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The real truth concerning Cecil UKIP and Revelation TV

In recent times a document has been posted online that has sought to discredit myself personally and ‘Take Heed’ as a ministry. It has been penned by a group that claims to be Christian and to have a love for “truth” and in it they have sought to use their understanding of God’s “truth” to undermine my own Christian testimony and witness. In this article I shall address two issues mentioned in their document, namely, what they had to say about my connection to UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) and my appearance earlier this year on Revelation TV.

Turning first to UKIP this is what they wrote in their document –

In a communication posted on his website back in June 2006 Mr. Andrews made the following comment to a Mr. Wilkes, I quote “Mr Wilkes has sought to somehow align me or identify me with a fraternal and a political dimension, both of which I have studiously avoided being involved with as I believe the ministry of ‘Take Heed’ is best served by TOTAL SEPARATION from any such involvement”. Mr Andrews has obviously had a miraculous change of mind and it is unbelievable that Mr Andrews is associated with a worldly political party, UKIP to be exact.

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WIKIPEDIA ‘Encyclopedia’ on Cecil & Creationism

Braehill Baptist meetings available to watch

I was recently informed by a Christian friend that there was an entry concerning myself on the ‘WIKIPEDIA Encyclopedia’ website. This particular website was in the news just last week in an article in the Daily Mail of 11 April 2007 under the heading ‘Minister tells pupils to use the website that makes up facts’. This is part of what that article said –

‘Teachers criticised the Education Secretary yesterday after he encouraged pupils to use a controversial Internet encyclopedia to research school work. Alan Johnston hailed WIKIPEDIA as a more appealing version of the revered Encyclopedia Britannica. Yet the unregulated site has been dogged by rows over inaccurate entries because anyone can enter or alter the information themselves’…Founded in 2001 in America, WIKIPEDIA has more than 1.6 million articles in English alone. Anyone can edit entries although WIKIPEDIA insists the sheer numbers of users ensures errors are swiftly corrected’.

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Whose ‘Evolutionary Feathers’ have been Ruffled?

It was recently drawn to my attention by a Christian friend that I was ‘listed’ on the ‘WHO IS WHO’ page of a website dedicated to promoting Darwinian Evolution and to refuting Biblical creation. I went to the website in question and downloaded the following about the organisation.

  • About the British Centre for Science Education
  • What is the BCSE?

The British Centre for Science Education is a single issue pressure group dedicated solely to keeping creationism and intelligent design out of the science classroom in publicly-funded schools in the United Kingdom.

  • Who is behind the BCSE?

BCSE is a co-operative, with a formal constitution, of like-minded people. It is run by a committee elected by its members

The seven committee members at present are:

  • Michael Brass, Interim Chairman,
  • Roger Stanyard, Interim Spokesman
  • Ian Lowe, Interim IT Manager
  • Alan Bellis, General Advisor
  • Brian Jordan, Scientific Advisor
  • Timothy Chase, General Advisor
  • John Germain, Interim Membership Secretary

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Tribute to Bart Brewer

Tribute to Bart Brewer

Tribute to Bart Brewer

In 1990 at a conference in London the Lord providentially brought me into contact with Bart Brewer and his wife Ruth and we immediately ‘hit it off’ and became good friends. Bart had for a number of years been a Roman Catholic Carmelite priest and then the Lord graciously saved him and eventually led him to establish ‘Mission to Catholics’ based in San Diego. The story of Bart’s time as a Roman Catholic priest and his subsequent conversion are told in his book ‘Pilgrimage from Rome’.

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‘Toronto Blessing’ Pastor & Wife to visit Belfast

According to an advert in the Belfast Telegraph [April 20] a series of meetings are to be held in Belfast from Saturday 4 May until Monday 6 May. These meetings are being organised by the ecumenical, extreme charismatic, Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast which is pastored by Paul Reid.

The guest speakers at these meetings will be John and Carol Arnott who head up the ‘Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship’. It was here that the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ was spawned in 1994 and Mr Arnott oversaw all that happened there. Subsequently he was at the centre of the claimed ‘gold tooth-filling’ miracles which were exposed on National television in July 1999.

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