Alpha Endorsers


  • Rowan Williams – Archbishop of Canterbury

‘What Alpha has to offer is a unique mixture of Christian content and Christian style. I recommend it to all the Christian family as a very special tool of evangelism’

  • Richard Chartres – Bishop of London

‘Real education…Christian companionship…a living experience of the mystery of God. I am so grateful for Alpha courses’

  • Alister McGrath – President Oxford Centre

‘The Alpha Course has now become one of the most reliable and important means of drawing people into the church. It has enormous potential’

  • Nigel McCulloch – Bishop of Wakefield

‘Alpha has proved itself to be an effective way of exploring faith and deepening commitment to Jesus as Lord. I commend it warmly’

  • David Coffey – Baptist World Alliance

‘The Alpha course has been of enormous value to churches in strengthening fellowship and increasing effective evangelism in the local community’

  • Desmond Tutu – Ex Archbishop of Cape Town

‘Alpha opens the door… for the sharing, caring, praying community which is exemplary of the church in action’

  • Rick Warren – Saddleback Church Pastor

‘It’s great to see how Alpha has been used to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, who wouldn’t normally come to church. Alpha is one of the most effective evangelism tools for the 21st century … and is very complementary to helping seekers connect with The Purpose Driven Life’

  • Bill Hybels – Willow Creek Senior Pastor

‘Alpha is one of the best known evangelistic programs in the world. I don’t think anybody rejoices more in its effectiveness than I do’

  • David [Paul] Yonggi Cho – S Korea

‘The Alpha course is an excellent program for all churches everywhere’

  • Charles Colson – Prison Fellowship

‘I know of many people whose lives have been transformed through the Alpha Course. I rejoice at how God is using it so powerfully to renew many churches both inside and outside prison walls’

  • J John – Evangelist

‘Alpha – not just the first letter of the Greek alphabet, but first choice for an illuminating perspective on Christianity. An ideal follow up course for missions’

  • Steve Chalke – Oasis Trust

‘Alpha is the most effective and transferable introductory course to the Christian faith that I know’

  • Loren Cunningham – Youth With A Mission

‘Alpha is a soul winning, discipling, multiplying, spiritually dynamic ministry that has already touched the lives of thousands. I believe this vision will continue to expand and truly become an international blessing’

  • Joel Edwards – Evangelical Alliance

‘The great command to make disciples of all people is still relevant today. Alpha provides us with a contemporary response to “cringe-free’ evangelism which deserves the increasing profile it is currently receiving’

  • Mike Pilavachi – Founder of Soul Survivor

‘Alpha is such a simple concept it’s like “Gosh why didn’t we think of this before?” But that’s the genius of it, it’s simple enough that anyone can do it. It’s about releasing the whole church to recognise that they can do evangelism just by inviting their friends’

Roman Catholic

  • Cardinal Walter Kasper – Pontifical Council for Christian Unity – Rome

‘Alpha courses… are opportunities to strengthen ecumenical togetherness among Christians, and a joint proclamation of faith in Christ in today’s world’

  • Archbishop Buti Tilhagale – Johannesburg SA

‘The Alpha course has shown across the world… that it can be a most effective tool for evangelisation. It is with much enthusiasm that we in the Catholic Church embrace and support the Alpha initiative and we encourage all Christians to work together in spreading the good news through this medium to the glory of God our Father’

  • Cardinal Philippe Barbarin – Lyon France

‘What Alpha gives and communicates renews the life of the church and opens up the path of faith to people who before were not open to it’

  • Cardinal Sean O’Malley – Boston USA

‘Many of our Catholic parishioners have benefited from the Alpha program… I am grateful for the efforts of those who seek to assist with this important work’

  • Archbishop Sean Brady – Ireland

‘Alpha has developed a reputation as an inspirational programme of Christian education and formation, producing excellent results and having a long-lasting and positive effect for those who participate and beyond. I pray that this force for good in our world, so necessary to counteract all that is contrary to the Gospel, may continue to grow and develop’

  • Archbishop John Dew – Wellington NZ

‘A new source of grace has appeared in our midst – Alpha strives to make the great message of Christianity accessible to all levels in our contemporary society’

  • Archbishop Jimeno – Huancayo Peru

‘I consider that the Alpha course is one of the key and accessible tools [for evangelisation] of our times. It meets the need of all humanity to find the meaning and purpose of life in the person of Jesus Christ … and leads to being part of a community of believers who together discover, live, grow and share the good news of the Gospel’

  • Cardinal Thomas Williams – Wellington NZ

‘News of Alpha has been spreading fast and many churches are becoming eager to learn more of its content and method, and what it might do in energising the life and mission of our parishes. I already know Alpha to be a remarkably effective course’

  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien – Scotland

‘An Alpha course is one of the great ways at the present time in which people can gather together to learn from one another, to share with one another, and to deepen in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ himself’

  • Bishop John Boissonneau – Toronto

‘Alpha is an effective and proven means to invite men and women to know and understand in a personal way who Jesus is’

  • Archbishop B J Hickey – Sydney Australia

‘Reports I hear about Catholic Alpha are always enthusiastically positive. Catholics find that their faith really comes alive and that they want to share it with others, especially with those who have drifted away from the faith. I am happy to encourage Catholic Alpha as a modem and effective form of evangelization’

  • Bishop Thomas Mc Mahon – Brentwood UK

‘From all I have seen of Alpha, it is the most marvellous tool for evangelisation… and Alpha serves to bring faith alive and to me that is the most important thing in the world’

  • Bishop Ambrose Griffiths – Hexham & Newcastle UK

‘This is the first time ever that the very same course is being used by every Christian church in pretty well every country in the world. That is an incredible achievement. It’s very hard to think that it is anything other than a work of the Spirit in which we should rejoice’

  • ‘Father’ Raniero Cantalamessa
  • Pontifical Preacher to The Pope

‘In my opinion Alpha accomplishes an incredible task, in making people interested in faith and in making faith relevant to the modern man. I especially appreciate the ecumenical spirit of the Alpha course: There is no pressure on anybody to join a different denomination, but just to join Jesus and to put Jesus at the centre’

  • Richard J Foster – QUAKER
  • Author ‘ Celebration of Discipline’

‘Alpha is one of the best ways I know to introduce your neighbours and friends to the life-giving message of Jesus for all peoples. I recommend it highly’


If discerning Christians need written evidence as to why they should steer well clear of Alpha Courses then this selection of ‘endorsements’ that are posted on the Alpha website should provide all the evidence they require. Be assured that no faithful Biblical Christian course, whether for the ‘evangelism of the lost’ or the ‘equipping of the saints’ would ever attract the plaudits of those listed above [with their comments].

 Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 13th October 2007