The Vatican-Obama Alliance by Shaun Willcock

U.S. President Barack Obama is not a Roman Catholic. He is a Marxist, he attends a radical “church”, and he has strong connections with Islam. But he is not a Romanist. He is rabidly pro-abortion, which Rome, at least officially, is not, and he espouses certain other ideologies and causes which Rome, at least officially, does not. Nevertheless, Obama is extremely close to the Roman Catholic institution, has been closely connected to and supported by certain radical Roman Catholic or Roman Catholic-supported organisations, and is in fact advancing Rome’s agenda for the United States.

Many Americans would be amazed and shocked at the close alliance between the U.S. Roman Catholic institution and various U.S. Marxist networks. This is because it has not been so noticeable in the past. In other parts of the world, particularly in Latin America and Africa, such Papist/Marxist collaboration has been open and visible for decades. In South Africa, for example, the Roman Catholic “Church” played an immense part in supporting the Marxist terrorist organisations, such as the ANC of Nelson Mandela, in their revolution against the South African government. Indeed, as I pointed out in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, “the revolution [in SA] would never have succeeded were it not for the enthusiastic, active and sustained support of… religious institutions, which, in the name of Christ, blasphemously threw their weight behind the Communist revolutionaries”. It was a “revolution directed as much by those paying allegiance to the Vatican, and to Geneva, as to Moscow.”[i]

Now, however, it is America’s turn. Marxist revolutions in South America and Africa always seemed remote to Americans. They knew that the international Communist movement was picking off countries in these continents one by one, but they never thought America would ever be under threat. And when Communism supposedly “collapsed” (a gigantic, well-planned smokescreen to fool the west), they felt even more secure. But all the time, Marxist moles were at work in all layers of American society – and were being heavily supported by the “Church” of Rome. For Rome has for decades now seen the advantages of using the muscle of Marxism to achieve its own goals.[ii] And then one day Americans awoke to find they had a Marxist, pro-Muslim president who had been guided by Jesuits and other radical Papists in his early years. But by then it was too late.

The one-world elite behind the scenes believe the time is now right to steer the United States of America into the New World Order; a Marxist world order. And the Vatican has been fully supportive of this plan.

Despite his pro-abortion stance, his pro-sodomite stance, etc., the plain truth of the matter is that Barack Obama received the votes of the majority of American Roman Catholics! 56% of Roman Catholics voted for him.[iii] How could this be? Simple: the Roman Catholic hierarchy urged American Papists to vote for Obama. Why, you ask? Again, simple: Rome saw what it could achieve through Obama, a man it had been supporting with funds and training for years in fact, and thus, as is Rome’s way, it turned a blind eye to his stance on abortion and other matters. When it comes to international affairs, Obama and the Vatican are in agreement – and this is the bigger picture which interests the Vatican, not whether or not Obama supports abortion. In addition, the bishops support Obama’s Socialist health care reform legislation, and his other Socialist policies: favouring world government, opposing capital punishment, favouring illegal immigration, promoting the “global warming” myth, scaling back and eventually stopping America’s war against Islamic terrorism, denying Americans’ right to bear arms, etc. “Bluntly put, Barack Obama was the pope’s man in this last election. Even if the Vatican truly does care about the unborn, the Vatican cares far more for the advance of Roman Catholic social policies which create social conditions most conducive to the expansion of papal power.”[iv]

This is why, for example, an organisation called “Roman Catholics for Obama” stated on its website before the election that Obama was “the candidate whose views are most compatible with the Catholic outlook” – despite his pro-abortion stance.[v] And this is why, in its official document entitled Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: a Call to Political Responsibility, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, without actually naming Obama, urged their people to vote for him, by spelling out Roman Catholic social doctrine in such a way that no one who read it could be in any doubt that Obama was the man who, in their view, encapsulated most of what they were looking for in a politician. As the document states at one point: “There may be times when a Catholic who rejects a candidate’s unacceptable position [i.e. Obama’s position on abortion] may decide to vote for that candidate for other morally grave reasons”. Exactly what those “other reasons” are, is outlined in no uncertain terms in the document: a national health care system; “rights” for illegal immigrants; the fight against “global warming”; radical environmentalism; the fight against “global poverty” through “development aid” to poor countries; a world political authority; etc.

And 56% of Papists then played a huge part in getting Obama into the White House.

To look at just one of these policies: Obama supports giving permanent residency and citizenship to illegal immigrants in the U.S., a move enthusiastically supported by America’s Roman Catholic bishops because, given the fact that the vast majority of illegals in America today are Roman Catholics from Central and South America, such a move would massively increase the numbers and consequently the power of the Roman Catholic “Church” in the United States.[vi] On the 8th October 2009 Romish cardinal Theodore McCarrick told the U.S. Senate that a new bill (supported by Obama) would help bring illegals “out of the shadows” and give them permanent residency and citizenship.[vii]

The bottom line is that Obama’s vision of a Socialist America (and a Socialist world) is very much in line with the Vatican’s vision of the same, as outlined in Rome’s document entitled Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, put out by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. This document states that the “demands of the common good” are such things as “the commitment to peace, the organization of the State’s powers, a sound juridical system, the protection of the environment, and the provision of essential services to all, some of which are at the same time human rights: food, housing, work… basic health care…” The document is full of such Socialist nonsense, couched in nice-sounding phrases like “protection of the environment”. It is easy to see how perfectly Obama’s Socialist vision dovetails with Rome’s at this point. It speaks also of the State’s authority to “attain the common good”, and of the need to subordinate all other rights, including property rights, to the “right” to “the common use of goods”, which means that “goods are meant for everyone.” In other words, as it says elsewhere, the “redistribution of income and wealth.” This is outright Communism, and Obama loves this Roman Catholic social teaching!

In December 2008, soon after his election, Obama and the Roman pope spoke by phone. In March 2009, Obama held a meeting in the Oval Office with the chief of the U.S. Conference of Bishops, the Romish cardinal Francis George. Then in May 2009 he spoke at Notre Dame University, an important Roman Catholic university in the U.S., and was welcomed as a great hero there, and honoured. Before visiting the Vatican he met with reporters for various Roman Catholic media outlets at the White House, saying to them, “From a personal perspective… having a meeting with the holy father is a great honor and something I’m very much looking forward to.”[viii] And then he travelled to the Vatican and had a very cordial, friendly meeting with Benedict XVI, the pope of Rome. “It’s a great honor to meet you, thank you so much,” he said to the Roman Antichrist.[ix] At the meeting he introduced some of his top aides to Benedict, at least two of whom, being Papists themselves, reverently kissed Benedict’s ring.

Before the meeting the White House – with its eye on the gigantic Roman Catholic vote in the United States in the 2012 election – was at pains to emphasise Obama’s strong affinity for the Roman Catholic “Church”. Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, one of the two Papists who kissed the Antichrist’s ring and who has been the chief architect of Obama’s friendly overtures to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and voters, said before the visit, “Given the influence of the Catholic Church globally, as well as in the United States, and frankly, given the influence of the Catholic Church and Church social teaching on the president, himself, he recognizes that this [visit to the Vatican] is much more than your typical state visit.”[x] How the United States of America has fallen, when its president can bow and scrape thus to the leader of the most dangerous religio-political institution on earth, the sworn enemy of America!

Obama and the Vatican may differ officially on such issues as abortion, sodomite “rights”, etc., but they are in agreement on such social/political issues as aid to the developing world, nuclear disarmament, and building ties to the Islamic world. In other words, they agree on Socialist, liberal and even Marxist policies. As McDonough put it, “The president, in both his words and in his deeds, expresses many things that many Catholics recognize as fundamental to our teaching.” “There’s certainly a lot of common ground,” said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs – the other one who kissed the papal ring.[xi] As the president of the Catholic Democrats organisation, Patrick Whelan, put it after the meeting: “Overall it was clear that the common ground between the U.S. Government and the Holy See – on poverty, the environment, international armed conflict and peace in the Middle East – far outweighed their differences.”[xii] Precisely so. Obama himself said in the interview before his meeting with Benedict that the issue of abortion had sometimes drowned out other aspects of Roman Catholic social views: “That part of the Catholic tradition is something that continues to inspire me. And I think that there have been times over the last decade or two where that more holistic tradition feels like it’s gotten buried under the abortion debate. As a non-Catholic, it’s not up to me to try to resolve those tensions. As I said, all I can do is to affirm how that other tradition has made me, a non-Catholic, I think reflect on how I can be a better person and has had a powerful influence on my life. And that tells me that it might be a powerful way to move a broader set of values forward in American life generally.”[xiii]

Politicians are often accused of saying nothing with a lot of words. But in this case, we would do well to ponder carefully what Obama said here, for he was not just blathering on. Apart from blithely dismissing the murder of millions of unborn children, he was saying that he was in agreement with Roman Catholic social doctrine on a number of important issues, and would seek to implement that social doctrine in American life! Thus, although not himself a Roman Catholic, he was pushing forward the Vatican’s own agenda for the United States of America. Americans are seeing the proof of this, in the national health care reform matter, in the matter of illegal immigration, in relations with the Islamic world, etc. Both Obama and the bishops support a Socialist health care system, giving health care to illegal immigrants, granting illegal immigrants citizenship status, etc. No wonder the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. so enthusiastically supported Obama and continues to do so, even though he is in favour of abortion! He knows that he would not have won the election were it not for the support of the Roman Catholic “Church” and its millions upon millions of followers, and he is not about to lose the opportunity of winning a second term with that support by being foolish enough to oppose Rome’s agenda for the United States. Besides, as he himself has admitted, he is decidedly in favour of much of Roman Catholic social teaching. This is because he is a Socialist/Marxist, and the Popish hierarchy has been pro-Socialist for a long, long time. To millions of ordinary Roman Catholics, abortion is a huge and very important issue, but what they fail to realise is that American politics, as with politics the world over, is about far more than this single issue. And their religious leaders are more than willing to turn a blind eye to Obama’s abortion policy if he will do their bidding in other matters.[xiv] Which is what he is doing.

When Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing, putting him in the ranks of various sinister and creepy world leaders who have received this worthless award for acts of terrorism and similar “noble” deeds, the Vatican warmly congratulated him, saying, “this most important recognition will ultimately encourage such a difficult but fundamental commitment for the future of humanity, so that it might bring the expected results.” What the Vatican means by “expected results” is that Obama is expected to push forward the Vatican’s own goals in international affairs. If anyone is in doubt as to what these are, he simply has to consult Benedict’s new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, in which the former Inquisitor-General calls for a “world political authority”, a world government. I have analysed this document in a recent article.[xv]

The truth is that Barack Obama’s connection with Rome is a long-standing one, having begun as far back as his early years when he was a “community organiser.” According to the Catholic Democrats organisation, Obama “worked in several Catholic parishes, supported by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, helping to address severe joblessness and housing needs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of Chicago.”[xvi] Patrick Whelan, the president of Catholic Democrats, said that in May of this year he “attended a reunion of Catholic Priests and community activists [in Chicago] who hired a young Barack Obama in 1985.”[xvii] And Denis McDonough, the U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor and a man who moderated a 2006 event on the subject of “How Catholic Progressives View the Role of Faith in Governance”, said that Obama’s work as a community organiser in Chicago “was funded partly” by the “Catholic Church campaign for human development”.[xviii]

Obama himself admitted all this in an October 2008 interview with Catholic Digest when he said: “I got my start as a community organizer working with mostly Catholic parishes on the South Side of Chicago that were struggling because the steel plants had closed. The Campaign for Human Development helped fund the project, and so very early on, my career was intertwined with the belief in social justice that is so strong in the Church.”[xix] He said that he “tried to apply the precepts of compassion and care for the vulnerable that are so central to Catholic teachings to my work [such as in] making health care a right for all Americans – I was the sponsor in the state legislature for the Bernardin Amendment, named after Cardinal Bernardin, a wonderful figure in Chicago I had the opportunity to work with who said that health care should be a right.”

From 1985 to 1988 Obama ran the Developing Communities Project, which was funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, from an office in Chicago’s Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church.

It is very plain, then, that the alliance of Barack Obama with the Roman Catholic institution goes back many years and is very solid. No wonder, then, that despite his pro-abortion, pro-sodomite stance, he is so enthusiastically supported by the Romish hierarchy and the majority of the Roman Catholics in America! He is doing their work, and has been doing it for decades

Now what precisely is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)? “Each November around Thanksgiving every Roman Catholic parish takes up a collection for the nonprofit Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), a program run under the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).”[xx] The bishops authorise this collection in order to supposedly “break the cycle of poverty”. But that is simply a front. While posing as a mainstream “Christian” charity helping the poor, its real purpose is to provide funds to various radical left-wing political groups – such as ACORN and the Industrial Areas Foundation (the network of community organisations founded by Saul Alinsky).[xxi] And many of the leftist political organisations it has funded were founded by, or are run by, Roman Catholic priests![xxii]

The CCHD’s real agenda has been exposed even by conservative Roman Catholics. For example, former U.S. Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, a prominent Roman Catholic, stated in the late 1980s that CCHD was a “funding mechanism for radical left-wing political activism in the United States, rather than for traditional types of charities.” And Roman Catholic writer Paul Likoudis stated that CCHD could be viewed as “a political mechanism bonding the American Church to the welfare state.”[xxiii]

Ordinary Roman Catholics, then, have been funding this radical leftist organisation for decades (often ignorant of its real nature and mission, thinking it was simply helping the poor) – and it in turn has pumped their money into various other radical, Marxist organisations!

Let’s look more closely at ACORN and then at the Industrial Areas Foundation, both of which have been heavily funded by the CCHD:

ACORN stands for the Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now. It has hundreds of affiliates across the United States. ACORN was inspired by Saul Alinsky; more about him below when looking at his Industrial Areas Foundation. Here is ACORN’s mission statement, revealing its militant stance: “But we have nothing to show for the work of our hand, the tax of our labor. Our patience has been abused; our experience misused. Our silence has been seen as support. Our struggle has been ignored. Enough is enough. We will wait no longer for the crumbs at America’s door. We will not be meek, but mighty. We will not starve on past promises, but feast on future dreams.”[xxiv]

Barack Obama has very strong connections with ACORN; this is fairly well known. The Obama election campaign gave money to an ACORN affiliate; and Obama led a voter drive for another ACORN affiliate, represented ACORN in court, and lectured at ACORN in the techniques of Alinskian organising. ACORN endorsed Obama for president.[xxv] What is NOT well known (because the news media are afraid of being branded anti-Catholic if they publicise it) is that these strong ties to ACORN were established, originally, through the US Roman Catholic institution! Rome, in fact, has provided millions of dollars in funds to ACORN over the years.[xxvi] And this, of course, is money raised from ordinary Roman Catholics sitting in the pews! It is true that in November 2008, under intense pressure from conservative Roman Catholics, the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference cut off funding to ACORN, citing allegations of corruption. But this does not mean much considering that other radical community activist groups with similar goals, such as Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, continue to receive funding from the bishops’ conference.[xxvii] The truth is, since 1969 the CCHD has given over $280 million to fund over 7800 radical leftist activist organisations.[xxviii]

Now let’s look more closely at the Industrial Areas Foundation of Saul Alinsky. Saul “The Red” Alinsky, a Chicago Socialist and an admitted disciple of Karl Marx, was dubbed “the father of community organising” in America. This is a man who dedicated his 1971 manual on grassroots activism, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer, whom he referred to as “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom”![xxix] This is a man who believed the poor had to rise up, even violently, and take what belonged to them. He stated, “I tell people, ‘The hell with charity. The only thing you’ll get is what you’re strong enough to get.’” And so he developed his ideas of radical “community organising” in order to mobilise people living in poor neighbourhoods to demand what they wanted from the authorities. But, “To Alinsky, ‘organizing’ was a euphemistic term for ‘revolution.’”[xxx]

Yet this is the man who greatly inspired the young Barack Obama and also the young Hillary Clinton, now Obama’s Secretary of State. Hillary actually wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on Alinsky.[xxxi]

He envisioned an “organization of organizations”, made up of all sectors of society: youth committees, small businesses, labour unions, and – most influential of all – the Roman Catholic “Church”![xxxii] .

Alinsky founded the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), a network with dozens of affiliates in the USA and in other countries. He referred to the IAF’s training institute as a “school for professional radicals.” And since 1972 (when Alinsky died) its head has been Edward T. Chambers, an ex-Roman Catholic seminarian. And the IAF has received huge amounts of money from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. In fact, the CCHD was specifically created to fund Alinsky’s IAF, according to Romish writer Paul Likoudis![xxxiii]

Although Alinsky was an atheist and openly contemptuous of Roman Catholic and other religious rituals, he nevertheless worked very closely with radical Romanists on activist political matters from his earliest years. In Chicago he had many Romish allies. As far back as 1938, while working in Chicago, he worked closely with a devout Roman Catholic named Joseph Meegan, who directed a local recreation facility, and together they formed the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council. Meegan’s brother was a Romish monsignor, and secretary to a liberal bishop, Bernard J. Sheil, who founded the national Catholic Youth Organisation.[xxxiv] Alinsky gained the support of this bishop.

Other liberal and radical Roman Catholic priests were very closely connected to Alinsky. One was Jack Egan, a leftist radical priest who was a member of the board of Alinsky’s IAF and who was deeply involved in creating the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Committee on Urban Ministry.[xxxv] Alinsky also gained the support of the Romish diocese of San Antonio, Texas. This diocese was deeply involved in promoting liberation theology, and it opposed President Reagan’s policy of seeking to prevent Communist takeovers in Central American countries in the 1980s.

The Citizen’s Handbook notes that “Much of IAF organizing occurs through Christian churches particularly the Catholic church.”[xxxvi] In fact, the CCHD is “actively practising Alinsky’s techniques.”[xxxvii] And this has been documented, not by Protestants, but by conservative Roman Catholics, who have shown that literally millions of dollars, raised by Roman Catholics, have been poured into various Socialist social action networks in the U.S. on the instructions of the Roman Catholic hierarchy! The CCHD does not attempt to deny it, admitting that it has provided ACORN with grants of over $7.3 million during the past decade alone.[xxxviii] One conservative Papist writer and activist, Stephanie Block, documented the fact that Obama was the lead organiser, in Chicago, for the Alinskian Developing Communities Project, which received $40 000 from the CCHD in 1985 and $33000 in 1986.[xxxix] The Developing Communities Project operated under the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of Alinskian organisations supported financially by the CCHD.[xl] The Gamaliel Foundation’s executive director is Gregory Galuzzo, said to be an ex-Jesuit priest.[xli] The Developing Communities Project was an offshoot of the Calumet Community Religious Conference, which in turn was the creation of several Chicago area Roman Catholic “churches”. The Calumet Community Religious Conference is under the leadership of Jerry Kellman, who was trained by Saul Alinsky. Kellman, it turns out, is a convert to Romanism. And Kellman was a mentor of Barack Obama!

Let’s look more closely at Jerry Kellman, who, as one writer put it, “trained the man who would become president.”[xlii] A Jew by birth, he converted to Roman Catholicism in 1983. His office is in Chicago, on a property owned by a local Roman Catholic “church”. He has a master’s degree in divinity from Loyola University (Loyola was the founder of the Jesuit Order). He is actively involved in the life and activities of his “church”. A left-wing activist, he settled in Chicago decades ago and attended a school run by Saul Alinsky, studying community organising. And it was he who, twenty-five years ago, brought the young Barack Obama to Chicago and hired him as a community organiser, a move that was to have a profound effect on Obama’s life and ideology. “Community organising” meant nothing less than radical, Marxist-inspired protests, campaigns, etc., ostensibly on behalf of the “poor” and “marginalised”.

Kellman taught people how to do effective “organising” in churches, using the methodology of Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. Again, one must understand that such “community organising” meant in reality radicalising churches, turning them into hotbeds of Socialism in which liberation theology replaced the proclamation of a spiritual message. In this way Chicago churches became tools of the revolution, just as they had in Third World countries the world over. The United States was now experiencing what so many parts of the world had already experienced: Marxist-oriented churches which were preaching the “gospel according to Marx.”

And then, after he became the executive director of the Developing Communities Project, an inner-city work of the Calumet Community Religious Conference, working predominantly amongst blacks in Chicago, Kellman felt he needed a charismatic black organiser who would better relate to blacks and to black churches. A 24-year-old Barack Obama applied for the job, and was accepted. And Kellman’s Developing Communities Project, which Obama now worked for, had an office in the rectory of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Roseland.

In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama refers to Kellman over and over, but under the pseudonym of “Marty Kaufman.” And when he signed Kellman’s own copy of the book, Obama wrote, “To Jerry, a friend and a mentor.” The relationship between them is thus very strong.

That early influence of the Alinsky/Kellman “community organising” on Barack Obama can be seen today in the U.S. president, as he recently established “Organizing for America”, a grassroots project “aimed to be an opportunity for millions of Americans to pitch in and help advance his agenda.”[xliii] No wonder, then, that the group, Catholics for Obama, stated that “President Barack Obama reflects core values of Catholic Social Teaching, which informs how we live our faith in the world.”[xliv]

The purpose of the Alinskian training sessions in the religious context, is to promote Marxism and radical change in America. “Their worldview is marred by visions of class struggle and perpetual revolution,” wrote Stephanie Block. “They are systematically trained to renounce moral truth in favor of consensus-based ‘values.’”[xlv] This is the kind of religious radicalism that Barack Obama imbibed in his earlier years – a Roman Catholic version of Marxism, where Marxists and radical Marxist-inspired Roman Catholics work together for the purpose of taking control and ushering in a Communist society. Essentially, it is the heresy of “liberation theology”, which has had such a devastating impact on African and Latin American countries. For decades, American Christians have viewed liberation theology as something only faced by their brethren in Third World countries; but this was a huge mistake, for now liberation theology is radicalising America.

We have seen, then, that Obama has been heavily influenced, and supported, by radical Roman Catholics since his youth, so that he has been immersed in the heresy of liberation theology, which is nothing less than “Catholic Communism”. Priests of Rome have laid their guiding hands on his shoulders from his youth up. Various priests – including at least one Jesuit priest! According to a major report by the Capital Research Center, Left-wing Radicalism in the Church, Barack Obama was trained by leading Alinskian organisers while he was in Chicago, including a Jesuit priest![xlvi] It is true that Greg Galuzzo, the lead organiser for the Gamaliel Foundation, that network of Alinskian organisations mentioned before which received CCHD grants, is said in the report to be an ex-Jesuit priest; but two things must be noted here. First, there have always been Jesuits who pretend to leave the Jesuit Order so as to fool its enemies, but who in truth remain in it and serve its purposes. They are essentially double agents for Rome, and Galuzzo could be one of them. But second, even if he truly is an ex-Jesuit priest, his many years of intense Jesuit training and indoctrination would not have been easily cast off, and thus, either way, Obama has been influenced by Jesuits!

Look, then, at the Roman Catholics and Roman Catholic organisations behind Barack Obama’s rise to power:

  • The U.S. Roman Catholic hierarchy;
  • The American Roman Catholic people;
  • ACORN;
  • The Catholic Campaign for Human Development;

His “mentor” Jerry Kellman and his Calumet Community Religious Conference;

Greg Galuzzo of the Gamaliel Foundation, said to be an ex-Jesuit priest;

The pope of Rome himself!

Let there be no doubt then: President Barack Obama, who is not a Roman Catholic and who is decidedly in favour of some things which Rome officially is against, is, notwithstanding, Rome’s man. He was Rome’s choice for U.S. president, and now that he in power, he is implementing Roman Catholic social teaching. There is a very close and very powerful alliance between the Obama Administration and the Roman Catholic institution – which is the largest and most powerful religious institution in America, and which has always sought with all its might, and by fair means or foul, to turn the United States of America into a Roman Catholic nation.[xlvii] Obama’s election victory gave Rome a huge impetus towards the achievement of that objective.

The Vatican-Washington alliance has in fact been in place for many, many years, beginning with the pontificate of John Paul II in 1978 and continuing till his death, and it continues still under the pontificate of Benedict XVI. It is a symbiotic relationship benefitting both the Vatican and Washington. And now, under Barack Obama, it continues apace, gathering momentum in fact as never before, and rapidly turning the United States, that once-great, once-Protestant nation, into a Socialist, Roman Catholic nation. The danger for the United States, and indeed for the whole world, should be obvious to all who have eyes to see.

January 2010

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[xliv].Vatican Backs Obama’s Global Agenda.

[xlv].Catholic Church Funding A.C.O.R.N.

[xlvi].Catholic Church Funding A.C.O.R.N.

[xlvii].America’s Alien Invasion: the United States is Becoming Roman Catholic.