On a number of occasions in the past I have addressed the issue of SCIENTOLOGY and my articles can be accessed on these links –



Over recent weeks there have been a number of articles published and programmes aired on TV and Radio that related to SCIENTOLOGY and for information purposes Ithought it would be helpful to give details of how to access them. 

The first relates to the purchase of a large building in Birmingham in the UK which will be the HQ for that area and this is the link that gives details on this –

Then, several newspapers gave conflicting reports on whether or not Priscilla Presley had cut her ties with SCIENTOLOGY – it was the Daily Mail online that reported the supposed split but that was refuted a few days later by several other papers, one of which I will give a link to. Interestingly the Daily Mail online article is no longer ‘online’so that suggests they appear to have pulled the article. This is a link to one paper –

Recently BBC 2 broadcast a programme on the efforts of Louis Theroux to gain access to the HQ of SCIENTOLOGY and to speak with them on various issues. He was being aided in his efforts by a former high-ranking Scientologist called Mark Rathbun. Currently the programme that was broadcast is available to watch on BBC I-Player until 8th December 2017– WARNING – there are several portions of VERY strong and offensive language but they do reflect the ‘mindset’ of SCIENTOLOGY 

This is the link

The programme is actually available as a movie and the following link takes you to the official trailer and write-up for the movie.

My Scientology Movie – Official Trailer

Inspired by the Church’s use of filming techniques, and aided by ex-members of the organization Theroux uses actors to replay some incidents people claim they experienced as members in an attempt to better understand the way it operates. In a bizarre twist, it becomes clear that the Church is also making a film about Louis Theroux. Suffused with a good dose of humor and moments worthy of a Hollywood script, MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE is stranger than fiction.

Finally, a former member of SCIENTOLOGY called Martin Padfield featured in an episode of ‘Why I changed my mind’ on BBC Radio 4 and outlined why after 28 years of active membership he eventually left SCIENTOLOGY. This short 15-minute programme can be heard on this link  –


Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 9 November 2017