imaginable to inform us of Truth’.

When asked about his spiritual path in the run-up to these revelations from ‘god’ Mr Walshe revealed a chequered spiritual ‘road-map’

‘My spiritual path was very eclectic. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, moved to the Protestant Church, then became a Presbyterian lay preacher for a bit. I moved out of that completely… Life provided me the opportunity to become acquainted with, and ultimately employed by, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross…later I hooked up with Terry Cole-Whittaker in San Diego and wrote a couple of books with her as her editor. I then began travelling and became fleetingly acquainted with Ram Dass and J. Z. Knight, the channel for Ramtha’.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is described by Dave Hunt in his April 1994 newsletter as a ‘transpersonal psychiatrist/spiritualist’ and a search of the Internet under Terry Cole-Whittaker brought to light this revealing entry ‘The very best prosperity books and affirmation tapes available today at terrific prices with great customer service. Learn to increase wealth in your life and develop an abundance consciousness.’

In the booklet ‘Facts on Spirit Guides’ some of the teachings of the ‘spirit guide’ Ramtha speaking through J Z Knight are quoted from his book ‘Voyage to the New World’. Here are just a couple of samples –

On page 219 Ramtha teaches that the Christian God is an ‘idiotic deity’.

On page 61 Ramtha tells man ‘You are God’ and on page 136 he again says to man ‘God the Father is you’. On page 62 Ramtha declares ‘God has never judged you or anyone’ and on page 252 he states ‘No, there is no hell and there is no devil’.

These self-confessed facts by Mr Walshe on his spiritual pilgrimage show his total lack of spiritual discernment in the light of his claim that

‘all of my life had been a flow of information to me from the Divine

and that God uses every device imaginable to inform us of Truth’.

When asked by SF if he felt he deserved this honour of being a channel of communication from ‘god’ Mr Walshe replied

‘the use of me as an instrument would be a huge message of hope to all those people in the world who feel themselves unworthy… Perhaps I am the modern day sinner whom God has chosen to speak to the rest of the people on earth. You don’t have to be a Mother Teresa to receive and to hear the words of God’

Later in the interview Mr Walshe reveals how these experiences have affected him personally – in answer to the question about how his life had changed since he began talking to ‘god’ in 1992 Mr Walshe stated

‘the book has removed my fear of death and/or what may come after death. I no longer fear retribution or punishment of any kind, but live in the space and knowledge of the sure and certain love of God which knows no condition’

Whilst on earth the Lord Himself mentioned two very necessary ‘conditions’ for someone to avoid ‘retribution or punishment’ after death.

In John 3:5 He declared, “EXCEPT a man be born of water and of the Spirit he CANNOT ENTER into the Kingdom of God”. In Luke 13:5 He affirmed, “EXCEPT ye repent ye SHALL all likewise PERISH”.

Mr Walshe’s departure from and contradiction of God’s truth is evidenced in his answer to a question put to him by SF on Adam and Eve and ‘the fall’. Look closely at this perversion of biblical truth –

‘The heart of Christian doctrine holds that human beings have been born in sin… that we were created therefore, imperfectly… the heart of the Christian doctrine is that God created us from the get go, imperfectly. Then God sent his only begotten son to save us… God sent his son to save us from what God did… all those babies born with sins on their souls have been created by God…Therefore we are struck with the awesome contradiction, if God created imperfectly, why would we not be rendered perfect by the same God in a way which would not require a blood sacrifice or the admission of prior guilt over something we never did. We are faced with the awesome question why would God create us imperfectly, or could we have an imperfect understanding of the whole process of creation? Is it possible that teeny weenie little five minute old babies in fact are perfect? Is it possible that we have been created as spotless beings in the image and likeness of God, without sin and without the stain of someone else’s prior sin that we have supposedly inherited? Is it possible that our understandings are what is imperfect, and the book, in at least three different places, suggests that that is in fact the case. That we are not in need of being saved, from Gods own huge cosmic mistake’

Mr Walshe falsely asserts that in relation to humanity ‘we were created therefore imperfectly’. God’s original creation [including Adam and Eve] was “good” – “And God saw EVERY THING that he had made and behold it was VERY GOOD” Genesis 1:31. In his answer Mr Walshe stated ‘all those babies born with sins on their souls have been created by God’. The reality is that they have been pro-created from sinful parents and so are classed as being “in Adam” – Paul makes this plain in 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 “by man came death…as in Adam all die”.

By blaming God for man’s sinful condition Mr Walshe then questions the need for ‘a blood sacrifice’. The Bible shows clearly that the fall into sin was man’s responsibility [Romans 5:12] and only by blood sacrifice could the problem be remedied. The writer to the Hebrews summed it up in chapter 9:22 “without shedding of blood is no remission”.

Mr Walshe’s conclusion is that ‘our understandings are what is imperfect’ [not the reality of and responsibility for our sin and its consequences] and from the material in his book [‘in at least three different places’] he asserts that ‘we are not in need of being saved from God’s own huge cosmic mistake’. The angel’s message to Joseph refutes this blasphemy – “thou shalt call his name JESUS for he shall save his people from THEIR SINS” Matthew 1:21.

In conclusion let me finish with a quote by Mr Walshe during his interview with Joel Metzger. JM asked Mr Walshe if he was ‘in communication still’ [with ‘god’]. Mr Walshe replied

‘I am in communication in this moment. Who do you suppose has been speaking through me here? These are not the answers to be received at this interview from mortal men. You have not had an interview like this in the past. The answers are coming directly through me even now, as I talk. I don’t talk this way over the dinner table. This is a kind of openness to ultimate reality I allow myself to be open to. When somebody calls me and asks me these kinds of extraordinary questions, the answer is, Yes, not only am I connected to this Source, eternally, but even in this moment’.

Mr Walshe has just claimed to be in communication with and to be speaking for ‘god’ but by his bible-contradicting statements he is clearly a false ‘prophet’ and one to be avoided.

So much for the ‘messenger’ from the natural realm. What about the ‘messenger’ claiming to be from the supernatural realm?

  • Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary

All around the world millions of sincere Roman Catholics are convinced that in particular over the past 150 years God has been speaking through apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Many of the locations are well known such as Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal, Knock in Ireland, Guadalupe in Mexico and Medugorje in Yugoslavia. Countless claims of healings and for changed and spiritually enriched lives are cited as proof that God is doing a marvellous work through Mary.

 A recently released video entitled – ‘MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN’ turns the spotlight of God’s Word on these claims and Evangelical Christians from many parts of the world give their biblical assessment and analysis of this ‘Marian fever’ that is gripping increasing numbers with each passing day. Contributors include the following

  • Dave Hunt – Author of ‘A Woman Rides The Beast’
  • Cecil Andrews – Director “Take Heed” Ministries
  • ‘Chuck’ Smith – President of ‘The Word For Today’
  • Roger Oakland – President of ‘Understand The Times’

Following a public showing of the video in January many favourable comments were received, particularly from converted ex Roman Catholics who attended the meeting. Copies of the video may be obtained from us.

Price £13.00 [includes p&p].


Just 12 months ago I wrote an article critical of what the Queen had said in her 1999 Christmas Day message. I pointed out that she had mistakenly identified ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ as being ‘the message at the heart of Christianity and all the great religions’. The reality is that the message uniquely at the heart of Christianity ALONE is that of the ONLY Saviour of men namely “Jesus Christ and him crucified” [1 Corinthians 2:2].

As I reflect on what the Queen had to say in her Christmas Day 2000 message I am again deeply disturbed by the misguided thinking and teaching of Her Majesty the Queen. To quote the name of a popular game show broadcast on television the Queen is theologically and spiritually speaking ‘All Mixed Up’.

Her message served the causes of ‘inter-faithism’ and ‘false ecumenism’ well and was certainly no comfort to the cause of Biblical Christianity despite being liberally laced with scripture quotations and references to Jesus Christ.

In the heading to this article I mentioned that Her Majesty was ‘misguided’ in what she said. Let me cite several crucial examples that strike at the heart of Biblical Christianity.

1. The true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ recognises only two sources of divine truth – the Incarnate Word [Jesus Christ – John 1:1&14] and the Inspired Word [The Bible – John 17:17 & 2 Timothy 3:16]. To recognise as ‘inspired’ truth, writings other than the Bible, is to oppose the teaching of God’s inspired truth itself – “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee and thou be found a liar” [Proverbs 30:5-6]. In her misguided zeal for religious inter-faith practice and tolerance the Queen said ‘the Bible, the Koran and the sacred texts of the Jews and Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs are ALL sources of DIVINE INSPIRATION and practical guidance passed down through the generations’.

2. In conversation with George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen’s visit to the Vatican this year [according to Mr Carey the Queen’s presence there would have been ‘a huge encouragement to all the churches’] and also the Pope’s ‘epoch making’ [according to Mr Carey] 1982 visit to Canterbury were fondly remembered and referred to.

3. Misguidedly during her address to the Pope on 17 October the Queen addressed him as ‘Your Holiness’ and spoke of what the Pope chose to identify as ‘this year of the Great Jubilee’. It is interesting to reflect on what has befallen in particular England in the realm of catastrophic floods since the Queen visited ‘His Holiness’ and of course the Middle East has known nothing but renewed violence and bloodshed since ‘His Holiness’ bestowed his blessing during a visit early last year.

Let me quote the perceptive writings of C H Spurgeon in his evening devotion for May 29 –

This evening’s verse: “Cursed be the man before the Lord, that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho.” Joshua 6:26

Since he was cursed who rebuilt Jericho, much more the man who labours to restore Popery among us. In our fathers’ days the gigantic walls of Popery fell by the power of their faith, the perseverance of their efforts, and the blast of their gospel trumpets; and now there are some who would rebuild that accursed system upon its old foundation. O Lord, be pleased to thwart their unrighteous endeavours, and pull down every stone which they build. It should be a serious business with us to be thoroughly purged of every error which may have a tendency to foster the spirit of Popery, and when we have made a clean sweep at home we should seek in every way to oppose its all too rapid spread abroad in the church and in the world. This last can be done in secret by fervent prayer, and in public by decided testimony. We must warn with judicious boldness those who are inclined towards the errors of Rome; we must instruct the young in gospel truth, and tell them of the black doings of Popery in the olden times. We must aid in spreading the light more thoroughly through the land, for priests, like owls, hate daylight. Are we doing all we can for Jesus and the gospel? If not, our negligence plays into the hands of the priestcraft. What are we doing to spread the Bible, which is the Pope’s bane and poison? Are we casting abroad good, sound gospel writings? Luther once said, “The devil hates goose quills” and, doubtless, he has good reason, for ready writers, by the Holy Spirit’s blessing, have done his kingdom much damage. If the thousands who will read this short word this night will do all they can to hinder the rebuilding of this accursed Jericho, the Lord’s glory shall speed among the sons of men. Reader, what can you do? What will you do?

This article is an edited version of one that was posted to our ministry web site the day after the Queen spoke. A few days later I was contacted [as I had been the year before] by Radio Ulster and once more was interviewed on the topic by local ‘devil’s advocate’, David Dunseath who, as listeners in this part of the world know, is no friend of Evangelical Christianity. Nevertheless I had the opportunity to witness for the truth of the narrow way to heaven through Christ alone and was much encouraged by those Christians who contacted me after the interview to commend me for my stand.

After the interview had ended Mr Dunseath availed himself of the opportunity to pass, unchallenged, his opinion on the whole affair and needless to say he was not favorably disposed to my viewpoint and ended up by basically saying that if I was typical of who would be in heaven then would you really want to be there. Shortly after my encounter with Mr Dunseath, I read this in a sermon by Duncan Campbell published in ‘God’s Answer – Revival Sermons’

‘One of the facts we have to face in the life of the Spirit is this; that public sentiment is against God, and if we are to follow the Saviour and walk in His footsteps, we must set our face against public sentiment. It is an established fact that the moment a soul is born again this cleavage is in evidence. This, of course, will mean that we will be called upon to take our stand against the opinions of men and the conventions of our day. Think of the words spoken by Socrates: “Men of Athens, I hold you in highest reverence and love; but I am going to obey God rather than you”. It takes courage to say that in this modern world, but there is a power that makes it possible’.

May our God continue to grant us all both power and opportunity to take our stand against public sentiment even if expressed at the highest level.


In December a Christian friend on my mailing list contacted me and informed me that he had a few days earlier been contacted by a group called


This group tried to interest my Christian friend in videos that were available from their organization. Not only were they keen to interest my friend in their products but they were hoping that he could supply them with up to 15 telephone numbers of his friends who might also be interested in their video products. They were reluctant to answer questions put to them by my friend but he was able to establish that their organization, although based in Manchester, had links to Salt Lake City and many employees would be Mormons although formal Mormon backing of the organization was never admitted to.

I followed this up by phoning the number in Manchester and requesting a catalogue of the videos available. On the catalogue it is stated

‘Feature Films For Families (UK) Ltd is a privately held entertainment production and distribution company and is not affiliated with nor owned in any part by any religious or other non-profit organization’.

Having received this I was then able to compare the titles listed in their catalogue with Internet information on videos described as

 ‘LDS-created Films Made For National Straight-To-Video Market’.

 The abbreviation LDS stands of course for ‘Latter Day Saints’ [ie Mormon].

I noted four titles in the catalogue that were listed as being of LDS origin.

The 4 video films in the catalogue that were Mormon productions were

Wildest Dreams: Behind the Waterfall: Seasons of the Heart: On Our Own.

This article is included for information purposes for those who may come in contact with this organization.


I have to confess that one of my ‘weaknesses’ is listening to the Terry Wogan breakfast show on BBC Radio 2. ‘For my sins’ I appreciate much of his often innocent/inane sense of humour. Around 9.15am each morning there is them “PAUSE FOR THOUGHT” slot and the contributors come from a wide range of religious perspectives and viewpoints. On occasions there is a ‘Christian’ speaker and such was the case on Thursday 18 January 2001. I was so concerned by what I heard that I obtained a transcript from the BBC of what was said on air.

The speaker was the ‘Rev’ Rose Hudson-Wilkin of Holy Trinity, Dalston [apparently in London]. During the course of her ‘thought she stated

‘When you don’t feel good about yourself, it is hard to feel good about anything or anyone else…The only way to get out of this vicious cycle is to begin to believe in ourselves. Nelson Mandela captured it well when he said, “You are a child of God…We are all meant to shine as children do. We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us it’s in everyone”…Don’t wait therefore for someone to tell you how wonderful you are. Just simply believe it, know it! Look deep within yourself. As we get to know and affirm ourselves for who we are, we become aware of the divinity that we share. What better place to find God than within ourselves’.

This is certainly not the testimony of God’s truth as found in the Holy Scriptures. There we find that God only indwells those converted to Christ as the words of the Lord in John 14:23 clearly show

“If a man love me, he will keep my words and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him”.

The Apostle Paul knew what he would find if he looked within himself

“Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. For I know that in me [that is, in my flesh] dwelleth no good thing’ Romans 7:17-18.

“For we [Christians] are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh”. Philippians 3:3

The New Age Movement would seek to convince people of their innate ‘divinity’ and the ‘Rev’ Rose has [perhaps unwittingly] promoted their views.

“The Lord shall be thy confidence” – Proverbs 3:26


I’m sure it will come as no surprise for you to learn that not everyone accepts the views that I express. Following the inclusion in my last newsletter of my ‘Alpha Assessment’ article and my comments on Sir Cliff Richard I received via my Webmaster an e-mail critical of what I had written. The e-mail came to me from one person but included the views of several of her friends to whom she had forwarded my articles. I am setting out below a copy of most of what I wrote in response as it may be helpful to others in similar situations.

Dear RHC,

Your views and those of several of your friends on my ‘ALPHA’ article have been passed on to me by my Webmaster.

Let me begin by saying that I welcome every faithful effort to evangelise the lost but evangelisation that does not present all the facts concerning man’s lost condition and what God was doing in and through Christ by His substitutionary sinless life and His substitutionary suffering death is not faithful evangelisation.

Paul declared as he was taking his leave of the church at Ephesus where he had preached the gospel “I am pure [innocent] from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you ALL the counsel of God” Acts 20:26-27.

He then went on to warn what would happen after his departure namely that men would rise up teaching “perverse [wayward] things” and these men would “draw away disciples after them”. I believe that what happened in Ephesus is happening again all around the world today as men rise up and teach perverse things and draw disciples after them. Just as Paul sounded out the warning “watch and remember” so we at “Take Heed” are sounding out a similar warning.

Rather than take up individual arguments stated let me just make these few points

1. Any Bible Course that has the full endorsement of the Roman Catholic religion is clearly biblically deficient and is not declaring “all the counsel of God”.

2. Any promotional aids for a Bible Course that promote the Roman Catholic religion as many issues of ALPHA NEWS do [in particular July-October 1999 where ‘Father’ Raniero Cantalamessa and his heretical videos ‘Drinking from the wells of the {Roman Catholic} church’ get front page coverage] are contradicting the command of scripture to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness” Ephesians 5:11.

3. Any promotional aids for a Bible Course that validate occultic experiences as being from God [as in the ‘testimony’ of Diane Louise Jordan – ALPHA NEWS March-July 2000 {her experiences at Lourdes and in Argentina}] are again promoting “fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness”.

4. The promoters of any Bible Course that is well-received and popular in ‘the world’ and is so admired that it is going to be featured over many weeks on television seem oblivious to what the Lord said in Luke 6:26 “Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets”.

5. Failure to present people with the reality and consequences of sin means they do not truly understand the great and gracious mercy and love of God in Christ and Him crucified. It’s interesting that Glen Hoddle who was touted for a number of years as being a Christian [I actually challenged that claim by quoting what Mr Hoddle himself said namely that he wasn’t a born again Christian] was according to a report in the Sun newspaper of 16 October 1997 helped by Cliff Richard to ‘find God’. Perhaps if Cliff had dwelt on the subject of sin and condemnation a little bit Glen Hoddle would not have ended up believing in reincarnation based on the law of ‘karma’.

6. Any course that serves to increase the influence and reputation of false teachers like Sandy Millar and Nicky Gumble [endorsers and promoters of the occultic so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ and the false cultic system of Roman Catholicism and who quote favourably the ‘spiritual’ views of non-Christians like the late Malcolm Muggeridge and ‘Mother’ Teresa] is serving the cause of “another gospel which is not another” Galatians 1:6-7.

I don’t doubt for one minute that in spite of the problems with ALPHA God may in His sovereign plan and purpose truly save some souls who attend these courses [and for that we rejoice at what God graciously does] but that does not sanction God’s people to “do evil that good may come” [Romans 3:8].

Unlike one writer who wished for Take Heed’s ‘demise’ I wish you well as you seek humbly and faithfully to walk before God.

  • Cecil Andrews “Take Heed” Ministries

In recent months on UK television there has been much time devoted to the events of the Second World War. In January there was the first ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ and in that same month a repeat showing of the acclaimed ‘The World At war’ series began. It has been enlightening to consider the ideology of The Nazis, to consider their methods and to contemplate the responses of those confronted by them.

As regards their ideology it was really quite simple. They had a leader and his ‘assistants’ who sought to convince their people that their race was the expression of perfection amongst all of humanity – that they were ‘The Master Race’. Everyone else was defective – particularly those viewed historically as ‘God’s chosen people’.

As regards methodology they engendered great pride amongst their followers with huge displays of ‘pomp and circumstance’. Ritualistic rallies to emphasise size and strength were used to convince the masses of their superiority. The Fuhrer was held in god-like awe and reverence and along with the millions of ‘ordinary’ troops who swore allegiance to him there was an elite band [The SS] totally dedicated to the leader’s cause.

On the foreign front concordats and agreements were entered into that served to legitimatise their hold on power. To allay the fears of those who felt threatened, worthless treaties or assurances of peaceful intent were signed

[Russia and England serve as 2 good examples].

Many nations were lulled into such a state of ‘sleep’ that they did not appreciate the true nature and intent of The Nazis until it was too late and when they eventually woke up it was to discover their freedom gone. Churchill was very much ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’ – he saw what was coming and blew the trumpet of warning but no one heeded him. I fear that in the spiritual realm, a gospel destroying ‘Reich’ is being built up, and despite warnings being sounded by faithful watchmen, few are “taking heed”.

The Roman Catholic Church has a publicly expressed ideology where Christianity is concerned. I repeat again what it stated last year in the document ‘Dominus Iesus’ – ‘there exists a single Church of Christ which subsists in the Catholic Church governed by the Successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him’. Rome has its ‘Fuhrer’ – the Pope and in turn he has his ‘assistants’ – the Cardinals and under him he also has his ‘ordinary troops’ – his army of ordained priests. In addition he has his ‘elite guard’ – The Jesuits – whose founder’s thinking influenced heavily the ethos of Hitler’s SS. As regards the rest of us professing ‘Christians’, in Rome’s stated view we ‘suffer from defects’ when compared to them, the ‘master expression’ of Christianity.

Rome’s methodology is like the Nazis, to engender feelings of pride amongst their followers – the ‘One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic’ Church that has survived unbroken for 2000 years. Headed by a ‘Holy Father’ who it is claimed is Head of the Church and Vicar of Christ, it is no wonder that the Pope has often been referred to and has also referred to himself in god-like terms.

Massed rallies were held last year in Rome to mark the ‘Year of Jubilee’ and around the world millions flock to see the Pope wherever he touches down to celebrate

‘The Sacrifice of The Mass’.

Politics feature much in the Roman Regime – let me quote from its own News Agency

‘This tiny state came into being in 1929, as a result of the Lateran Pacts. In 1998 its population numbered 860 inhabitants. The Pope is the absolute sovereign and highest executive, legislative and judicial authority. The cardinal secretary of state represents the Pope in the state’s civil government and international relations. He is an observer in the most important international organizations, including the United Nations, and maintains diplomatic relations with 175 countries’. ZE01012608 [27 January 2001]

In recent years ‘agreements’ with so-called Evangelicals have created the impression that a basis for Christian Unity is still being sought but the reality as far as Rome is concerned is that unity will only occur when all non Roman Catholic professing Christians accept the claimed Roman position. Like Churchill of old, Christian watchmen are sounding the trumpet of warning. Like Paul we cry out to God’s people; “Watch and remember” Acts 20:31.

In a bygone age C H Spurgeon said

‘Of all the dreams that ever deluded men, and probably of all blasphemies that ever were uttered, there has never been one which is more absurd and which is more fruitful in all manner of mischief than the idea that the Bishop of Rome can be head of the church of Jesus Christ…Christ did not redeem His church with His blood that the pope might come in and steal away the glory…that a poor sinner, a mere man, should be set up on high to be admired by all the nations, and to call himself God’s representative on earth. Christ has always been the Head of the Church’

Today Rome is leading millions to the fires of hell just as surely as The Nazis led their victims to the crematorium fires of Auschwitz etc. The only salvation for those held spellbound and hell-bound by the false system of Rome is through the proclamation of the glorious liberating gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Head of His Church. Please pray very especially for our upcoming conferences

  • 17 March – 10.00am to 5.00pm – Calvary FG Baptist – Feltham, M’sex – 0208-8904194
  • 20 March – 7.00pm to 9.00pm – Crich Baptist – Derbyshire – 01773-853180
  • 21 March – 7.00pm to 9.00pm – Crich Baptist – Derbyshire – 01773-853180
  • 24 March – 10.00am to 5.00pm – Geneva Road Baptist – Darlington – 01325-480765
  • 31 March – 10.00am to 5.00pm – 10.00am Lisburn Cong Church [NI] – 028 9756 5511

At Crich, there will be 2 talks each evening and for the other conferences the running schedule will be as follows

  • 10.15am to 11.15am – Subject – “THE PAPACY”

In the light of the Catholic Catechism paragraph 882 which states ‘the Roman Pontiff,by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as Pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered’.

Speaker – Cecil Andrews [“Take Heed” Ministries – Ballynahinch]

  •  11.30am to 12.45pm – Subject – “MARY”

In the light of the Catholic Catechism paragraph 969 which states ‘the Blessed Virgin is invoked in the Church under the titles of Advocate, Helper, Benefactress and Mediatrix’.

Speaker [former Roman Catholic] Stephen Murphy [Pastor – Dundalk Baptist Church]

  • 2.00pm to 3.15pm – Subject – “Baptism & Justification”

In the light of the Catholic Catechism paragraphs 1992-3 which state

‘Justification is conferred in Baptism, the sacrament of faith. It conforms us to the righteousness of God who makes us inwardly just by the power of his mercy’ ‘Justification establishes co-operation between God’s grace and man’s freedom’.

Speaker [former Roman Catholic] Rob Zins [A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism – Vermont USA & Author of ‘Romanism’ & ‘Edge of Apostasy’]

  • 3.30pm-4.45pm Subject – “Purgatory and The Mass”

In the light of the Catholic Catechism paragraph 1371 which states

‘The Eucharistic sacrifice is also offered for the faithfully departed who “have died in Christ but are not yet wholly purified” so that they may be able to enter into the light and peace of Christ’.

Speaker [former Roman Catholic] Mike Gendron [Proclaiming The Gospel – Dallas USA – Author of ‘Preparing Catholics For Eternity’]

An offering will be lifted and there will be a bookstall